How Each Zodiac Sign Makes Their Heartache Even Worse After A Breakup In June 2022


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You reread through old texts and think about how much you miss them.

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You stalk their social media to see what they’ve been doing and whether they’ve moved on.

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You drink too much, smoke too much, dwell too much.

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You isolate yourself and stop leaving the house.


You keep in touch with their family members and friends.

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You torture yourself by watching their favorite shows and listening to their favorite songs.

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You still wear clothing or jewelry they bought you.

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You hang out at the same bars and restaurants you know they visit.

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You try to maintain a friendship with them and continue talking to them every single day.

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You listen to sappy love songs that remind you of them, songs that make you cry.

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You refuse to delete the photographs of them from your social media and phone.

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You talk about them nonstop to friends and family and anyone who will listen.

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