Your 2021 Valentine’s Day Horoscope


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We’re encouraged to celebrate self-love on Valentine’s Day as the Sun brightens Aquarius, the sign of independent thinking. Use this time to figure out your priorities and consider how you’d like to shape your life. If this holiday could be associated with a planet, it would surely be Venus, the heavenly body tied to love and material bliss. And she spends this February 14 in energetic Aries, helping us pursue our desires with gusto. Check in with your emotions today, as speedy Mercury whizzes through sensitive Pisces. The messenger planet will go retrograde in a few days and is in his shadow phase right now, so take a little extra time to process your thoughts before communicating them to loved ones. We could be inspired to challenge each other while Mars, the planet of s** and action, spends his time in idealistic Sagittarius. Singles may not want to settle down during this transit, while people in relationships may hold their partners to a higher standard. It’s important to remember that we’re all fallible humans and cut each other a little slack. The Moon wanes all day in passionate Scorpio, encouraging us to focus on tying up loose ends and creating a stronger foundation for ourselves.

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