People tend to point to you so confidently because they’re focused on your fun way of seeing life. Come on, it’s no secret that you’re the king of sarcasm and the truth is you’ll even, you don’t make distinctions and that can come as a surprise to sensitive people who take jokes very personally. They don’t understand your sense of humor and they keep that idea of ​​you, but they give you moments, you’re not kidding all the time. While that also doesn’t mean you have to beg anyone, if they don’t like you, it’s understandable, you’re not going to change to please them. You’re not easy and you like that because it means that when the right person comes along, they’ll be smart enough to interest you.


Honestly, there are times when you go overboard with Taurus Barriers. It’s fine to like boundaries and to be very selective, but being very serious can give the wrong impression. You know that you also like to let go and that you don’t always work towards your goals. What happens is they think you’re not worth it, because in reality your potential scares them, they believe that no matter what they do, they’ll never reach your ankles. Your standards are so high that they perceive you as perfect and overly devoted, leading them to believe you are boring. It’s fine, you don’t care, it’s not something that robs you of sleep, because the people who really know you know that you have a hidden wild beast and that when you decide to be a rebel , nobody beats you. Of course, few know your daring side.


It’s you who always walks from here to there and who fascinates you. The more people on your friend list, the better for you. Everything new is like a magnet to you and you are not at all afraid to put your social skills to the test. However, there’s a reason they may think you’re not worth it, let’s say it has to do with your sudden changes. When they see you so loose and fickle, they’re terrified because they think you’re partying 24 hours a day and not interested in commitment. Sure, you don’t like monotony, but that doesn’t mean you go to the extreme of debauchery. Plus, only the person who’s truly won your heart knows that you’re one of the most devoted and loyal signs.


You tend to navigate too carefully when it comes to love because you don’t want to say your best to someone who will barely give you a little attention. However, this reserved side of your personality is highly criticized, because they want you to show your intensity from the first moment. However, when they are afraid, who understands them? They may think you’re not worth it because you’re silent and it even seems like you’re not interested at all, but in reality you’re analyzing the situation thoroughly. That’s when they make up their own stories in their heads and describe you as a very simple person. Of course they have no idea what they are saying, once you gain confidence they have to prepare, because you are capable of doing a lot of crazy things to have a good time. It all depends on your emotions and they are changeable.


It’s funny how people run away from you long before they meet you. And it’s that they usually believe in gossip or have the idea that cruelty runs through your veins. I’m not going to deny you, there are times when you look too intimidating, but you don’t plan it, it’s your strength that shows in every step you take. However, they may think you’re not worth it because they feel inferior around you and don’t know what to do about it, so they better leave. It’s not your fault Leo, let them go, because that means they won’t follow you. You accept that your mind travels a mile an hour and being a conformist isn’t your thing.


You know your true feelings are hidden in a box that few can see and you have no problem being seen as a cold person as it helps to raise a barrier and ward off those who go through life breaking others. This can lead them to say that you are not worth it. You like to feel safe, and if the only way to do that is to be seen as crazy, perfectionist, and intense, that’s fine. Come on, it’s true that you like organization and that you don’t feel comfortable when instability is part of your days, but that doesn’t mean that you fall into obsession. Although you are already at a point in your life where you are too lazy to change people’s thoughts, let them say what they want. At the end of the day,


I know your laid back personality is endearing, you are the type of sign that always leaves an impression and even strangers turn to you because they feel soothed by your guidance. You don’t like to judge, you don’t feel entitled to point fingers at anyone’s life, because there are times when yours too is chaotic. However, some may say you’re not worth it because your shy side makes them see you as rude. You are not one of those who speaks instantly, you really need to trust and that makes you criticize. It’s not that you think you’re better than anyone else, but distrust is your ally and has helped you avoid wasting time with the wrong people. What’s more, you don’t always have to walk around with a smile on your face and that’s totally valid. Whoever wants you to be perfect should look for another story, because in yours it does not exist.


Does a person dislike you? Please let them tell you something new, that is already happening every day and to be honest, you like to be in control when the other feels cornered by your appearance. Let’s say when you propose you have a face of few friends and maybe that’s why they say you’re not worth it. What are you waiting for? You are also not going to open the doors of your heart wide, if someone decides to walk by your side, they will have to deal with your temper. You are brave, strong, intelligent and very selective, because you are no longer to settle. You learned that there are times when you have to protect yourself, period, bring out the wild side so they don’t feel entitled to do and undo as they please.


Life is one, Sagittarius, and despite the bad times you are one of those who decides to keep moving forward with your head held high. It’s not your thing to throw yourself on the couch crying for months, maybe you’ll do it for a few days, but then you’ll wash your face and you’ll furiously show what you’re made of. Not everyone is prepared to deal with such a reckless spirit, and it’s easier for them to judge you than to try to put themselves in your shoes. They say you’re not worth it because you run away from ties, obligations, and anything to do with commitment. In their imagination, they see you as the king of parties and flirting, when in reality you’re just enjoying the moment.


If you were paid to escape your emotions, you would surely be a millionaire by now. I’m serious, you don’t like people seeing that you have a huge heart and there are a lot of things that make you feel insecure. It costs you to say the simplest thing, which is why you end up doing what you don’t want. However, it has done wonders for you to dress like the coldest sign of the zodiac and it makes them think you’re not worth it. You get very complicated, they can’t read you, they want to know if you’re interested, but you usually don’t give any signs. So they put a huge distance and get into a weird game, where if you don’t talk to them, they don’t talk to you and that’s where the communication unfortunately breaks down, because you are the king of pride. Strangely, it’s not something that affects you, on the contrary, it helps you, you don’t want this type of person by your side. If they don’t find you interesting, leave.


Come on, Aquarius, you know that often your head is on other planets and you don’t even understand yourself. This can cause you to be quite snappy with people who approach you with good intentions. Let’s say there’s a part of you that’s very special and if you get stupid, things get worse because you pretend that person doesn’t exist. You’re not bad, but circumstances brought you to this because you often gave your best and they didn’t appreciate it. Now you’re not making any effort to connect with anyone, if they’re serious about getting to know you, they’ll have to invest their time and demonstrate through action that they’re looking to be part of your day. You are not demanding, you simply ask for what you are capable of giving. These relationships in which you always give and give have already exhausted you. If it’s not reciprocated, you don’t want it.


It’s amazing, Pisces, people fill their mouths saying you cry for everything and are able to forgive one disappointment after another. You have earned the fame of the emotional, the one that can lose its stability at any moment. They even say that you are not worth it because supposedly you are not able to control yourself when it comes to having emotional relationships. The thing is, few are used to dealing with the truth and you don’t mince words, you say things as they come to you, which can make those who pretend everything is fine nervous. It’s not that you live in your own world, it’s just that you’re unwilling to play by other people’s stupid rules. If they don’t enjoy your company, you won’t waste time clarifying. Decidedly, begging is not your thing, you must love beauty, period. Someone will come who inspires confidence.



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