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LEO (23.07. – 23.08.)

If it had to know someone, then Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Who is not curious, not experienced.” He was even in the ZodiacVirgo, but the poet and writer is still one of the best examples of how curiosity pays off in the end. This also applies to you as a curious Leo. After all, with your creative mind you want to know and learn more and more. What you take for granted, however, can quickly appear arrogant in those around you. Because as dynamic and determined as you are, you will go for your inquisitive goals and also like to throw your head through the wall. Whoever stands behind or in front of the wall and gets something in the process does not always mean the same amount. It can quickly happen that your cramped charisma blinds your real face. Instead of communicating openly and honestly, you prefer to do things on your own. And believe that, you will be admired from all sides for this. Not everyone can lift as much as you at once and deliver presentable results. Nonetheless – and for your own good – try to involve those around you a little more. Use your generous and cordial manner and show your true colors. People will appreciate you even more, I promise.

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TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Wearing the same thing twice a week is a no-go for you. Travel to the same place twice? D rather not. As a twin you need one thing above all else: variety. Due to your communicative and open nature, it is usually easy for you to make everyday life as varied as possible and to be inspired by new people again and again. This sociability is entertaining for outsiders, but at the same time it can quickly spill over into an exuberant and superficial charisma. Chances are that doing so will stamp you as the one with two faces. You don’t mean it at all with your sometimes flighty manner. The good news: You can win back the sympathy points. Choose these people who face you honestly and make you feel good. Well worth going into thisTo invest a little more time in relationships and to honestly ask how you work in certain situations. Not only can this lead to really good friendships, but you can also learn more and more about yourself.

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So now you show up again! As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, you really have to be careful not to be fried as fish sticks by those around you and put in the drawer of the inscrutable brigade. Because of your sensitive streak, it often happens to you that your melancholy manner tarnishes the actually sociable side of you. If you were to show your true colors just a little bit more, then you would have a good chance of being appreciated by everyone for your incredible empathy and helpfulness. That’s why it’s important to wake you up in between. So please excuse the somewhat harsh command at the beginning of this paragraph, it was only meant well. So here is a suggested solution: Grab your best friend, Write down a list of goals you want to achieve in the next year. For example, it can say: stay optimistic, show gratitude and get involved in something that you enjoy. With a little positive energy, you may at some point no longer feel like diving so deep into your pond again and again.

Here the secrets ways to make a strong relationship with a Pisces!

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