You already have trouble sleeping. And you spend the day thinking about everything. You don’t give your mind a free moment and this results in problems falling asleep. It is important that you add reading a good book to your routine so that you can relax a bit. Counting sheep won’t do you any good, so find something to calm and calm you down before you go to bed.


As a stubborn and impatient person, it can be very difficult for you to fall asleep at times. In your case, it is essential that you watch television for a while before going to bed: this will take you out of your routine thoughts and allow you to go to bed more relaxed. You should also try drinking hot tea or milk before going to bed. Avoid checking your email or social media before bed.


You are not one of those people who usually have bedtime problems. But when you have them, they usually last a few days. Even if you have a good bedtime routine, sometimes that just isn’t enough. And, at this point is when you need to be more mindful and incorporate activities that relax you enough. In your case, we advise you to take a good bath with hot water and avoid conversations with your friends on social networks. If you become addicted and delay bedtime, you may not be able to sleep all night.


You are another person who usually does not have problems falling asleep, but it is true that if something worries you, you can take this concern to the extreme, which is not good for your health. . A tip we have for you that can help you a lot is to change the bed sheets. It’s a bit of a chore to do before you go to sleep, but when you feel the comfort of fresh, clean sheets, you’ll have no problem falling asleep.


When you have a minute of rest, you like to be on social media chatting with your friends and this is the reason why you usually find it difficult to sleep well. Screens are not the most recommended for going to bed. But, in your case, if you add the happiness and joy of conversations with your loved ones, it makes your situation worse. The best thing you can do is organize your day so that you have time to chat with your friends without having to do it before bed. Turn off your cell phone 30 minutes before bed and read a good book or do some hobbies.


You are one of the people who have the most difficulty falling asleep and it is that always wanting perfection in everything you do does not help you to be able to disconnect. Therefore, Virgo, it’s important that you add some meditation time to your routine before you go to sleep. Meditation will help you control those recurring thoughts that don’t allow you to rest properly. Another crucial aspect is when you go to bed. Just because you have things to do at home doesn’t mean you should sleep later. What you can’t do today, you will do tomorrow. But, in bed at the same time.


As a Libra, you calculate what time you should go to bed based on what time you should get up. You like to be clear that you will be able to sleep the hours needed for your routine. However, this is already causing you a little anxiety: you are activating your brain when what you should be doing is the opposite. Therefore, you need to establish a routine and a few hours of sleep that you can maintain on a daily basis.


No matter how many problems you have in your head, your bedtime is untouchable. In addition, being a person with great emotional intelligence, you know very well how to control your impulses and your emotions. Therefore, going to bed is usually not a problem for you. However, there are always situations in life that can disrupt your sleep. In this case, the best for you is to do some sport before going to bed. You can do weights at home or go swimming before dinner.


You’re a person who likes to constantly stimulate the mind and that’s not a bad thing. But, it’s an attitude you need to change right before you go to bed. As this can be very complicated for you, our advice is to start a sleep routine with a light dinner. Then read a good book with hot tea and go to bed. You will see how much better you sleep.


Good sleep conditions are not a priority for you, Capri. You realize this the day you can’t sleep, when it should be an established routine in your life. We advise you to change this habit and make sure before going to bed that all these favorable conditions are met before going to bed. Check the temperature and the clothes you wear to sleep, as well as the sheets.


A shower with hot water and a good herbal tea will help you fall asleep. Although it’s not a problem you encounter often, these small actions will make your sleep much more restful. You will wake up with much more energy to carry on with your daily routine.


Being all day analyzing what is going on in your life is something that undoubtedly affects your sleep. And, Pisces, falling asleep is the first step to getting better rest. If there’s one thing that will help you a lot in this area, it’s putting on some relaxing music when you go to bed. You will see that, in a few seconds, you will fall in love with Morpheus.



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