This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Can Be Better In Relationships In June 2022


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Though you fear commitment when you do make the decision to enter a relationship you tend to want to rush things. You should give the relationship time to evolve if you want to build a healthy, stable, and balanced one. You’re too impatient when it comes to breaking down someone’s walls. Give your partner time to open up and keep in mind that good things take time. Work on letting your guard down yourself, and put aside your fear of vulnerability.

Your selfishness mostly stems from your drive to succeed. Sometimes you are too focused on your own life to be the best partner you can be. Be as dedicated to your significant other as you are to your job, goals, aspirations, and passions. Stop thinking about your needs and feelings only, be considerate of those of your mate.

Stop seeking perfection in your relationship and in your partner. Be accepting of their flaws and imperfections and be mindful of your criticism. You tend to pick them apart and make them feel less than. When you’re doing it out of love, express your good intentions without tearing them down. Stop to ask yourself if you’re being critical because you are trying to help them or because you want to take the focus off of yourself.

You want to be the starlet of your lover’s life. Their world should not revolve around you, just as yours does not and should not revolve around them. Let your partner have their own life and don’t take it as a direct insult when they do. There’s no need to get greedy with their attention, or jealous when you’re not the priority.You want endless affection and to be your other half’s focal point, but you also don’t want to feel controlled or suffocated with their love. You want to be able to come and go and do as you please. You need to realize that this is not only a very difficult balance to achieve, but it can become very confusing to your partner. Be clear about what you need, when you need it.

You have a habit of showering your partner with excess love. This can feel suffocating to not just them, but to you. You begin to rebel against this devotion, your independent nature takes over, sometimes causing you to sabotage your relationship. You’re secretly more dependent on them than you let on, and this almost causes you to resent them. Spend more time by yourself. You need space to breathe outside your relationship and to maintain a strong sense of who you are. Set boundaries with your partner. Nurture your own passions to never forget how powerful you are. Make your own social plans solo once in a while and encourage your significant other to do the same.

You must learn to pick your own battles. Not every disagreement calls for World War III. You can’t become angry each time you don’t get what you want or react immaturely when you’re being confronted about something. Learn to compromise and be patient with your partner. You say things in the heat of the moment, and sometimes those are things that are too hurtful to be able to take back. You’ve got to get your explosive and impulsive predispositions in check, or one of these days a temper tantrum is what may push your mate to walk out on you.

You’re not the most faithful partner, mostly because you have a hard time controlling your impulses and you feel a need to conquer and win (anyone or anything). You’re also drawn to excitement and addicted to the adrenaline rush. Talk to your partner about adding more adventure into your lives. Make sure your primal needs are being met to keep you from straying. Realize that this doesn’t solely fall on your lover, but mostly on you and how you’re making your desires known.

It’s time you lose your “never guilty” mentality and start stepping up and admitting your mistakes without pointing the finger at others. You’re too quick to convince yourself and try to convince others of your innocence when you screw up. In your mind, your mistakes, even cheating, are somehow always warranted. Stop mentally reshaping situations or events to accommodate your stance.

You’re so confident you won’t be left, that sometimes you take your partner for granted. Don’t pull back after showing them grand romantic displays of affection. Make sure they always know how grateful you are to have them in your life and stop testing them with jealousy.

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You come off as standoffish and formal to those trying to get close to you, and even to someone you’ve been committed to long-term. You’re too guarded and don’t let anyone in on your inner life. You fear that once you do you will be giving someone the power to hurt you. It’s true that you connect best through touch, but deep down you’re a hopeless romantic who yearns to connect on an emotional level. Your relationship can’t reach those heights until you break down your walls. Let them see your tender soul. Show them what’s beneath those fears of emotional intimacy and vulnerability. You have an enormous heart, but you close it off easily. You could be missing out on a good thing if you don’t start opening yourself up.


It takes a long time to give your heart away, but once you do you’re caring, generous, and self-sacrificing. You’re one of the most reliable partners of the Zodiac. You’re too willing to help your partner in any way you can or provide them with whatever it is that they need. You do so without hesitation, whether it be lending out a hand, physical labor, or being there for them emotionally or financially. You have this innate need to be needed. Be careful that your kindness is not being mistaken for weakness or you will soon start to feel taken for granted, and even taken advantage of. You may even come to resent your partner for your own generosity (if you don’t make them feel smothered, first).

There are, however, times you expect something in return for your efforts and sweet romantic gestures. Is your great generosity stemming out of a compelling need to give? Or is there something you want? Don’t give out love as a means to an end, or risk your partner doubting the sincerity of your heart in the future.

You’re manipulative. Mostly because of your inability to break away from your perfect vision. Stop controlling every aspect of your relationship. You think doing so is what will keep it going, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Stop being so domineering out of fear of losing the emotional security and constancy your relationship brings. You’re making your partner feel controlled and pushing them away. If you don’t loosen the reins, it’s going to become toxic. Let things flow naturally. Your relationship is not a dictatorship. Listen to your significant other and understand them and their needs. Stop thinking about what you can get out of your relationship and start thinking about what you both need. Don’t get attached to circumstance and miss out on a wonderful emotional journey with your lover.

Learn to compromise and lose your “my way or the highway” mentality. Your partner is not offending you by contesting or challenging you. Get better at hearing the word no. Stop standing your ground when you’re in the wrong. You’re strong Bull, use that strength to apologize for your mistakes and to be forgiving of your partner’s.

You’re too jealous and treat your partner like a possession or like a prize you’ve won. Respect the autonomy of your partner. Your possessiveness can be suffocating. Trust your partner more. Give them space and let them make their own decisions inside and outside of the relationship. Your abandonment issues are unfounded. If you give them room to miss you, they will. They’re not going anywhere and you need to accept this as fact.

You get in a foul mood when you feel like you’re not being heard, but you’re hiding your feelings. It builds until you either, fall susceptible to rage, or you pull away from your partner. Don’t lash out and say hurtful things when you’re angry or feel hurt. Convey your emotions, instead. Don’t become distant, leaving your partner confused, either. Share what you’re feeling before you get to this point.

Venture outside of your comfort zone. You hate change, you stick to what you like and you prefer routine, but relationships need new experiences. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Shake things up a little bit and don’t take yourself too seriously.


Judging everyone around you isn’t your job, but somehow you always are. Stop judging your significant other, be more open-minded and realize things aren’t always black and white. Be more accepting of their beliefs and views, even if they don’t align with your own.

You’re perceptive and skilled at uncovering the secrets of others and those things they hold close. You later use these things as ammo if needed, even when it’s things that make them feel insecure or vulnerable. Don’t betray your partner’s trust like that, or you’ll soon find them closing off and keeping things from you.

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You need to be more communicative with your partner about satisfying your thirst for life. You can’t keep things interesting (within and outside of your relationship) if you’re not expressing your desires. You tend to resent your partners because you feel like they’re holding you back from your free-spirited and venturesome ways. You need to realize that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t experience all that’s out in the world. You’re the one who made the decision to give up your freedom, your partner didn’t take it from you. If you talked to them, you’d be surprised to find they’d allow you the independence to satisfy your adventurous curiosities.

Having a significant other doesn’t mean giving up your social life – another thing you come to hold against your partner. The blame falls solely on you, though, because you tend to lose yourself in your lover. You give so much of yourself away to them. Remember to make time to spend with your friends and go out without them. Don’t neglect your hobbies, passions, and pursuits, or you will start to get bored in your relationship, maybe even stray.


Don’t deny it, you fantasize about someone else who isn’t your lover. Your eyes are always open to the next big thing. Be careful, or you may be overlooking what’s in front of you. Usually, you never know what you have until you’ve lost it. Appreciate everything they have to offer and realize how lucky you are. Remember what it is about them that made you want to commit in the first place. Be loyal in body, mind, and heart.

You like to tell others what they want to hear, coming off as somewhat dishonest, in order to avoid issues. Be honest and stop talking your way around everything. Confront things head on, even when it’s not in your interest.

You have practically no attention span and unfortunately, sometimes this means not being able to focus your energy on your partner. You’re highly erratic and are constantly seeking new thrills. Don’t put your lover on the back burner. Prioritize your connection when you’re spending time together. You constantly need to feel stimulated, but sometimes you need to give your partner the opportunity to be that stimulus. Be present with them.

Remember that your needs aren’t the only important ones. Your significant other feels confused and restricted by your unpredictable nature. You do what you please and come and go as you please. Learn to be their constant, even when it feels too habitual for you.

You’re as dramatic as they come. You’re volatile and even violent when you feel hurt. You yell, call incessantly, send erratic and ugly text messages, hang up, say hurtful things, throw things, sometimes just for the drama of it. Breathe. Be patient. Think before you react. Keep your verbal lashing out under control and learn to be more sensitive and stop testing your partner with insults and sarcasm.

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You need to be careful not to give so much of yourself away that you wake up feeling empty. You don’t need to constantly make sacrifices or aim to invest 110% in order to maintain your relationship. If you reach deep within yourself, you’ll find that sometimes you also do these things because you care too much about your relationship’s outer image. Whatever your reasons are, stop making unhealthy compromises and putting your own needs aside.

Sometimes you betray your own approach for that of your partner’s, stay true to yourself and the things that matter to you.

If you want your relationship to go a certain way, feel unfulfilled in any way, or if there’s something you’re unhappy about, be vocal about it. Voicing your emotional needs is the only way to have them met, and you can’t connect with your partner otherwise. You’re deeply in touch with your emotions, but don’t express them easily. Step outside your comfort zone to do so. You need to stop staying quiet in order to keep peace. Grow a thicker skin and communicate when it’s needed. You need to stop saying things are fine when they’re not. Bottling up how you feel will end up with you rebuffing, leaving them feeling hurt and confused.

You get frustrated with your significant other for not being privy to your thoughts and emotions, but you keep them from your inner life. You are extremely emotionally attached, yet refuse to let your partner in. Stop trying to protect yourself and open up, show them the soft interior inside that hard outer shell. They can’t satisfy your emotional needs if they don’t know what’s going on inside.

Instead of retreating when you feel hurt or attacking your partner, try being honest. Tell them you’re feeling angry, upset, or threatened. Arguments, misunderstandings, and disagreements are common. Having them doesn’t mean your relationship is broken. Don’t act petulant and minimize your partner’s feelings when they do the same. Having them hold you emotionally accountable or contesting you doesn’t make them the villain or the enemy.

Cancer, you need to feel loved 24/7. You have a need for reassurance. You can even be clingy. You feel offended when your partner does something solo. You need to learn how to let them have their personal space, without feeling left out. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy spending time with you. Sometimes they just need that room to recharge. When you do spend time apart, stop asking for a play by play of the time they spent away from you. You don’t always have to know what’s going on. You can suffocate your partner with your attention and need to be in constant contact.

Stop overreacting to little things or magnifying insignificant situations. Think before you react. Check in with yourself. Remember that not everybody is as sensitive as you are. Your significant other has their limits and may tire of your over-dramatization.


You need to learn to trust your partner. You crave security so much that you fear having it ripped away from you. You also worry too much about being left, not being good enough, or caring more for your partner than they do for you. Learn to trust that they are not going anywhere and that they’re there for you. Stop doubting the magnitude and depth of their feelings for you.

To say you’re moody would be an understatement. Check yourself. You can appear as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It’s annoying and it makes your partner feel alienated. They aren’t always sure which version of you they’re going to get. They can quickly grow tired of trying to discern your moods and of being the punching bag of your emotional fluctuations.

One minute you shower your significant other with affection, the next you’re ignoring them. Be consistent in making them feel special. It’s like the tides with you. Stop pulling them in only to push them away.

You’re not the sentimental fool you’re made out to be. You have a secret need to dominate and you make it a habit to turn things around to your advantage. You’re sly and manipulative. You expect your partner to adapt to you, but that’s not the way it works. You have to be willing to adapt to them too. Stop scheming to make things fall into place the way you want them to. Again, be vocal, open, and honest, about what you need.

Remember that your partner is a person and not your personal ego booster. Work on your insecurities on your own, don’t project them onto your relationship, or it is guaranteed to fail. Your partner shouldn’t have to suffer because of them.

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You’re a boss in everything that you do, so playing the role in the relationship only comes naturally to you. You take all the initiative, you do all the deciding, sometimes even all the paying. You don’t mind any of it, as long as you feel like you’re worshipped. Your other half is quite tired of feeling like a person who’s kept. And if you’re not careful, having all the say in your relationship can end up making you lose respect and attraction for your partner.

You need to admit that you have control issues lurking beneath the surface. Work on building a more equal dynamic in your relationship. Let your partner feel free to pull their own weight. Take the backseat every once in a while and let your partner take the initiative.

Stop imposing your will on their life and taking action for them where it doesn’t concern you. Let them make their own decisions, do their own work and organize their own affairs.

You become jealous and even controlling when you feel like you’re not your partner’s sun. You need to accept that sometimes your partner’s attention and focus will be aimed elsewhere, that doesn’t mean they’re not crazy about you. Stop being selfish. Be proud and supportive of your partner’s pursuits. Don’t be so quick to be tempted to stray when you feel like you’re being ignored or neglected. Accept that you can’t always be their number one priority.

You also need to learn to share the spotlight with them. You must incorporate reciprocity into your relationship. It can’t be all about you all the time. Show your partner that you also support them and stop feeling eclipsed when they’re the ones shining.

You think everything is about you all of the time. You don’t want to be a part of the conversation if it isn’t about you. Work on your listening skills and stop being so self-involved. Your partner deserves someone who can be there for them, someone they can vent to and share things with, someone who will be there to give them attention, too.

Though you’re self-aware, you have a hard time expressing your innermost feelings and thoughts. Your lover shouldn’t just know how you feel. Communicate with them, not everyone is as perceptive as you. Although you’re adept at understanding their wants and needs, it doesn’t always mean you care for them. You consciously choose to not come through if it’s in your own interest. You have no qualms about neglecting the emotional needs of your partner if it serves you better. You need to cut this selfish habit out. Prioritize your bond with your significant other and the foundation you have built. Don’t sacrifice their desires for your own personal gain.

You live in a fantasy world because you’re so in love with the idea of love. You fail to comprehend your lover’s troubles or woes within the relationship because you believe love should just be natural. You think a harmonious relationship should just happen, but you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to put in the effort and the work to make it prosper. Sometimes that means listening to your partner and making them feel free to express and fight for themselves.

Learn to forgive and forget. Stop letting your ego steer your will in the relationship. Stop blaming your partner when you lose your cool. Rationalize instead of going by feeling.

Work on not being insensitive and reducing your partner with subtle mean remarks in order to take the focus off of you or feel better about yourself.

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Virgo, winning hearts for you is no challenge, it’s investing your own that you have trouble with.

It’s hard to get close to you, and even once you’ve developed something stable and serious with someone, you dance around opening up. Tear down your self-imposed walls. Stop living with the fear that you may get hurt, or there will always be a disconnect between you and your significant other. Realize that a lot of your insecurities stem from self-perceived flaws, don’t keep these hidden.

You hate, even fear, depending on anyone else. You don’t rely on anyone for anything. Being in a relationship is about being able to count on someone else for support. You need to realize this doesn’t make you weak or any less self-sufficient. It’s okay to let someone else be there for you. Needing them at times doesn’t mean you can’t live without them, and sometimes your partner just needs to feel needed. Do this for them, they want to know they make a difference.


If you’re prepared to commit, you need to be prepared to express your emotional vulnerability. You’re a softie on the inside and your significant other loves this about you. Your partner feels shut out because you don’t express your emotions. Do so, all of them, the good, the bad, the ugly. You’re strong, but there’s no need for you to suffer in silence or struggle alone.

Stop disappearing when you’re angry and burying all those emotions. You can get nasty and vengeful. Learn to talk to your partner when it’s necessary to avoid that kind of storm. Your feelings are always valid, even when they seem opposed to logic. Learn to think with your heart.

Your perfectionism, high standards, and hypercritical tendencies sometimes make your partner feel like they are living under a microscope. Be more tolerant of their imperfections. Mistakes don’t equate to flaws. Give them a little more leeway so they don’t feel like there are some criteria they’re not living up to or a checklist they’re leaving incomplete. Your unrealistic expectations will only end up disappointing you and making your partner feel bitter. Be more loving and open-minded.

Attempt to look at the big picture versus focusing on details and scrutinizing your relationship. Not everything is perfect or problem free in life, and this includes love. Analyzing everything is counterproductive and will drive both of you to madness. Stop dissecting little things like the tone of voice of your partner, the way they looked at you, or a text saying “goodnight.” Most of the time there’s no hidden meaning behind things. Shut off that little voice in your head telling you that something needs to be fixed.

You can be flaky and have an annoying habit of canceling plans just because you feel like it. Be more considerate of your partner’s feelings. Go through with them even if you don’t want to, ask them to come stay in with you instead, or just be honest and tell them you need some time alone.

Forget your responsibilities from time to time and to hell with your routine. Do something spontaneous with your partner, ditch your duties to spend time with them. Embrace being in the moment and don’t worry about things not going according to plan. Try to feel connected with them when you’re alone and forget the world.

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You’re completely devoted to your other half, but you also rely on them for sustenance. You lean too heavily on them, turning them into your sole source of happiness and expecting them to carry the weight of your emotional baggage. This can be draining for your partner and put too much pressure on your relationship. Learn to feel fulfilled, whole, and content on your own. You can’t have a healthy relationship if you don’t strive for balance within yourself. Trust and have enough faith in yourself to learn how to be emotionally self-sufficient.

You constantly want to appease your partner because you’re afraid of making them unhappy and because you’re unwittingly trying to overcompensate for your fear of not feeling good enough. You stay quiet and let your partner make all the decisions. Stop overriding your needs and desires. Learn to speak your mind and learn to be less sensitive to criticism. You’re never going to be happy if you don’t talk to your partner about your desires and preferences. You’re not solely responsible for your partner’s happiness, your wishes should be met as often as you try to meet theirs. Sometimes this will mean sacrifice for your mate, but that’s okay, you can’t be the only one doing it.

Your diplomacy is your downfall. Learn how to say no, how to stand your ground, how to voice your emotional needs. You have great communication skills but you’re too interested in keeping the peace and pleasing everyone around you that you don’t get what you need to off your chest. Assert yourself and learn how to confront issues directly. Stop putting your needs and feelings in the backburner, you only end up being passive-aggressive in the end. Be direct.

You’re a romantic who is ruled by Venus and you’re in love with love and everything that is beautiful. Unfortunately, you seek perfection from your partners and care too much about the image you portray to the outside world. Stop paying attention to the little things and waiting for your lover to make the wrong move. Your partner is the person standing in front of you, not the idea you have in your head. Live your relationship without fear of how it looks to the outside world.

Stop punishing your partner for your ex’s inability to make you feel worthy and valued. Do not compare your past relationships to your current one. Stop distrusting your partner for your past rejections and betrayals. You must also stop doubting yourself and picking yourself apart. Your partner loves you and knows you’re more than good enough.

Most importantly, be yourself in a relationship. You tend to adopt your partner’s hobbies and interests, and almost become a reflection of them. Remain your most authentic self.

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You’re extremely dedicated to your partner. You don’t just commit to them, but you merge with them. Do not lose yourself in the process of becoming one. Preserve your individuality and respect theirs. Remember that you are both entitled to personal and emotional autonomy. Union does not mean fusion. You can have a bond that encompasses the mind, body, and soul without becoming a single entity.

Learn how to let go of control and stop being so fixated on having the power. Stop thinking you always have to have the upper hand and let more balance into your relationship. You’re willful, stubborn, and determined about making certain things go your way. You will do whatever it takes, even resorting to controlling your relationship and partner through deceptive or sexual manipulation. Stop pulling the strings, things won’t always go your way and you need to accept that. Have more respect for your partner than employing calculating and Machiavellian methods to maintain control. Don’t use sex as a weapon, either.

You prioritize the little things too much and try to micromanage everything. Stop putting so much importance into details and see the bigger picture. This is just yet another way in which you need to let go.

You hold your partner to a double standard. You expect them to be completely transparent with you when it comes to their emotions, secrets, and doings, but you hide so much underneath the surface. You want to know their most intimate thoughts, and sometimes you even seduce to gain this knowledge, but you’re very closed off about your own inner workings. You come off as open, but this is so far from the case. You show your significant other only what you want them to see. You’re a very private soul and as much as you don’t want to feel lonely, you avoid emotional intimacy on your part. Stop being so afraid of discovery, love requires vulnerability. You don’t want to shed light on things from your past, things that haunt you, or even the oddities that go through your head. There’s no need to be afraid and there’s no need to be embarrassed. You can’t have the deep connection you crave unless you let your partner figure you out. Stop expecting your lover to be an open book without revealing yourself.

You also need to find a balance when it comes to privacy. There are things people are entitled to keep to themselves, you don’t own every thought or feeling your partner has ever had, has, or will ever have. Respect that sometimes you won’t be privy to every little thing.

Stop spying on them. You snoop around on them. You go through their phone, email, and their belongings when given the chance. You always feel like there’s some truth you’ve got to find. Stop invading their privacy and going through things that aren’t yours to peruse.

You need to learn to distinguish between your intuition and your paranoia. Don’t let your passion overtake your logic. Have more trust for your partner, you wound them with your suspicions, and one of these days they will tire of your mistrust. Your love can be obsessive and it drives you to have irrational fears. Ground yourself internally by taking deep breaths, rationalizing, or even meditating or turning to yoga before jumping to conclusions. Work on your intense jealousy and possessiveness, it’s smothering.

Curb your unpredictability, you’re easy-going one minute and then snap the next. You’re as hot and cold as they come. You worship your partner one day, then you’re aloof the next. Don’t make your partner guess what’s wrong with you. If something is bothering you, tell them. Don’t become passive-aggressive, either.

You’re very difficult to deal with and have so many emotions and they are all hard to manage. This becomes especially hard when you let your anger build up instead of releasing it. You become vengeful, hurt your partner how you know it will be most effective, and scheme to get back at them. Stop trying to get even with your partner. Talk to them, and not once it’s too late and violence is seething from your pores. Don’t let your pride get the best of you and don’t let it outweigh your love and need for your significant other.

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You need to stop thinking that commitment will make you lose your spark, freedom, and adventure. You can still explore the world and seek novelty and knowledge. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you will be tied down to one place. Deep down you crave a person to do all this experiencing and exploring with. Don’t be afraid to take the next step. Once you do, be careful not to throw yourself entirely to your relationship, you have a habit of letting it be all-consuming in the beginning. Allow yourself the life you had before meeting your partner, or you will quickly lose interest.

It is important that you be honest with and talk to your partner when you feel restricted from your wanderlust. The two of you can make a bucket list of things to do together. Setting these goals for adventure will not only satisfy your restless soul, but it will bring the two of you closer together. You need to remember, though, that relationships are also about routines, daily realities, and stability. You can’t come to expect that your partner is going to be “riding shotgun” all the time and up to try all the things you’re willing to. You’re going to have to learn to compromise, too. They’re willing to adapt to, and even welcome your lifestyle, it’s important that you also learn to give them the stability they long for.

Ground yourself and learn how to focus on your partner. Prioritize them over chasing thrills, and don’t make them feel insecure with your constant need to find excitement. Sometimes these adrenaline rushes you’re so addicted to lead you to flirt with others, make sure you’re clear with your lover about where you stand.

You feel the need to run or stray when you don’t feel the initial spark you felt anymore. Don’t be so quick to call it quits or to go against your integrity by cheating. Relationships aren’t fun or exciting all of the time. Those initials feelings of lust, newness, and excitement wear down with time, but more important things like intimacy and love come into their place. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and come up with ways to “spice up” your love life together.

You need to learn to be more sensitive. You let your cool logic overrun emotions every time and you don’t have patience for those of your partner’s. They are not trying to emotionally manipulate you when they express them. You need to stop assuming this. Be more open to hearing them out. Your significant other needs to be heard and understood, too. You also need to learn to be more emotionally expressive and work on not being so emotionally distant.

Have more patience for your partner and don’t be so intolerant when they go about things differently than you would. Try to see their side and lose your arrogance.

Be tactful with your criticism. You’re honest, but you need to learn how to not say the first thing that’s on your mind and that sometimes it is best to sugarcoat your opinions.

You love more with actions than you do with words, but remember to give your partner verbal praises, every now and then.

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You need to stop letting your work and career eclipse your relationship. Give the same amount of dedication to your significant other. You have to put in the effort into your relationship to keep it alive. Nurture the bond between you and your lover. Make more time to spend with them and get your head out of the office when you’re together. Loosen up and show them you can have fun. Don’t leave your partner behind while trying to get ahead.

You need to stop micromanaging your relationship and the time you spend together. Don’t plan out every second of your day together. Stop being a control freak and let things flow organically. Lighten up and enjoy the time you spend together. You can’t control everything, learn how to let go.

You’re so driven and ambitious that you tend to want more for your partner than they want for themselves. You put significant pressure on them by pushing them. Sometimes you’re even sly about it, and plant a tiny seed of an idea in their head to see what they do with it. You need to back off and realize that everyone’s idea of success is different. Trust that your partner is doing what makes them happy and what’s in their best interest.

Stop parenting them and telling them what to do and how. It’s domineering and it drives them insane and pushes them away. Treat them like the adult they are. Stop treating them like your own personal assistant, too.

You need to realize you’re not always the only one with the right answer. You need to gain the willingness to be able to see your partner’s point of view and the ability to compromise. Learn to accept when you’re wrong and when a situation calls for you to let go of your convictions. You hate to lose, but you have to be willing to accept defeat when you’re wrong or to keep the peace.

You’re so focused on your goals that you sometimes lack empathy for your other half. Be more compassionate towards them and stop lacking in emotion when it comes to your partner.

Stop being so tough when it comes to opening up about your emotional problems. Let them dig your heart out. Your partner struggles because they feel like you’re cold and emotionally bankrupt, show them that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Don’t be condescending or a know-it-all, it’s infuriating and it makes your partner feel put down.

You’re very unforgiving, you need to learn how to be more generous when it comes to forgiveness, and how to leave things in the past. Stop throwing old things in your partner’s face.

Work on not being aggressive at imposing your beliefs and values on your partner, and respect their own. There isn’t always a right and a wrong, there’s just a different.

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Your partner feels that it’s hard to connect with you. You come off as cool and detached, but not because you’re cold or indifferent, it’s just that you’re too preoccupied living inside your own head. Try to live less internally when you’re with your partner and let yourself be seduced by the outside world. You’re not closed off, but it’s how you appear. You’re a deep thinker, but sometimes the only stimulus you need is standing right in front of you. Give your lover more attention and welcome theirs.

You lack emotional intelligence. You need to consider your partner and their feelings more, don’t just intellectualize and rationalize everything. Everyone has different emotions and feels differently. Exercise more compassion with your lover. Sometimes all they want is an emotional response from you.

You also need to learn how to lead with your heart and not your head. Don’t overthink everything and listen to your heart more.

Stop repressing your deep emotions and stop controlling what you show others. Don’t turn cold and insensitive out of your fear of intimacy.

You doubt that anyone will be able to really get who you are, but you need to give your significant other the chance to comprehend your complex layers and let go of that false belief that no one will be able to understand you. You can’t connect with your partner if you’re not letting them in and allowing them to explore the depths of your soul and mind.

Learn how to communicate your needs and how to ask for help. It doesn’t make you any less independent. Relying on your partner will heighten your emotional intimacy.

Lower your expectations and learn how to be flexible. You’re impossible to deal with when you think you’re right about something. Be more open to your significant other’s point of view and be more patient when they don’t share your same mentality.

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You have a hard time grounding yourself and you really need to learn how to do so in relationships. You escape reality and delve into your own fantasy world. In doing so, you may be missing out on the chance for that deep connection your incurably romantic heart craves. Be present with your partner and don’t miss out on what’s real in front of you.

Remember that not everything plays itself out like it does in movies or in your imagination. You need to stop being so idealistic, especially when it comes to your partner. Stop romanticizing everything you see and take a hard look at your partner. See them and appreciate them for who they truly are. You have a hard time being able to tell what’s real and you need to learn when to take a step back for a reality check. Learn to rationalize.

Come out with it and be clear about what you want. Communication is important. You get quiet, act distant, or become passive aggressive when you feel unhappy. You can’t expect your partner to just know that you’re hurt. Just because you’re intuitive and empathetic when it comes to their emotions, doesn’t mean they are. You feel very intensely, but they can’t know what you’re feeling if you don’t tell them. Stop pulling away to punish them or testing them by expecting them to fill in the blanks.

Stop avoiding confrontation and hiding your head under the sand at first sight of it. You’re overly sensitive when it comes to feedback and you need to learn how to take it less personally.

Assert yourself and ask directly for what you need to ensure that your relationship isn’t what one-sided. You’re overly and blindly generous, but sometimes you have to let yourself take and not just give. Stop being so self-sacrificing or giving in too easily. Learn how to say no and how to impose your limits or you’ll become bitter and grow to resent your lover.

You don’t always need to be a hero. Your partner is an adult and can take care of themselves. You need to let them save themselves.

You’re incredibly nurturing, affectionate, and you worship your partner, but you need to learn to put your romantic creativity elsewhere. Find a hobby to utilize your dreamy mind. Your passion doesn’t need to all go to your partner. You have a very artistic side to you, explore it. You need to learn how to break away from your partner a little bit, and in turn, respect their boundaries.

Stop telling your friend everything about your relationship. You complain endlessly when something is wrong. Don’t tell them every little thing or they’ll see your partner in a bad, not necessarily realistic, light. Keep even the good to yourself. Some things are meant to be sacred.

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