She doesn’t want you to know that there are days when tears appear without warning. He was silent all the times when responsibilities were put on his shoulders and they did not correspond to him. She doesn’t want to be seen as weak and that’s why she often pretends to have no feelings, but in reality, she’s terrified of someone new coming to take away her wounds. Aries is not the iron woman, she also has her bad moments and her heart is not always ready for that. She doesn’t want you to find out that she’s been pretending everything is fine for a while, but little by little the bag has filled with stones and she needs help. Don’t ask him, just give him a hand,


If I told you everything Taurus doesn’t want to tell you. It’s not that she’s fake, far from it, it’s just that her bad experiences have made her too selective when it comes to sharing emotions. She often sinks into the past and that’s when her thoughts break her, they make her believe that she is worthless and that it is better to go back to what she already knows. She doesn’t want you to find out that she feels guilty and has trouble acknowledging her accomplishments. It’s the woman who is always there, the one who doesn’t let go and the one who is very proud of your steps, but who applauds her? Often you see her so strong, smart and stupid, that it seems like she doesn’t need anyone to take over the world. However, he would like to have a support network, even if he does not say so.


She has become an expert in disguise, she knows how to show her best face, even if inside she feels broken. He doesn’t want to say it, moving on is costing him dearly. In the secrets of his heart there are many wounds that he has not healed, he just ignores them. She is so good that she cares about others before herself, she doesn’t want to become anyone’s burden. And it is that each failure has taught her that in the end she is always alone and that she has no choice but to get up again. She doesn’t want you to find out that all those laughs are the result of her unshed tears, she clings so hard to being okay that it even seems real. She’s not used to complaining, because they see her as the strongest, the one who can do anything and that’s enough.


You see her from the outside and she looks so warm, so full of love and with lots of dreams that she won’t let go. She is a woman who, despite all the stones that have been placed in her path, has managed not to soil her soul. They can try to break it a thousand times, but it’s impossible for someone to steal its essence. In his eyes there is no malice or resentment, there may be times when he loses his temper and makes him want revenge, but these are times he was not born to hate anyone . However, she doesn’t want you to find out that there are days when her fears won’t let her out of bed and if she does, it’s as if she wasn’t there. Sometimes she feels very alone, misunderstood and it hurts her when her emotions are minimized, so she shuts up. It’s easier for her to dress up as a badass once in a while than to become someone’s trash bag. She tries not to give it her all for love, but she can’t and she doesn’t like you to know it.


This woman is pure gold and I’m not exaggerating, if one day she coincides with your walk the best thing you can do is take care of her but don’t hurt her because she won’t will not return and you will miss his loyalty. She is indifferent because it is a way of putting up barriers and not letting her emotions play. What he doesn’t want you to find out is that he has a huge heart, capable of anything to see the people he loves happy. Leos give everything and more, but they don’t want to add another line to anyone’s ego and that’s why they set their limits. He’s not as cruel as he looks, he can show you his thorny side, but once he trusts you, he teaches you the true meaning of generosity, love and loyalty. Probably,


She is the one who takes firm measures, the one who does not hesitate when it comes to making a decision, even if her life is going to change suddenly. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that she takes refuge on her to-do list, because it’s much easier to keep busy than to deal with her emotions or put them in the hands of someone else. It is difficult for her to accept that she needs a break and feels very frustrated when failure becomes her partner. She doesn’t want you to realize that her head doesn’t leave her for a second in peace, because all the time thoughts come to her that make her doubt and remind her of her insecurities. His mind doesn’t stop and his heart is sad, but he doesn’t say it.


What strength this woman has to hide the beauty that is in her soul, because around there are many harpies who do not let her be. She has sensitivity in every pore, but she is also very reckless and has come out of the most heartbreaking scenarios. Remember what they say over there, never judge a book by its cover, you don’t know everything behind their smile. What he doesn’t want you to find out is that he has very painful experiences and feels vulnerable whenever someone moves his heart. She doesn’t want to be hurt again, she’s tired of giving it her all and ending up in one place, like life is a circle. Yes, she cries a lot, but not because she wants to be patient, it’s just that her emotions are more intense than the others.


You have no idea what it cost Scorpio to maintain her fame as a great woman, the one who can endure anything, the one who never cries and the one who is able to give you the lesson of your life if you hurt him. It’s not that hard to pretend it’s all real, people believe it and usually don’t question it. However, she doesn’t want you to find out that she is also losing control of everything and that anxiety surrounds her within four walls. Scorpio doesn’t say that a lot of existential doubts cross their mind. She is afraid of many things, but she is afraid of feeling judged. She doesn’t want you to know that it has haunted her for a long time and she often wondered if she was crazy. It’s her against the pile of secrets, but she prefers that to opening up to someone who will downplay her feelings. You only have to pay attention to the details of his look to see that he is not doing well.


It is said that behind a brave woman there are many battles that no one knows. This is the story of Sagittarius. She goes through life as if she were a feather that the wind puts where it wants and she has no problem with the consequences. Despite so many falls, she learned to stay positive in everything. She’s the kind of woman who can be completely broken, live the worst of her days and do anything to help the people she loves. His heart is adventurous, but he also has a touch of sensitivity that terrifies her. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that she wants some stability and even commitment, not only in a relationship, with a lot of things she likes too, but… it’s her fears that don’t let her get on and that’s why she usually leaves things halfway, it’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that he doesn’t want to fail. He is very suspicious of her and that is why he finds it difficult to accept that there are people who really come into his life to love him.


The controlling, intelligent woman, the one that hardly anyone manipulates and yes, I’m not going to disown you. Capricorn, always looking to the future, is born to do what he wants, but just because his life seems perfect doesn’t mean it is. There’s a lot of things he doesn’t say, he doesn’t want you to find out that he cares what people say and that they said such hurtful comments to him that he’ll surely remember them until the last day of his life. She’s not one of those who get addicted and even less will she lose class fighting meaninglessly, but it turns into courage and when she least realizes it she’s already suffering for people who are not worth it. You won’t see her cry, for her pain is one that burns inside, silent, but intense. It is the woman who prefers to leave before seeing her defeated, there are no more.


The soul of an Aquarius woman is huge, gentle, passionate. She surrounds you with her personality, there is no lie in the way she treats you, she was born with the gift of transmitting peace. She doesn’t like to stay with anyone’s bad energies and has a witchy touch that fascinates everyone. What she doesn’t want you to find out is that there are times when she gets frustrated with overthinking, she wishes she didn’t have so much knowledge that takes her from one extreme to the other. She’s a very sensitive woman and there are things that break her, but she doesn’t count them, because what she hates the most is being seen in need. Suddenly, his life becomes a permanent crossroads and he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t know how to pretend every time he tries to speak and it’s worse if he meets extremely superficial people. She doesn’t want you to know that her imagination has no limits and that she would like to go further because she is bored.


She’s already used to you looking at her as the tender, the intense, the one who falls in love right now if she wants to. It’s okay, he has no problem with that, because he knows his heart is capable of breaking with any conventional idea when it comes to love. However, she doesn’t want you to find out that her light goes out too and she doesn’t always feel powerful. He doesn’t want you to know that in the past they left him with very strong scars, so much so that just remembering them is enough for the tears to be present. He doesn’t want you to realize that his pain is often greater than his desire to keep shining. She is silent because she is afraid that they will not understand and judge her. He just needs you to give him a piece of your soul, so that he can feel safe by your side and show you his true essence. Full of cracks, but beautiful.


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