This Is The Excuse Each Zodiac Sign Gives When They Break Up With You In June 2022



“The timing just isn’t right.”

Aries believe there is so much to see and do in their lives. If they are dumping you, it’s probably in part because they are excited about doing something different, but they likely will blame it on timing instead of admitting they are bored.


“I don’t see a future together.”

Taurus signs are straight-forward and know what they want. They usually already get a good sense of people when they meet, but they take their time getting to know a person. If after a while they know they can’t see a future with you, then they don’t see any point in continuing- and will have no issue telling you so.


“I just don’t feel sparks.”

They may not want to admit it, but a Gemini usually loves the beginnings of romances more than any part. The excitement, the flirtation, the unpredictability? They love it. Yet once the newness wears off, sometimes the sparks do, too. While all relationships eventually transition from the sparks to something a bit more relaxed, Gemini will likely see this as a reason to walk away and start over with someone new.


“I’m not over my ex.”

This may or may not be true, but honestly, it probably is. Cancer signs tend to hold onto things for long stretches- and unfortunately, past relationships can be part of that. Even if they don’t have feelings for their ex, they still likely have been comparing your current relationships to their previous ones, and if they aren’t measuring up, then they may feel it’s time to cut ties.


“I don’t want either of us to hold each other back.”

Translation: they don’t want to be held back. Leos are generous and love deeply, but they also tend to pursue partners with potential. They want someone as creative and ambitious as they are, even if they are interested in different things. If a Leo suspects that you might be holding them back in any way, they know it’s time to move on.


“I need to work on myself.”

The reality is, there is never a time when a Virgo isn’t working on themselves. They will always try to improve any facet that they feel is off. Yet if they feel like they need to end a relationship but don’t want to get into the actual reason, they will likely shift the focus on themselves to try and end things smoothly.


“It’s not you; it’s me.”

Libras don’t like to be the ones to end a relationship, and it likely took them a while to make that decision in the first place. However, regardless of the reason, Libras will rarely ever point fingers at the other person. They would rather take the blame themselves in hopes it will ease the pain.


“You deserve someone better.”

Scorpios give everything they have into relationships but often struggle with trust issues. Even if they have good reason to end things with someone over sketchy behavior, they still tend to believe they were also the problem. They know how they come off at times, and they’ll try to push the person to find someone else “better” for them.


“We just want different things.”

Translation: You want a relationship; Sagittarius wants to take a month-long vacation across Europe. Alone. While Sagittarius is initially excited about the idea of a relationship, they may quickly change their minds and want something different. So they will give this excuse when they want to end things instead of trying to work out a real solution.


“I have too much on my plate.”

Capricorns tend to stay pretty busy, but they make time for relationships that are important to them. Sometimes they are struggling to balance it all, and in that case, the busy excuse is an honest sentiment (they don’t like to beat around the bush). However, if they haven’t made any real effort to try and work the relationship into their schedule, then this is likely a cop-out so they can get back to business without any distraction.


“I’m just not ready for something serious.”

Aquarius signs are known to want their freedom, and they will protect that desire fiercely. They don’t want to lock themselves into a commitment that requires a great deal from them. Something casual is usually easier because no one can make demands. If they think the relationship is getting too serious, they will slam the brakes on the situation.


“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

Pisces signs have a large number of feelings to sort through at any given time. While they may feel completely enamored one day, they may feel uncertain the next. They may believe they love you because they do have feelings for you, but they worry that they aren’t as in love as they could be. Usually, this is a way of trying to let someone down easily- and hopefully leaves the door open in the future if they conclude that they’ve made a mistake.

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