This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Worst Fears In June 2022


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Aries: Takes it on headfirst

You like to project a tough exterior, even when you’re afraid of something. You don’t want to show weakness, but you’re also a hands-on type of person. You’re likely going to shout out some sort of action plan and then run headfirst into a solution. You would rather aggressively attack your fear than run from it.

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Taurus: Stubbornly denies it’s an issue

You don’t like to be wrong, nor do you like things to change. When you’re faced with your worst nightmares, you cling tightly to what you know and what is familiar. You would rather live in denial about a terrible thing happening than address it, so you’re more likely to double down on your opinions and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge anything contrary.

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Gemini: Heavily throws themselves into a distraction

Like Taurus, you would rather pretend nothing bad is happening, but instead of hunkering down with what is familiar, you choose to distract yourself with anything and everything else. You’ll throw yourself into new hobbies, interact with new people, and immerse yourself in other situations simply to give yourself space from what you’re afraid of.

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Cancer: Runs to their loved ones for comfort

You have a hard time facing things alone, so when your worst fears start manifesting it can be overwhelming. You handle your worst fears by running straight into the arms of your loved ones. As long as you have them with you, you feel better and that you can get through any unfortunate problem.

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Leo: Puts on a brave face and acts unbothered

You have a similar energy to Aries here. You aren’t afraid to take your fears on right from the start. You will put on a brave face and act as if you are unfazed by it, even if you aren’t. You pretty much fake it til you make it.

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Virgo: Tries to create a plan/overthinks

In your mind, everything has a solution—even your worst fears. While often things happen that are out of our control, you will still take your time to dissect a situation and figure out the best possible route to take. It’s the only way you have any peace.

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Libra: Tries to restore balance to the rest of their life

You don’t want to feel out of sorts, so you have to ground yourself in something. Maybe it’s a partner to have your back, a friend who needs a hand, or something else that calls your attention. As long as you can restore a sense of balance, you feel safe.

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Scorpio: Retreats from the world

It can be debated that very few things scare you in the first place, but everyone has their moments. Whenever you’re truly afraid of something, you shut out the rest of the world. You refuse to make room for it to live with you.

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Sagittarius:  Pretends nothing is actually wrong

You certainly have fears like the rest of us, but you choose to look past them. As long as you possibly can, you will pretend nothing is actually wrong. And even when it is, you’ll try to find positive things to look towards.

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Capricorn: Buckles down and buries themselves in something productive

You don’t like facing your fears, you would rather channel that energy into something productive. If you set your sights to accomplishing something, you believe your achievement will make you feel safe and secure.

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Aquarius: Brainstorms unconventional things that they should be afraid of

You’re usually more afraid of being considered normal than anything, so you pretty much spend your time brainstorming about all strange and out there things you SHOULD be afraid of. When you fixate on all the random situations (that may be a tad unrealistic) it makes whatever is freaking you out a little more bearable.

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Pisces: Spends time helping everyone else face their fears

You certainly have your own fears to worry about, but you’d prefer to fixate your attention on the things that are bothering your loved ones. You prefer to be the shoulder to lean on and the person others run to when they need help, and you have a hard time talking to people about the things that scare you. If you can focus your efforts on helping others, your fears seem a bit smaller to you.

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