Pisces: Week from Monday 14 to Sunday 20 December 2020


December 14, 2020
Your collector’s soul will wake up under the influence of Jupiter. And you will be prepared to pay dearly for valuables, furniture or paintings. However, don’t borrow to buy.

December 15, 2020
It will be a good day for your business. Your projects will get off to a good start and more than likely luck could even give them an unexpected boost. You will then regain all your morale and will be able to deploy all your energy. Now is the time to show what you can do. If you make the necessary efforts, success will be assured to you by the stars.

December 16, 2020
The action of Pluto on the financial plan could result in certain disappointments or delays in the receipt of money for some natives, or unforeseeable expenses for others. On the contrary, the natives of the third decan will prove to be skillful and lucky in various transactions and negotiations; they will also benefit from good real estate investments.

December 17, 2020
Avoid at all costs to listen to the advice of those around you concerning investments. Your loved ones would push you to do big mistakes in managing your finances. Follow your intuition.

December 18, 2020
The silver sector will be influenced by Pluto, a very positive planet on the financial plan. When Pluto plays in our favor, he can send very large sums of money to us. You just have to pay attention to one point: if you take too many risks, if you play with fire, Pluto can turn against you. The natives who will accumulate expenses and follies risk paying dearly!

December 19, 2020
Be extremely careful with your spending, especially if it involves a long term loan. Debts are easy to contract and expenses even easier to carry out, but repayments will be more painful than they appear: here is the trap which awaits you! And everyone also knows that “debts reduce the free man to slavery” (Publilius Syrus).

December 20, 2020
This impact of Mercury is likely to cause strokes of luck or, on the contrary, confusing and disappointing financial situations. In any case, be careful to keep your balance; Avoid overly expensive purchases, debt and risky investments.

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