Your Love Horoscope for February: What Does Valentine’s Day Look Like for Your Sign?


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Every February, Valentine’s Day turns our attention to love, but this February, love and marriage is quite literally in the stars! And in order for love to find us, we have to let go of everything that’s closing our hearts. This goes for everyone regardless of whether you’re single or partnered. Because even when you’re partnered, you’ll face obstacles to love, and it’s time to be honest about those. So let the energy of the Leo full moon eclipse ripple through you. Leo rules romance, and this eclipse helps us accept the true state of our relationships and our beliefs about love. Though the eclipse was technically on January 31, its fallout will be felt most strongly in the first few days of February. Then, on February 10, Venus moves into Pisces. This fosters unconditional love in every relationship, and on February 15, an Aquarius new moon solar eclipse conjuncts the marriage asteroid, Juno! This is a very powerful aspect. The eclipses are bonding us to our soul partners. I predict there will be far more marriage proposals than usual this Valentine’s Day and that many of us will meet the person we’ll marry. And if your partner isn’t the one, your relationship isn’t likely to outlive these eclipses. But don’t worry, the sun moves into Pisces on February 20, helping us process everything that happens with an open, loving, spiritually aware heart.

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Aries Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Uranus in Aries s**tiles Venus, Mercury, and the sun. Your true self is welcomed and embraced. You may fear being rejected, but your independence will be rewarded, so don’t be afraid to show up and express yourself!
This Month’s Mystery: Mars squares Neptune. You’re prone to spreading yourself thin and making abrupt choices that you’ll later regret. You’re very likely being deceived—by yourself, so think twice before you act.
This Month’s Mantra: I don’t have to do anything differently to be loved.

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Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Venus in Pisces helps you soften and surrender. Your heart opens, and you’re less stubborn than usual. Take advantage by going on an adventure and meeting someone new!
This Month’s Mystery: Neptune fosters fantasies, and love may happen more in your mind than IRL. Make sure to spend time with other people if you want to turn that fantasy into reality.
This Month’s Mantra: I will not let the world harden my heart.

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Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Mercury shifts your perspective and inspires creativity. Allow love to be playful. Take a date somewhere unexpected. Do something artistic together—like dancing or painting.
This Month’s Mystery: Gemini challenges Pisces. You’re being pushed to get in touch with your feelings and stop intellectualizing your experience. How do you let the way you think about love shape your experience of it?
This Month’s Mantra: I am more than my thoughts.

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Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Venus and Jupiter send love your way and encourage transformation. Tune into your intuition, and the truth whispering to you from deep inside your soul. Honor this voice with every choice you make.
This Month’s Mystery: The eclipses push you to make tough decisions about any relationship. Whatever you decide, don’t let your ego get in the way. Choose for yourself and not anyone else, including your friends, family, or social media followers.
This Month’s Mantra: It’s impossible to fail at life.

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Leo Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: The Leo full moon eclipse makes it impossible to deny your purpose. Pay special attention to your thoughts and feelings at the beginning of the month. Journal once a day and don’t dismiss your inclinations. They’re speaking to you.
This Month’s Mystery: Jupiter squares the sun. You’re trying to move forward, but it’s hard to get going. Beat the paralysis by slowing down. Stop trying to do so much. Let yourself rest and process.
This Month’s Mantra: The love I have for myself draws love toward me.

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Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Mercury stimulates incredible intellectual conversation and deep, abiding love. Enjoy leisure time with your lover, and if you’re single, this is a great month for meeting someone new!
This Month’s Mystery: Jupiter makes it harder to get what you want. Life might feel more like a battle, but that’s just because you have to find new ways to accomplish your goals. The same old methods won’t serve you.
This Month’s Mantra: I have the power to create the life I want. 

Passion Prediction:
Libra Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Venus brings out your compassionate, forgiving side. Let go of whatever grudges you hold against ex-lovers, and move forward in the direction of your most rewarding partnership yet.
This Month’s Mystery: Mars and Venus challenge each other, and love and s** fall out of balance. Check in with how you feel, and move your body with your heart.
This Month’s Mantra: I am completely lovable and worthy just as I am. 

Passion Prediction:
Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Pluto’s power transforms seven planets. You’re growing quickly, and spiritual awareness manifests on the physical plane. Bring your visions forth—through your work, your home, and your s**uality.
This Month’s Mystery: Mars leaves you feeling restless. Loyalty wanes. Make sure you aren’t deceiving yourself before doing something you’ll regret.
This Month’s Mantra: I am grounded here on earth. I am safe. I am okay. 

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Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope
This Month’s Magic: Mars in Sagittarius makes people want spontaneity and adventure, and this makes you magnetic. Many people want your attention. But you only have so much attention to give, so choose wisely who you give it to.
This Month’s Mystery: While Mars makes people stick to you, you’re struggling to stick to anyone. You don’t want to settle down, and your commitment issues may drive any lover crazy. Don’t avoid the talk—be honest.
This Month’s Mantra: I will be thoughtful and loving in my choices.  

Passion Prediction:      
Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic: Saturn frees you from your ego. You grow beyond the usual logic that dictates your choices, and life feels full of opportunity. Your spiritual awareness increases and love deepens.
This Month’s Mystery: Uranus makes you struggle with this loss of ego. You fight this spiritual growth and risk taking it out on your partner. Be careful not to pick fights. Instead, opt for open, honest communication.
This Month’s Mantra: I’m part of a larger, interconnected whole.  

Passion Prediction: 
Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic: The new moon eclipse rocks your world. Expect major change and the start of something new. This is definitely going to be for the best even if it doesn’t feel so great at first. Keep perspective.
This Month’s Mystery: Jupiter challenges the eclipse and makes it harder to process whatever happens. Take plenty of time to slow down and sink into your feelings. Don’t try to think this one through.
This Month’s Mantra: I am fully supported by the Universe. 

Passion Prediction:         
Pisces  Monthly Love Horoscope 
This Month’s Magic: Venus, Mercury, and the sun move into Pisces! You and the universe are radiating the same frequency, and that frequency is love. You’re surrounding by love, so take a moment to show your gratitude each and every day.
This Month’s Mystery: Mars makes it hard to understand how to be your most loving self. Love surrounds you, but you feel torn. Something inside you wants to bolt and start anew. Watch this urge before reacting.
This Month’s Mantra: There’s unity in diversity. 

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