Love And The Elements Of Signs


Love And The Elements Of Signs

A little bit of love here and another there, they say that love heals, that we are here to love, to learn and to show our best version. There are those who are very rapturous and intense when it comes to giving their hearts. Others who prefer to go calmly, who add a touch of reality and there are those who are very skeptical. Maybe it’s not them, it’s their element moving their emotions. Each sign of the Zodiac is associated with one of the four elements that everyone knows: fire, earth, air and water. We are going to discover the relationship between love and the elements of the signs:

Love shows you, it is seen in what you do, in what you say, in what you give to others. Love has nothing to do with ties, there are those who love at a distance and inches. Love is much more than kisses, caresses or a few shakes under the bed. Love has the power to transform you, to elevate you, it is the one who adds illusion to each of your steps.

The elements and love

Love is more than a racing heart or feeling butterflies in your stomach. It is for the brave, for those who know they can end with a broken heart and still dare. Love is passion, it is seeing, feeling, smelling, dancing, singing, loving. It is everywhere, only that each element appreciates it from a unique perspective, the good news is that everyone falls in love. Let’s see:


Aries , Leo and Sagittarius. The fire signs, the ones that were born to break fears. The ones that show you that it’s okay if you feel like taking the leap even if your knees are shaking. They are the ones who star in love stories full of passion, deep conversations, uncertainties and a touch of adrenaline. Fire knows very well what it is to love yourself and to love those around you. They are independent but they give themselves, they are the ones who need their space no matter how much love they have for you. The fire represents those who know how to have fun, those who know spontaneity, the positive in life and the bonds for ever, when they truly fall in love they are not afraid of commitment, they put loyalty first.


Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. The earth signs, those who teach us that love is worth it, but that does not mean that we have to lose the floor. The Earth element symbolizes stability, they prefer a lasting relationship rather than a one night stand. They are the ones who have the gift of resilience, they know how to dance in the storm. They love madly but they are very sensible and they like to put their dreams above anything else. They are the type of couple that does not cut their wings, wants to see you shine. In addition, they know very well how to handle conflicts and they enjoy long-term plans. They are the signs that teach us the art of loving slowly but surely. They are the ones that make you feel that everything is fine, with them you love comfortably.


Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. The signs that teach us that your partner can also be your friend. The air element is the one who honors complicity, those who seek genuine love, in which you take into account the hobbies of the loved one, their dreams, their fears, their sadness and the stories of their childhood. They are the ones who love with everything and flaws. Once they create a bond it becomes unbreakable, because they work hard to maintain it. They are the ones who talk things over before finishing, they don’t hold on, but they don’t give up the first time. Air signs know they have goals to meet, but they don’t mind your being with them . They are sensitive, emotional and very intuitive, they stick with the person who really increases their shine.


Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The signs that honor vulnerability are emotional and are not afraid to show it. They have an intellectual side that steals anyone’s attention, they are the ones who do not have filters with their partner, they show themselves in such an honest way that sometimes it scares . The element of water is sentimental transparency , it is the one that believes in bonds for life and the one that will not let go of you in the most difficult moments. They are understanding, loyal, and temperamental. Water signs are not afraid of your inner demons, because they are very empathetic and like to stay in the turbulence of their partner, they are the ones who heal you, the ones who remind you that you can love even with thorns in your soul.


Love And The Elements Of Signs

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