Come on, let’s be honest, Aries, you know you have a very particular way of doing things, especially when it’s something you’re very interested in. Let’s say that inside of you lives a huge baby, all it wants is to scream its tantrums so that it changes its mind and fulfills its desires. You’re spoiled, but it would be nice if you relax a bit, because people don’t expect your wayward version. They might describe you as immature and unworthy. You’re too smart to let those early days tarnish your reputation. People don’t tolerate Aries and there are those who don’t deserve to be treated so badly.


It’s no secret that you like good things and that’s why you’ve always worked very hard. You are not one of those who wait for everything to be given, you like to go out and break your soul to enjoy the results. You are proud of each of your achievements and you like to share them, but… there is something in you which is unbearable, I speak of your materialistic side, do not let your ambition darken, because that prevents you from appreciate the beautiful things people who love you want. Sometimes you’re so obsessed with everything that you miss the little things, the ones that soothe your soul and become motivation to keep going. It’s not about throwing away your dreams, but don’t let the superficial change you.


People are often very confused by your mood swings. Gemini, it’s obvious that you can’t be smiling all the time and that there are times when you just want to get away from it all. You need those spaces where you can analyze your thoughts and emotions without fear of being judged. However, what people don’t tolerate about you is your disappearances, it doesn’t seem right to them that you don’t consider them to miss you, it’s not selfishness, they care about you. The fact that you are so fickle in this aspect makes them insecure because they think you are not a trustworthy person. It costs you nothing to say that you are going to take a break and it has nothing to do with the friendship and love they offer you. It’s not that they control you,


It is said that the greatest show of love is to tolerate one’s worst faults. It’s not easy to face your dark side every day, because it’s like having two personalities deciding what to do next. You know that your emotions are worse than a roller coaster and there are times when even though you get angry looking in the mirror, you don’t understand what is the reason for your tears appearing. Your soul is so transparent that it cries with happiness, sadness and even anger. Maybe that’s what people can’t stand about your sign, because they don’t know how to help you and it’s worse when you shut down. It is very difficult for you to trust. This is why you keep your sensitivity under lock and key and only those who reassure you know it. You don’t care if they don’t tolerate you, you’re not going to change.


People usually point out your actions saying you’re over the top, you always add a touch of drama to what happens to you, but the truth is you don’t decide to go through the bad streaks, they come and you don’t go pretend nothing is happening Just to please others. What they don’t tolerate in your sign is that you have a selfish side ready to be admired. There’s a part of you that can’t help it and gets a lot of attention. You feel good when they applaud you, because you know that things did not fall from the sky and that every day you go out to fight for what you want. Definitely, there are very hard mornings and evenings when you lose the desire for everything. However you stand up and keep smiling, that’s brave Leo, that’s not ego,


Sometimes you don’t even realize it, but there are lots of people who feel intimidated by you and lots of others who are afraid of you. You’ve earned fame for being a sign that has no mercy in saying things and the truth is, you don’t do it with the intention of hurting anyone. The fact is that you are a very demanding person and you are getting used to meeting very high standards. However, the rest of the people aren’t prepared for so much pressure and that’s when they can’t tolerate you. What you see as advice or constructive criticism, they see as mockery. They see you as a ruthless being because you are capable of knocking down any obstacle life throws at you and you are surprised that others don’t. Quiet!


Usually, people tend to click with you because you are not someone who spends time judging, on the contrary, you like to dig to understand the behavior of those around you before giving your opinion. In your heart reigns justice and kindness, it is something that people appreciate very much about you. Your after-hours chats, sage advice, and those genuine hugs leave a mark on anyone. However, there is something they don’t tolerate about you and it has nothing to do with your character. Let’s say it’s your fascination with inappropriate cravings, you love food and never miss an opportunity to satisfy your voracious appetite. This leads to a lack of control, and going overboard can worry the people you love.


People tend to shun your sign because you’ve earned a reputation for being an idol, and not just in relationships, but also in the case of friends and family. When you don’t like something, you say it without thinking about it and you don’t care if you hurt your feelings. You are like that, very honest, what you hate the most is dealing with hypocritical people and it becomes a challenge to find sincere souls. That’s why they don’t tolerate you, you put up too many barriers until you feel safe and your cold personality is scary. The worst part is when someone intentionally hurts you and then you forget about it and all you want is to remove that person from your life. You don’t have time for lies and silly arguments, if he didn’t appreciate the bond he had with you, let him go. Better souls will come.


It’s good that you always try to see the positive side of things, because you are not one of those who become addicted to evil. You have lived through very difficult situations, but your smile is still at the foot of the canyon. However, people often feel uncomfortable with your overconfidence because without realizing it, you fall into what is called toxic positivity. Not that you have to complain all the time, but don’t abuse your trust either. I know you do this with the intention of helping, but they can see you as a narcissist and no one wants someone like that in their life. Sagittarius, occasionally let them see that there are also times when you can’t find your way and all you want is a little encouragement.


Your goals have led you to accomplish things that once existed in your imagination. You are a very determined sign, for you discipline is essential, you see nothing without structure, but there are times when you exaggerate too much and even your routines affect your mental, physical and emotional health. This attitude has led to you being hated by many, because they don’t tolerate you doing them less. Capricorn, do not let your prejudices decide for you, it will only alienate you from people of great value. Just because they don’t have the same goals doesn’t mean theirs aren’t important. Besides, you take things very seriously, you need to relax, it’s not all about triumphs or long days.


It’s true, nothing is perfect, that’s why the pencil comes with an eraser. People often point fingers at you because you rarely do anything by following their rules to the letter. It doesn’t matter that they call you a weird creature, you’re not going to waste time trying to change their minds, it’s practically synonymous with talking to the wall, you don’t get much. People don’t tolerate you being so different because you remind them of all the fears they’ve been hiding and they want to cling to the idea that routine is going to bring them happiness. When they see you so free, with unique dreams and a desire to break convention, they’re looking for a way to turn you off, they want you to see you’re wrong and that’s when they start treating you like the black sheep.


You were born with many virtues, but also several flaws that even bother you. People often worry about your well-being, because you have a funny way of cutting yourself off from everyone, it’s you and your world against everyone else. What they do not tolerate is to see you immersed in your imagination, because there you avoid everything and refuse to meet the expectations of others. It’s good that you are not contaminated by the bad vibes of your surroundings, but disconnecting yourself for so long can be counterproductive, because without realizing it you are breaking ties with the people you love. The thing is, it’s not worth it for you to stop living the Pisces reality. Scraps are also necessary to find your best version. Don’t miss so much,


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