The 5 Best Romantic Matches for the Aquarius Man (& 1 Wildcard)


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Today we’re looking at compatibility between Sun signs.

Comparing charts helps us discover the potential of a relationship. In astrology, this is called compatibility or synastry (albeit true synastry is more complex because it uses the whole astrological chart).

Sun signs are the most popular astrological placements to analyze because the sun has the biggest, most obvious effect on the foundations of our personality. Below you’ll find the five Sun signs that are the most compatible with the Aquarian man.

The top five are all either fire signs or air signs (Aquarius itself is an air sign). The signs that didn’t make the list are the water and earth signs. I’ll get into why this is as we progress through the article.

Alright, let’s get started with compatible sign number one!

Aquarius Man + Gemini Sun

  • Elements: Air + Air
  • Modalities: Fixed + Mutable
  • Score: 9.5

Aquarius and Gemini’s have one of the easiest relationships in the zodiac. Just about everything comes naturally when these two link up. Their friendship is instantaneous and they understand each other effortlessly.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Gemini relationship:

  • Best friends. They just get each other.
  • They both being around people and socializing.
  • They both love and respect personal freedom. Enjoy spending time apart and will bring back lots to share.
  • They both enjoy constant mental stimulation and easily provide it for one another.
  • Neither is particularly jealous, needy or smothering.
  • They’re both lighthearted and possess a “live and let live” ideology.
  • They both love novelty, excitement, and change.
  • S** is expressive, lighthearted and fun; albeit mostly cerebral and not highly emotional.
  • They both love verbal communication and can talk for ages.

Cons of the Aquarius man & Gemini relationship:

  • Neither is very good at (or inclined towards) emotional expression. Emotions can easily get pushed aside because of this.
  • Both can be scattered with projects (Gemini especially). Aquarius, being a fixed sign, may grow weary of Gemini’s never-ending fidgetiness.
  • They can both get bored easily. Though they’re also both adept at keeping boredom at bay.

Overall, this is a great match. Creative, unique, and fun. There’s really no limits to what they can enjoy together, as they’re both incredibly adaptable socialites. Having different backgrounds or interests won’t hold them back from exploring each other and becoming best friends and lovers.

There’s a chance that they have a hard time keeping the passion flowed due to their shared nonchalant emotionality. They can also get so mentally driven and up in the clouds that they have a hard time grounding the relationship.

They won’t fight over much, but the Aquarius man might growing frustrated if Gemini has a penchant for superficiality and self-centeredness.

No relationship is perfect, but these two get great marks. A solid 9.5/10

Aquarius Man + Aries Sun

  • Elements: Air + Fire
  • Modalities: Fixed + Cardinal
  • Score: 9

The Aquarius man and Aries match is nearly on par with the Aquarian + Gemini match. These two are highly compatible and possess a supportive blend of elements: air and fire.

Aquarius (air), brings potency of mind and fresh new ideas, while Aries (fire) provides a spark of initiative to get ideas off the ground.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Aries relationship:

  • They’re both unique trailblazers and enjoy being in a quirky and unconventional partnership.
  • They’re both independent and respect each other’s needs for space.
  • They’re both up for anything and have no problem finding ideas of what to do together.

Cons of the Aquarius man & Gemini relationship:

  • They’re both restless and can bore easily.
  • Aries is fiery but sensitive and could grow frustrated if Aquarius when highly aloof at times.
  • Aries is highly impulsive while Aquarius takes his time analyzing situations before acting.
  • Can be tons of fun but they might have a hard time anchoring the relationship down.

There’s a natural harmony between these two that’s hard to beat. The relationship can be strong if they’re able to hit a stride concerning shared ideas and actions.

Aries must be careful with jealousy feelings. One jealous or envious fit and the Aquarius man could walk away, especially if he sees the jealousy as unfounded.

Aquarius Man + Libra Sun

  • Elements: Air + Air
  • Modalities: Fixed + Cardinal
  • Score: 8.5

This is a joyful and easy-going match. This relationship has a harmony to it that makes it just feel right. They have a lot in common and relate to the world in similar ways. There’s plenty of comfort felt between them, even though they might have different core motivations and relationship values.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Libra relationship:

  • They make for a great social pairing. Both are socially inclined and charismatic. They easily attract friends.
  • They’re an incredibly lighthearted pair. Friendliness, compassion and mutual care dominate their daily lives together.
  • They’re both intelligent and intellectual, so they have no problem finding common mental ground and will have many deep, long discussions.
  • They both value and appreciate personal independence within relationships. They’re each happy to pursue their own things.
  • They’re both aesthetically inclined and appreciate the elevated, finer things in life. There’s lots of refinement and beauty within this coupling.
  • Neither is overly jealous and both are socially flirtatious.

Potential cons of the Aquarius man & Libra relationship:

  • Libra is very relationship-oriented and may become a little too emotionally dependent on Aquarius for his tastes.
  • The Aquarius man will drop in and out of contact at random, which can irritate the more consistently communicative Libra.
  • Librans tend to be more traditional romantics, while Aquarians thrives in more unconventional arrangements.

This coupling can start from friendship or friends with benefits and grow into a solid, long-term love union.

Aquarius is happy that Libra appreciates his uniqueness and doesn’t require him to explain himself. Some lessons might involve Libra learning to adapt to the Aquarian man’s more detached relationship style and Libra teaching Aquarius how to enjoy the more sensual and passionate sides of life.

Aquarius Man + Sagittarius Sun

  • Elements: Air + Fire
  • Modalities: Fixed + Mutable
  • Score: 8.5

This is a quirky and majorly fun-loving pair. They click easily and provide each other the space they need to be themselves. Spontaneity and unrest dominate their lives together, which excites them and causes them to feel more magnetically drawn to each other.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Sagittarius relationship:

  • They make for a very creative pair with the air and fire elemental pairing. Both are philosophical to their core and want to learn and create as much as possible.
  • They both crave new, novel experiences and are ready for something new at the drop of a hat.
  • Humor flows freely and abundantly between them. Each has a unique, odd sense of humor and see life through equally amusing lenses.
  • They effortlessly provide all of the independence and personal freedom that each requires.
  • Neither is emotionally intense and both are happy to nurture a light, carefree emotional connection.
  • They’re both highly socially fluid.

Cons of the Aquarius man & Sagittarius relationship:

  • They’re both so spontaneous and freedom-loving that they may have a hard time buckling down and taking care of the mundane necessities of paired life.
  • Each appreciates time apart in relationships, which can sometimes result in them spending too little time together and not allowing them to create a solidly established relationship.
  • The Aquarius man likes to hang out at home and work intensely on projects. Sagittarians strongly dislike spending much time at home.

There’s no limit to har far this high-flying, go-with-the-flow relationship can go, so long as they can ground the relationship well enough emotionally and pragmatically.

Aquarius Man + Leo Sun

  • Elements: Air + Fire
  • Modalities: Fixed + Cardinal
  • Score: 8

These two know how to have fun together. Especially with Leo’s fiery flare added to the mix.

This pairing can hit or miss because they are opposite signs on the zodiac. Opposite signs have many contrasting qualities and a strong polarity-based magnetism between them.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Leo relationship:

  • As opposite signs, they feel an immediate attraction between each other. Lots of s**ual chemistry.
  • They’re both social and enjoy standing out in the crowd (albeit in their own way).
  • Leo’s like to be the center of attention and the Aquarian man is happy to allow Leo to take the spotlight.
  • They’re both creative and expressive (albeit in their own way) and inspire each other constantly.
  • Lots of s**ual chemistry spurred by their opposite-sign polarity.

Cons of the Aquarius man & Leo relationship:

  • Leo doesn’t always understand or appreciate when the Aquarian man gets aloof and distant.
  • Leo may struggle with the Aquarian man’s need for space. Must learn to trust him and avoid being controlling or possessive.
  • The Aquarian man might not naturally provide the focused attention and praise the Leo craves.
  • They’re both fixed signs, which can make them stubborn and unwilling to change.

As opposite signs, they can attract or repel each other. It can turn either love or hate. If it’s love, they’ll be quite drawn to each other and enjoy spending time together.

They might have to constantly work through disagreements in their relationship. They are opposite, fixed signs, after all. Developing good conflict resolution skills will be essential for them.

Wildcard: Aquarius With Aquarius

  • Elements: Air + Air
  • Modalities: Fixed + Cardinal
  • Score: 7-9

Same sign pairings can bring out the best and worst sides of the sun sign involved. With a double Aquarian relationship, you have two fixed air signs linking up.

Pros of the Aquarius man & Aquarius relationship:

  • They understand each other and together are able to gain a better understanding of themselves.
  • They offer each other all the freedom and space to be themselves.
  • They have an easy time connecting mentally and are likely to have similar interests and passions.
  • Even though they are the same sign they might still have a lot of unique differences that can spice things up.
  • They can have a blast together in social settings.

Cons of the Aquarius man & Aquarius relationship:

  • They can have a hard time connecting on an emotional level because neither feels into their emotional natures that deeply.
  • They can both be so freedom-loving and detached that they rarely spend enough time together to anchor the relationship.
  • There’s likely to be little romance and warmth, which might bother a more sensitive Aquarian partner.

Same sign relationships don’t always mesh well because they are so similar. But Aquarian energy is so unique and eccentric that these two can have wildly different styles even though their energy comes from the same relative source.

So long as they can keep the passion kindled and the relationship grounded these two can accomplish a lot together. They might travel together, work on humanitarian projects, and all-around experience a unique, fun, lighthearted shared life.

The other six signs

So we’ve covered the top six signs that Aquarius men are most compatible with. Now let’s cover the remaining six signs, all of which are either water or earth signs.

The Aquarius man with the Water Signs

The biggest challenge for Aquarian men and water sign relationships is their conflicting emotional natures.

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are often just too emotional for the Aquarian man to handle in a romantic relationship. He prefers to skim the water’s surface rather than dive deeply.

The Aquarian man needs to be able to shut off and disappear from the world every now and then. The water signs, even if willing to provide him this freedom, are unlikely to enjoy this.

Water signs can also be subtly or overtly emotionally controlling (not trying to knock them here, I’m a Scorpio myself). The Aquarian man strongly dislikes controlling people, especially when it’s emotionally controlling behavior. He will escort himself out of the relationship when someone tries to control him.

Overall, he might appreciate how nurturing and intriguing the water signs can be, but there’s often just too much discord between their natures. They want more intensity, and he wants more levity.

The Aquarius Man With the Earth Signs

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) want stability, consistency and solid ground to grow from. The Aquarian man has mostly contrasting characteristics. He wants spontaneity, novelty and prefers change and inspiration over predictable consistency.

He’s rebellious, while earth signs prefer rules and systems. He wants grand conquest, the earth signs prefer the safety and consistency of small, measured growth. They both work hard for their goals but in different ways.

They are both a bit cold emotionally, and without some water or fire sign influence, there’s unlikely to be much amiable warmth between them to keep the fire of a relationship kindled.

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