The lion needs to practice because practice makes perfect and Lion wants to be perfect. And although they train to impress a crowd, it takes discipline to do what they have in mind, which means time alone and isolation. Lion doesn’t need to be alone as much as he needs it to perfect his art. You cannot impress the world without repeating, and repeating takes time and loneliness.


You would not automatically think that Taurus takes time to be alone, because they are always thirsty for human contact. However, this sign is also quite lazy, which means they take a long time to get ready in the morning; they like to spend long, luxurious hours preparing, shaving, and putting on makeup. They like to be known to their friends as great, but the time it takes to get that “awesome” is time well spent and on its own.


Libra loves lonely life, mainly because they don’t like people. Since they always do what they want with no consideration for others, they understand that it’s best not to try. Why be with people you hate, especially when you hate everyone who has never lived and who will be born? You might as well stay at home, alone, like a real Libra.


Even though Aries may be a very social sign, they have a very strong desire to get away from the crowd and do their own work, in peace, in calm and in their own way. high level of energy and commitment, they must give themselves enough time to reset. You can’t be as smart as Aries without stopping at the pit stop to recharge your batteries.


Undoubtedly the most isolated and independent sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius spends more time alone than with others. They are also the first to associate because they love the union of the two, but that always leads to arguments at home. They enjoy the company of a partner until they don’t, and that’s when home problems start to arise.


You will see that Gemini spends the majority of their time alone, mainly because they cannot decide whether or not they want to be with anyone today. They love the company, but rarely arrive on time, can’t make appointments, and never find time to be with friends. Knowing that they are not reliable in this business, they tend to cancel all their commitments to be able to remain alone at home, to sulk their ears, saying that they had no friends.


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