Ranking Of The Most Narcissistic Signs


Ranking Of The Most Narcissistic Signs

Loving ourselves is very important, it is the way to respect ourselves and know what we are worth. But there are people who approach their self-love in an unrealistic and healthy way, they are narcissists. They admire themselves exaggeratedly, so much so that, as in the Greek myth of Narcissus, they sometimes seem to be in love with themselves. And this has its dangers, that they tell Narcissus, who became obsessed with his own image reflected in the water. Keep reading and you will find the ranking of the most narcissistic signs of the Zodiac .

Narcissus, the son of a naiad raped by the God of the river Cefiso, provoked great passions but was incapable of loving other people. The poor nymph Echo was cruelly rejected by him, and Aphrodite (the goddess of love) tempted him to look at her reflection in the water. Narcissus, who had never seen his image, fell madly in love, although he could not even touch it. He was so engrossed in that reflex that he stopped listening to people, even attending to their basic needs. And her body little by little lost its humanity, it became the aromatic and beautiful Narcissus flower.

12. Capricorn

With all the gifts Capri has , why is she the least narcissistic sign? It’s very simple: for Capri nothing is ever enough, not even for himself. Capri is more concerned with looking at what is missing, what she would like to improve. And your ruler, the planet Saturn, doesn’t even help you have healthy self-esteem. The weight of duty and self-demand rarely allows you to value all your achievements. This also makes him understanding of the suffering of others, he is able to understand the importance that the other person gives to the pain he feels, without judging whether objectively what causes that feeling is logical. He just accepts it and tries to help him cope because who is he to say anything? If he himself suffers for not reaching impossible goals …

11. Virgo

Virgo you know what’s out there, you know its qualities, but it tends to focus more on its flaws. That is why he does not have time to compete with others nor does he feel more entitled than other people. He is smart enough to focus on himself and not need others. Perhaps we could find some narcissistic touch in the arrogance that he can develop when he talks about his star topic, of what he really knows. But… doesn’t it take years of study and experience? That is why we can believe that a Virgo is narcissistic when in reality he only seems a little pushy to us. The same goes for his fussy way of seeing the world, in which everything is open to criticism. Virgo always has a little tip to put in everything, and sometimes their criticisms are not as constructive as they should be, but after all they are not born of a pathological narcissism.

10. Cancer 

Cancer understands the suffering of others, he is always ready to look out for his loved ones. Although he feels emotions with great intensity, he does not think that his are the only ones that exist. He is capable of putting himself in the shoes of other people and even if he has outbursts of anger, then he is willing to accept his mistakes. Cancer likes success because it likes money, but this does not mean that it tramples anyone to get it. He can be a bit strict and with character but he also knows how to appreciate and appreciate the good that other people bring him.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is halfway to narcissism, because although it is a sign that loves to meet cultures and people, it is not without its cruel side that thinks it is right in everything. And that their opinion always has to be heard because it is “sincere”. This is quite a narcissistic trait, as you are often unwilling to really listen to others. He also likes to stand out and may “accidentally” step on someone along the way making use of that sincerity of his. That is, he may take advantage of a situation to make an unfortunate comment to someone that leaves him in a better position.

8.  Taurus

Taurus, who likes to enjoy life so much, can be prone and arrogant many times. It is a sign that does not usually bother those around him, it is nice to have him at home, he goes to his things. But the subject of empathy is very good, especially if you have confidence with that person, someone in your family for example. When he enters his narcissistic mood, he does not usually even worry about what people are feeling, he simply feels superior to deal with problems that neither come nor go. He also considers that his opinion is what counts, and he will never get out of that. This can make us see him as someone totally in love with his ideas and his decisions, a bit narcissistic.

7. Aries 

Aries often behaves like a child, and as such has this vision of believing himself the center of the world. Aries likes to have their ideas applauded, but this does not always carry the evil of thinking themselves superior to others. He does not tend to behave in a narcissistic way all the time, but it is true that when he is not given what he wants, he can override the feelings of others. If you want something, you just go for it, even if you have something ahead of you. And the most dangerous thing, when you do not get what you need, but someone around you does, envy arises. It is the most narcissistic feeling of Aries, thinking: why does that person have it and I don’t? The saddest thing is the damage that these types of thoughts can do to you.

6. Scorpio

Is Machiavellian synonymous with narcissist? No, Scorpio is more of the former. For Scorpios, the end often justifies the means. We know that it is a sign with a great dark side, but, even so, that does not make it the most narcissistic either since its ability to feel makes it capable of seeing the suffering of others, and of feeling empathy. He is also very aware of his power and does not use it without justification. There are other signs who are so dazzled by themselves that they don’t even notice when they have their most excruciatingly narcissistic moments. Scorpio is not dazzled by anything, not even himself. He knows his limitations, and although he sometimes passes over other people, it is not a sign with little real awareness of what he is doing as a narcissist can be.

5. Pisces

Surprised to see Pisces at number five? Although it may seem strange to you, Pisces brings a good dose of narcissism. It is true that he is quite empathetic with the feelings of others and that in his best moments he feels very close to humanity, a very non-narcissistic quality that we all love. But the more worldly Pisces tends to be somewhat self-centered about their feelings and whims. Many times, when another person’s emotion hits him, he appropriates it and turns it into his own drama, secretly giving himself more importance than the other person. And when he finally helps him there is something in Pisces that he enjoys having people be in debt to him. In addition, he knows well what envy is, especially when he thinks that he is the most “pure and good” who deserves the best, much more than the others.

4. Libra

Libra’s narcissism is reflected in his fantasy of balance, of thinking that there is no one more moderate and balanced than him. A Libra can become a very arrogant person, so much so that he can make the person in front of him lose their nerves, making him think that he is an inferior and unbalanced being. Because Libra deep down believes that there is some superiority in him, he considers himself special and unique. This feeling is fine as long as it doesn’t put you above the feelings of others. We know that it is true that Libra is very special, but it is not always an example of stability as he believes, and it does not always understand other signs. When you are scared of the emotionality of other people, you tend to look down on them and devalue what they feel.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius lives in love with his own personality. That is why it is in the top 3 of the most narcissistic signs. He dazzles himself every day thinking that being different makes him a little superior to others. And although it is actually a wonderful sign that has the ability to see the future before others, its narcissistic side is very harmful. Being a fairly mental sign, it is difficult for him to understand what people are feeling, and he downplays it. For Aquarius it is more important to get what you want at all times than to stop to think about what the person in front of you is feeling. In addition, in his relationships he is usually a bit exploitative, he seeks understanding but does not usually give it so easily, because really his narcissism makes him think that no one will ever understand him.

2. Gemini 

Gemini’s brilliant mind sometimes plays tricks on him. He has the ability to always find thousands of ways to get what he needs, it is a great quality, but also very dangerous. Gemini is a sign capable of turning any situation in its favor, without thinking about the consequences for others. He has the soul of a child that becomes infatuated and when he does not get what he wants, he can become very cruel, saying very harsh things about others that perhaps they do, which is nothing other than hidden envy. Yes, Geminis at their worst can be very narcissistic. He is good at manipulating for his own benefit and sometimes doesn’t think about it before doing it. Knowing that he can control, that others like him and that people are looking for him to have a good time, makes him sometimes a little haughty and arrogant.

1. Leo

Leo is a sign with innate qualities for leadership, to direct and bring to success everything that is proposed. But all great power has its dark side. Leo’s narcissism is legendary. It is the result of poor management of their qualities. He was born to be the king of the jungle, but life doesn’t always give you a chance for this, and a frustrated Leo can be very narcissistic. When a Leo feels a bit overshadowed by another person, their darker side comes to light. He tries to devalue others, or instigates them with comments in which he tries to show that everything is owed to him, and that he has more rights for it.

You may be dazzled by your own qualities and this may make you appear pushy towards others. When you feel like this, you tend not to want to hang out with people you don’t consider to have a similar status to yours, putting others down.


Ranking Of The Most Narcissistic Signs

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