How Each Zodiac Prefers To Spend Their Mornings With Their Partner In June 2022


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You want to remain in bed and cuddle for as long as possible.

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You want to stay in your pajamas and watch television together.

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You want to have morning sex, then shower together.

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You want to cook breakfast together and eat a large, delicious meal.

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You want to start your day early by shopping together and completing chores.

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You want to brew some coffee and drink it while talking at the kitchen table.

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You want to take your pets for a walk or play with them, so they’re involved, too.

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You want to go for an early morning run together and get your adrenaline pumping.

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You want to be spoiled with breakfast in bed.

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You want to be left alone until you’re more awake and ready to start your day.

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You want to lounge around together and do nothing at all.

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You want to come up with a game plan and set plans for the day.

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