The First Impression Of Aries


Aries, you in the first impression already say a lot about how you are. You are so strong that people can be scared, but they quickly realize that this force is overwhelming. You know so much about life and about anything that can scare anyone. Your strength can even be scary and people when they are afraid can turn against you, but you know that you are not like that. You know that everything you have lived and all the experiences you use for the common good. To help anyone and to teach that anyone can be like that if they propose.

You know very well how much you have suffered and how much you have fought to get everything you have and everything you know. You didn’t learn that overnight. It requires years and years of experience. And your wisdom is one of the most valuable things you have. And it’s the first thing you get when you meet someone. It comes out alone. You may be doing it to try and impress that person or it is just your subconscious.

There will be people who feel misunderstood when they meet you. Because you know a lot about life and about any subject, and sometimes you leave the other person speechless because they don’t understand you and because they don’t know how to respond to you. You may think that you are the weirdo in the conversation, but you are not. Even the other person may think that you only know so much to brag about it and to believe you are superior to others. But you know very well that you do not do it with that intention. You are like that and you are not to blame for knowing so much.


The First Impression Of Aries

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