You learn to respect the whims of the people you love. You realize that relationships aren’t always going to go as fast as you want them to. You want to go further with certain people, but you also experience a lot of good things when you are alone. Try to make the most of the time you have to pamper yourself. Meditate a lot, connect with yourself and make many appointments with your own heart.


You feel good and strong to compete. Move much faster from now on, don’t let laziness slow you down. It’s time to chase away that dream that won’t let you sleep many times. Believe in yourself, Taurus, if you’re going to take risks, you need to respect yourself and know that you’re enough and you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way. You are going to have a lot of personal gains (and we are not talking about financial gains) and you are going to discover so many things…


Is time. Now is the perfect time. Your heart is ready, Gemini. The wind is in your favor and luck is on your side. When your sixth sense tells you to get there, jump in headfirst. Don’t think twice because otherwise you won’t make it. The unknown is very scary, but what do we do then? For you, it’s irresistible, so please go in the direction of what you want, what you like and what you really like.


You are ready to let go. You are more than ready to make this important decision. You can’t run away anymore, Cancer, you can’t let something this important slip away. You will be very happy when you have this tranquility with which you dream so much. If you feel the desire increases when you are around something or someone special, do something about it. Don’t get this idea out of your head, your heart is sending you signals and it’s time to really take action.


Listen Lion, wherever you go, you will leave a mark. You are ready to shine again and you know it. It’s time to focus on what you really want, life is a dance and your song is waiting for you. Break up with anything that has a lot of bad darkness. Don’t stand next to people who give you bad vibes. Don’t think too much about what they will think of you, now your mission is different. You got it, you want to be the leader of your pack.


You need to be more productive in certain aspects of your life and you know it. What did you think? Your laziness is your great enemy and if you add to that the overload of feelings and thoughts that you carry, my mother, you must start now to adopt this routine which, you know, will stabilize you a little more. Sports can be a good option. If it’s not your big ally, then it already will be, but you have to do something about it.


Your heart is ready to open its doors. You decide when you want to open those doors, you have to forget the past once and for all. A lot of good things are waiting for you, but you have to pay attention to them. You can’t wait for luck to fall from the trees, Libra, act before it’s too late. Your heart is ready to do things that make it explode with intense love. Don’t waste that inner fire you have…


You have taken on more responsibilities than were yours. You do it because you want everything to go well and because you don’t like nonsense. Now Scorpio, you are now ready to delegate some responsibility to others. There are people on your side who are very valuable, trust others to take some of your work away from you. Your creativity is on fire and it shines brighter than ever, so take care of yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself…


Trust your intellect, because you are ready to take on the challenge you have in mind. On your path, nothing can make you feel inferior. This week you will experience a very positive change within you. You must deepen these connections which awaken in you good vibrations. Take advantage of the warmth of people who want to help you, because they will bring you a lot of security and deep down you need it…


Look Capricorn, let the world know that you are going to complete your mission and you are going to feel prouder than ever. You take great pride in being a Capricorn and in everything you’ve done to get where you are. Enjoy your trip more, seriously, every effort you make will have its corresponding reward. Your heart is ready to confess how you feel right now, don’t be afraid and speak up…


You are creating something very big. It’s normal for you to have a lot of nerves, while others lead their lives normally, you feel everything inside you. My God, Aquarius, let everyone know how you feel right now because it will help calm whatever nerves you have. You are ready to encounter something that will completely change you. You will continue to carry your essence, but you will have something that will no longer be the same and that you will love more…


It seems like no one understands you, but what difference does it make if they do? The important thing is that you understand YOU and the people who really matter to you. Don’t isolate yourself, Pisces, you don’t deserve to waste time with the good company that, thank God, is always with you. You are now ready to forgive and move on. You are more than ready to leave behind all negativity, doubts and fears. Please acknowledge how lucky you are to be a Pisces.


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