Gemini, you have one of the most nervous energies a person can see in a zodiac sign. Not only are you worried almost all the time, but you’re also incredibly indecisive – you’re having trouble making decisions that are completely satisfying to you. People often see you weighing the pros and cons, or questioning everything. This indecision makes it hard for you not to be a flaky person, but it usually doesn’t cross your mind. You are usually more focused on trying to clear up all the common thoughts in your head that just makes it more difficult for you not to be a nervous wreck all the time.


Virgo, your nervous energy comes from being totally worried all the time. When you don’t worry about what’s going on in your life, you worry about what’s going on with your family and friends. You want to be the person who is always there in case your loved ones need you, but you also know that it’s not realistic. Being worried and not being able to be there day and night for people turns you into an overly critical person who blames you for everything. You are constantly on the alert, worried that something is going wrong, which brings out the worst anxiety who is in you.


Pisces, you are often nervous because you are caught between two sides of your personality. On the one hand, you are extremely fearful and worried about many things (sometimes too many to name), and on the other hand, you trust others too much. You believe that when you have trouble calming your nervous energy, others can take care of you (they can’t, not always). Pisces, your neurotic behavior isn’t always apparent in how you recognize anxiety in another situation; you often mask it as an emotional overload. But when someone sees you cry or keeps you away from friends and family, you usually face anxiety and nervousness.


Libra, you like many other signs, have trouble making decisions. Of course, your problem is that you are always so sure of the decisions you have already made (not before making them). Even after you have decided on something that is not so serious, you tend to move on review a number of scenarios in your head, making sure everything is going well. Balance, you also tend to avoid confrontation and conflict. This means that even if the decision you made is not going well, you will not be there to pick up the coins. You are too nervous about the consequences to want to manage your problems as an adult.


Cancer, your mood swings no longer surprise anyone, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t always feel moody almost all the time. Like some other signs, you try to hide some of your emotions (such as nervousness ) by displaying other emotions (such as caution). But, of course, anyone who knows you also knows that you often hide what you feel. Cancer, you are also very insecure, which is why you hide what you really feel. You don’t want people to know that you have a hard time trusting yourself (and others), so you hide your nervousness for caution or reflection until you realize it.


Aquarius, you have the worry of trying to be everything for everyone, which often explodes in the face. But even then you are doing your best to be there for the people who need you and trying to save time for yourself. Of course, being a popular person often means sacrificing your own needs. Aquarius is very stressful for people who need you, even if they can take care of themselves. When you realize that you cannot always be there to help you, you become very moody and nervous, fearing that you will be totally useless. for the people you love.


Capricorn, your life expectations are greater than any other sign. You spend a ton of time preparing for your successes, and when you fail (you can’t win them all, you know), you take it out on yourself for not planning better. Of course, even if you bounce back soon enough a failure, you are always nervous about not succeeding the second time. When you are particularly nervous, you tend to expect the worst. Sure, you’re going to dust yourself off and try again, but not without a little hesitation. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to reach your goals and when you realize it’s harder than you think you panic.


Aries, you are incredibly moody on most things. Whether it’s personal life or professional life, you always have some kind of negative emotion when things don’t go the way you want. By the way, Aries is always active, which means that you don’t really have time to slow down and enjoy the present. And when you rush into life, you can sometimes feel anxious. Aries, your anxiety usually comes from the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want. You have a very busy schedule and the slowdown is not one of them. You’re also super impatient to be a female boss on the move, which only feeds your anxiety.


Scorpio, you are much more sensitive than people realize. In fact, you can deal with nervousness as much as everyone else, but maybe not as often. You tend to keep it secret not only from others but also from how you actually feel. prefer to keep yourself nervous than talking openly – talking about it makes it real for you. Scorpio, you are also incredibly suspicious of people you are not close to. So when you keep your real emotions a secret, it’s just because you want to make sure that the person you’re talking to doesn’t make you feel weird.


Sagittarius, you are one of the most impatient people a person can meet. You are always waiting for people, you are always on the go, and you are always looking for people and things that will not waste your time, but one thing that you don’t really like is nervous. very confident who believes in yourself to make the right decisions, and that nervousness never really crosses you. Sagittarius, you also don’t like being the person to talk to about the past. You may regret some things that you have done, but it makes no sense to worry about that. You prefer to look to the future or, better yet, have fun in the present without anxiety.


Taurus, you don’t get really nervous, just because you’re too stubborn to let yourself feel nervous. Whenever you have to deal with a situation where someone else is nervous (like a big interview), you just remember that it’s something you really want and don’t let any kind of nervousness or anxiety stop you. Besides being so stubborn that even nervousness can’t touch you, you also know that nervousness, like any other emotion, is not permanent. You will try to be great to manage your emotions, which means not letting yourself be given negative emotions that annoy you.


Leo, you are too confident to be really nervous about certain things. You know that the only things that can make you anxious or worried are the things you really want in life – like this promotion at work. But if you have confidence in yourself, then that feeling of being your own support is more as strong as anything a little nervousness can do. A Leo can also be quite stiff and stubborn, which means that like a few other signs, you don’t like to get nervous. You’d much rather be seen as the tough girl who can handle everything without backing down, which means that you should not let nervous energy get the most out of you.


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