Ranking Of The Signs That Flee Most From Love


All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, like to be in love, but there are signs that they have other priorities or give more importance to other things at some certain point in our life. It is not that they do not want a partner but it is true that if they do not see what they are looking for they try to stop (even if they have found it) so that it does not interfere with other projects or even because they may not feel comfortable expressing what they truly feel. . This is the ranking of the signs that flee the most from love :

  1. Aquarius

People of the Aquarius sign are known to flee from any type of emotion. Aquarius is a sign that has a hard time expressing emotions and therefore prefers to run away from love rather than face it. Aquarius is a very free-spirited person, who loves to go to his ball, do whatever he wants and therefore, commitment is not on his priority list. But the truth is that running away from love does not mean that I hate it. The Aquarian heart would like to fall in love and enjoy as others do, but it is not prepared to share everything it feels. Aquarius will only love someone if they really feel a strong connection from the beginning. And if Aquarius has not run away and faced love and that person … One of the best wonders in the world may happen.

  1. Gemini

Yes, Geminis can fall in love and love more than anyone … But before that, Geminis have to find a person with whom they are never bored. You have to find a person who is just as versatile, fun, and adventurous as the Gemini himself. He runs away from love the moment he discovers that there can no longer be any kind of adventure in that relationship.

Geminis need ongoing drama to maintain interest in a relationship. And it’s sad because Geminis run away from love long before they even know that person 100%. But the main problem is that, if you see, even if it is a little boredom in the relationship, nothing suits you anymore. Being comfortable and relaxed does not mean that everything is boring. In order not to run away from love, Geminis only have to learn one lesson: ‘love doesn’t always have to be complicated to be romantic’.

  1. Virgo

Virgo does not flee from love because he is afraid of commitment, but because he is afraid of being hurt. Although it seems like a very strong sign, deep down it is much more vulnerable than it seems. Virgo always hides his sensitivity so that people think he is very strong. He tries to be the best in everything he does and that makes him seem untouchable. Act this way so that no one can harm you.

Virgo is a very critical person and very difficult to impress. And all these behaviors are simply a shield for your insecurities and your fears. He is terrified that someone will enter his heart and play as they please with him. Virgo is terrified that someone will break their superhero complex. And what few people know is that Virgo is a very perfectionist but he is also human and many times, although he always tries to run away from love, he also falls in love …

  1. Capricorn

Like Virgo, Capricorn is a sign that puts love at the bottom of its priority list. Capricorn does not run from love on purpose, but simply has better things to do in his life. Capricorn has a million things to do and a million plans and that is why it is very difficult to get their attention. In addition, he is very sure that he does not need love to be happy and that his independence is the best thing he has in his life.

And although he runs away from love for not having ‘time’, deep down, deep down, he would like to find a person who will accompany him on this journey of life. And be careful, Capricorn can fall in love, but he will not be the typical person who is saying all the time ‘I love you’ and showing his love. Capricorn is not like that and never will be. Capri is more about showing your love through deeds and actions rather than flowers and chocolates.

  1. Aries

Aries is the typical one who wants what he cannot have. He loves the impossible and everything that is difficult. It is a fire sign that loves a challenge and all of that is due to that strength that is born within. Aries feeds on passion and risk. Believe it or not, Aries is one of those who falls in love easily, gives everything, and when that relationship no longer involves any risk, they run away. Therefore, it is not that Aries runs away from love as such, but rather that he runs away from long-term relationships because they do not pose any risk in his life.

He is such a passionate and intense person that he can even scare the shyest people around him. What also makes him turn away from love is his impatience. If he sees that something is resisting him or that it takes longer than necessary to arrive, he leaves and flees before having to keep waiting. And that’s how Aries is, it’s not that he runs away from love, he simply runs away from monotony.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius does not run away from love, it runs away from commitment. Although it may not seem like it, he loves to love and feel loved. And if he falls in love, he is able to promise a new world full of adventure and fun. He is a very fun person and that carefree nature is what makes the relationship so complicated. Sagittarius is a very attractive and irresistible person, it is very difficult not to fall into their networks … But this can also make others see you as a very unreachable person. In itself, Sagittarius is a person who likes to communicate with others and express everything they feel. He doesn’t mean to drive away love, but his thirst for adventure can’t keep him from calming down and focusing on just one relationship. She loves passion and if she really falls in love it can all be super nice, but she is really afraid of commitment …

  1. Leo

Leo loves to be the center of attention wherever he goes. He loves a challenge and anything that challenges him. Leo is a very romantic person, he loves to fall in love and is very dreamy. But the biggest risk you have to dream about is that you can be disappointed very easily. If Leo doesn’t feel appreciated and doesn’t get the attention he wants, he can run away quickly. He does not run away from love, he runs away from the person who does not give him what he is asking for.

Yes, Leo can be very loving, but he can also be a bit arrogant. His pride is not something that will make things easy … Leo runs away from love in order to protect his pride and dignity. You’d rather give up early than have to crawl for someone else. Being vulnerable is not something that is in Leo’s plans and he cannot allow himself to put his heart at risk.

  1. Taurus

Taurus is not someone who runs away from love, Taurus runs away from falling in love with the wrong people. Taurus is a very practical person, but that practicality to be thrown out the window when he falls in love. When in a relationship, Taurus will never give up on many problems, he will always be the one who tries to fix everything, even when there is a light signal that says ‘run away’.

Although Taurus is always the person who has the most patience, there will be times when he loses that characteristic calm and becomes a very impatient person. In those moments, the calm Taurus can attack and take everything that he has inside, but instead of walking away, he is still there at the foot of the canyon. Taurus runs away from love by staying next to the wrong person for too long …

  1. Pisces

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac. It seems like the world with rose-colored glasses. He even believes that love should be like in the movies. It is like a child who hopes to always be happy. The only problem with all this is that real life is not a movie … Pisces is a super emotional person who depends a lot on the connections he has with others. And also, he is a very good person who never allows himself to fail others. But being so dreamy sometimes is not good …

Pisces have such high expectations in love that they are often disappointed by it. It is believed that he will live the love of the typical romantic comedy, but it is not like that … Not everyone is going to be his ‘prince charming’. Not everything is going to be roses and chocolates. Sometimes it is also necessary to work on relationships for the magic to emerge.

  1. Libra

Libra is a person who needs to surround himself with people in order to be happy. He loves love more than he thinks and is not afraid to fall in love. But it’s an air sign and that means you’re a little scared of commitment. It is difficult for him to commit short-term to long-term … Libra’s worst flaw is that he is a very indecisive person, which can make the relationship a little more difficult. Libra does not run away from love, it runs away from falling in love with a person who is too dependent and does not let him do things the way Libra likes.

He hates to be overwhelmed, told what to do, or rushed … Libra would love to find that person with whom he is a perfect fit and who is his perfect complement. Libra loves to love, but love healthy and free. The love with which you share good times, opinions, tastes, and most importantly, freedom.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio may be one of the passionate signs, but he doesn’t give his heart to just anyone. Scorpio is one of the great defenders of the truth of the Zodiac. You need to know that love is real before you trust someone. Scorpio puts a shield on his heart and will not let anyone in until he knows if it is worth it or not. It is very difficult for him to find true love for that very reason because it is difficult for him to find a person who is 100% faithful and real.

For Scorpios, a relationship is difficult enough that it can take years to build trust with someone. It’s one of the least likely signs of running away from love because they rarely fall in love with someone in the league, to begin with. If Scorpio chooses someone, it is because they know that they are special from head to toe. Scorpio is mature enough not to waste time falling in love with the wrong person. He wouldn’t be able to put his heart at risk.

  1. Cancer

Cancer will never run away from love, except when their heart is broken. Cancer is the sign of most in love with love. It is a sign that makes love like its own home. When he falls in love is when he is really happy and feels complete. And show that love day by day, hour by hour. Cancer is all romance forever and will never hide its emotions, but that only happens until they hurt. He is a very emotional person, but there are times that he hides things so as not to hurt others and not to hurt himself.

When something or someone hurts him, he prefers to shut up before talking about things. But thank goodness that Cancer is a very calm and sincere person with his emotions. At their side, they need a partner who is able to read between the lines and break the shell of Cancer. Cancer will never run away from love in his life, on the contrary, he will do whatever it takes to meet him.


Ranking Of The Signs That Flee Most From Love

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