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Libra absolutely hates being alone. One of the biggest things she worries about is being alone, even though she never expresses that fear. Until she finds The One, she enjoys surrounding herself with people who make her feel loved and important.
Libra is the kind of person who prefers partnerships to solitude. She thrives and thrives when surrounded by friends, family, and romantic partners, so it’s natural for her to jump straight into a new relationship once it’s over. Don’t blame her for that, though. That’s how she is.


Cancer is a guardian by heart. She’s always looking for someone she can take care of, which is part of why she hates being single. She would much rather spend her time with someone she knows loves than feel isolated and alone.
Cancer also tends to attach itself to people quite easily. She opens up to them, takes their pain and problems into account, and integrates herself into their lives. So when things end, she feels the need to get out there and find someone new to fill that hole in her heart ASAP.


Leo is the kind of person who thrives the most around people. Being in an audience or his many suitors, Leo likes to be the center of attention. It’s not so much that she’s needy or that she absolutely has to be in a relationship, but she sure would rather be with someone than be alone.
Leo also hates being ignored. She is a very independent person who has no problem being alone, but when she is ignored by the people she cares about, it drives her crazy. She definitely prefers being around people who make her happy than being single.


Taurus doesn’t like to be alone because they like to feel useful. Knowing that someone there – besides her family and friends – wants to spend time with her and be with her makes her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Taurus can be a bit needy at times, but that’s only because they know they deserve the best in life. If you can’t give her what she wants, she’ll find someone else who can. She’ll make an effort for you, but if you can’t reciprocate, she’ll find someone willing to make the effort.


When Scorpio brings you into their life, they bring you into their life for good. Scorpio is the type of person who builds lasting connections with people — not casual flings to temporarily occupy their time.
She is also fiercely loyal to the people in her life. She takes no relationship for granted and when someone leaves her life for good, she looks for someone else to replace them. It sounds harsh, but people are the cushion that makes this world a little more manageable for her.

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Geminis like to make connections in life. She may not always be actively looking for her soul mate, but she always keeps an eye out for the people who make her feel alive, excited for life, and loved.
When Gemini finds these kindred spirits, she quickly bonds. She prefers spending all her time with these people rather than being alone, because they make her feel better.


Aries can be very independent…when they want to. When she has something to look forward to in life, something to achieve, she will focus on that thing until she achieves her goal. That way, she could put a relationship aside for her career or another goal.
That said, Aries also likes to love. She has a big heart and one of her main goals in life is to share her heart with as many people as possible. She loves the attention and affection that comes with a relationship, so if she has to choose between being single or with someone, she will choose the relationship.


Pisces can be independent, but they also like to share their big hearts. Love has to be meaningful for Pisces to want it rather than being single. If it doesn’t bring her joy or happiness, she prefers to stay single until she finds someone who makes her feel those things.
Pisces can be hot and cold at times when it comes to relationships. At one point, she might want to be with someone she deeply loves forever, and the next moment she might decide that relationships aren’t for her. It’s complicated, but that’s Pisces for you.


Sagittarius may act like they want to be alone all the time, but really, they just want to be with people who really matter. She can jump from partner to partner, but that’s only because she doesn’t see a future with them. Sagittarius likes to be around people who make her feel alive. She’s always after adventure, and relationships can be adventures for her too. She really enjoys spending time alone, but she also loves the thrill that comes with a good relationship.

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Aquarius is very independent. She tends to do her best — and be herself — when she has the time and space to do her own thing. When she feels smothered by people, she likes knowing she can pause and step out of the chaos of having people around.
Relationships are important to her, make no mistake. But she prefers strong, lasting friendships that help her through life’s toughest times over romantic relationships. She might change her tune if she meets someone exceptional, but don’t hold your breath for her.


Capricorn definitely prefers being alone to being in a relationship. She tends to be narrow-minded when it comes to achieving her goals and she doesn’t want to be with someone she will end up ignoring. Plus, relationships are investments for her — she doesn’t start one just for the fun of it.
Capricorn gets by when alone. She really likes being independent and she doesn’t want to be dragged down by someone who may or may not accept or support her completely. She strongly believes in taking your time when it comes to finding the right person.

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Virgo is very picky when it comes to relationships. She won’t date just anyone, which is why casual dates and blind dates arranged by her friends don’t work. She must be part of every step of the choice process for her to be happy.
In all honesty, Virgo would much rather be alone and busy with other things that matter to them in life than with the wrong person. She may have a rigorous dating screening process, but she knows what’s right for her, you can bet on that.



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