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As a zodiac sign Cancer, you keep your emotions to yourself for the time being. It is quite possible that some people will feel your hard cancerous shell. That’s fine, because you want your time in relationships, after allinvest that are built on an honest basis. However, once you open up to someone, they can really consider themselves lucky. Such a sensitive, calm, and lovable listener like you doesn’t come around very often. Combined with your cheerful and uncomplicated manner, this attitude makes you less approachable to the outside world, but at the same time it makes you incredibly personable. Exactly because you are not even aware of it out of sheer dreaminess, this amiable aura has a particularly magical effect.

VIRGO (08/24 – 09/23)

It’s amazing. The ultimate chaos can break out for you as a zodiac sign Virgo and yet you always stay on the ground, keep your inner calm and ensure that a clear order arises again. Really admirable. However, you often do not even notice the recognition for your objective and yet cautious manner. As modest as you are, you don’t expect this at all. In addition, you are far too busy thinking about the next task at hand anyway. This self-confident and determined combination of character traits gives you an even magical aura, of which you hardly notice enough yourself. At this point a little tip: It has never harmed a virgin when she lets herself fall in between times and allow herself a break. Try it out!

CAPRICORN (22.12. – 20.01.)

As a zodiac sign Capricorn, you have to give you one thing: you really are a fighter! At the most, your ambition appears a little tense in extreme crisis situations. But in most cases you give your appearance a fresh impetus with your curious nature. A mixture that gives you a very special aura and that comes into play especially in a not-too-familiar environment. With your polite and courteous manner, you will quickly collect sympathy points with this magical aura, even in new circles. This is why it is especially important that you do not focus on your strategic to-do lists all the time. Who knows what friendships will develop from such encounters.

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