Zodiac Gemstones: Discover the right gemstone for your zodiac sign


There are 12 zodiac signs and each has its own gemstone to match.

The zodiac signs are determined by the month or period in which a person was born.

Each zodiac sign has a birthstone associated with it and it is common to wear this birthstone as an ornament.

The birthstone is often chosen because it shares properties or elements with its wearer.

Most people know that there is a specific gemstone or birthstone associated with the month they were born, but did you know that our zodiac signs have long been associated with semiprecious stones too?

In addition, each sign of the zodiac, as well as some birth months, has multiple potential birthstones, which is why gemstones are often referred to as “having an affinity to” rather than being specific to a particular birth month or zodiac sign.

Zodiac gemstones are also known as astral stones. Astral is derived from astrology.

This is not a science, but it is nice and interesting to know.

The difference between astrological gemstones and modern birthstones is that astrological gemstones are based on your zodiac sign and the energies it receives from the constellations.

Modern birthstones are centered on the calendar month of birth.

These are the most common of the zodiac gemstones. However, there is no official source that has approved these gemstones, just a majority of sources that endorse them.

It is believed that the power of the zodiac sign can affect the fate of your life.

By wearing your gemstone, be it on a traditional item such as earrings or a necklace, on a personal piece of jewelry focused on Zodiac gemstones, or on something else, you can strengthen the good energies in your life.

This will have healing properties that will benefit the mind and body.

The good news is that there are usually multiple gemstones for each zodiac sign so you should pick the ones that you feel connected to.

It is very important that the connection you are feeling is strong and powerful.

The fascination with birthstones seems endless, mainly because there are so many ways to determine a birthstone!

So let’s explore the wonder of birthstones.

Zodiac Signs and the Ruling Influence of the Birthstones

The twelve zodiac signs refer to the orientation of the planets, the sun and the moon on the day we were born.

It is said that the map of Heaven on the day you are born can have a great governing impact on your life.

It can affect your powers, your fears, your strengths and your weaknesses and it can be a guiding star.

Knowing your zodiac sign enables you to make choices that are consistent with this deeply felt universal knowledge of yourself.

You will better understand which of the elements are right for you (earth, air, fire, water) and which chakras need a little more nurturing support to help you on your way.

Knowing which gemstones match your zodiac sign can also fuel your daily commitment to balance and healing.

Birthstones have been around since the 5th century and their history is linked to the 12 gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate and the 12 months of the year and the 12 zodiac signs.

It is believed that every gemstone is associated with cosmic alignment and that those who choose gemstones that are aligned with their month of birth will reap the benefits of bringing that gemstone into their lives.

The gemstones associated with your zodiac sign know exactly what you need and can bring their deep healing vibrations into your world.

The spiritual energy helps stabilize your mind, calm the storms that are raging inside you, and give you a healing dose of strength or gentle moderation, depending on what you need at the moment.

They also work in harmony with your soul and the rest of the world. As you turn to your birthstone, you may find that your powers of manifestation suddenly increase.

The best thing about birthstones is that there is no hard or fast line, you can choose from a number of different shimmering gemstones.

Each zodiac sign has a specific gem associated with it, but there are other gemstones that fall under the same element or have the same ruling planet that are also suitable for you.

As with any gemstone, choosing is all about choosing a gemstone that is related to your intuition.

Take a look at our guide on Choosing Zodiac Birthstones That Are Right For You.



As a zodiac sign that shines with passion and flaming leadership skills, Aries is all about partnership and direct action.

Even if not everyone loves this nonsensical, direct path that this zodiac sign likes to take, it is still a strong and unshakable personality.

Aries rush forward (sometimes without thinking too much) and while blind optimism can be a welcome relief, a little more thought can sometimes go a long way.

Blood stone


The gem of valor, blood stone keeps stubborn behavior on the quiet side and promotes concentrated grounding for this zodiac sign.


Dreamy with devotion, the diamond is a powerful symbol of light and loyalty that are common traits for an Aries sign. The diamond has a high frequency and can help with inner vision.

Red jasper

The energetic and lively hues of red jasper are of great benefit to all people under the sign of Aries.

This gem will help them take a second to think before acting and can also help maintain their energy levels.


Topaz is considered a lucky gem for this zodiac sign and can help them attract wealth and wonder.

Say yes to abundance with a talisman made from topaz.


Down-to-earth, stubborn, but with a dash of passion, Taurus is one of the most reliable zodiac signs in the zodiac.

They love a feeling of luxury and security and like to surround themselves with the soft and noble objects.

While they can be practical and devotional, they are not big fans of change and tend to stay away from complex situations and wild emotions.


The flashing emerald is a gemstone of luck, love and infinite patience.

It is also the stone of Venus, which is the ruling planet of Taurus, which makes it a magical addition in all areas.


The sparkle of sapphire is another great gemstone choice for Taurus, thanks to its encouragement for inner peace, spiritual awakening, and building inner strength.

Rose quartz

The rose quartz is the stone of acceptance and unconditional love and can help robust Taurus people to become internally softer.

Green aventurine

Green aventurine is another gemstone that brings health, success, and rejuvenation – perfect for Taurus.



The friendly and at the same time spirited twins are known for their blooming variety of emotions and character traits, which tend to fight against each other.

On the one hand, Geminis can be sociable, communicative, and always ready for fun, but on the other hand, they can also be nervous and indecisive.

You can switch from being cheeky and sociable to serious thought and deep absorption. You are a zodiac sign who loves spontaneity and creativity.

Those who are naturally double faced need a brush up with these twin gems …


With a high empathy energy, the twins can benefit greatly from the high vibrations of aquamarine.

Thanks to its connection to the throat and heart chakra, the blue-green gemstone is also effective for communication problems.


A sunny character that compliments the social butterfly brightness of a twin.

The citrine can also help balance out the double-faced twin when they’re not feeling well.

Tiger eye

These fearful thoughts of this zodiac sign can be eliminated with the powerful golden rays emanating from the tiger’s eye.


The agate has a wonderful, heartfelt energy that fits perfectly with the happy moods of this zodiac sign.

Blue tip agate can also work wonders in communication, great for the talkative Gemini.



This zodiac sign is very sentimental and it is all about sensitivity, emotions and building deep relationships with the people they love.

While they can be a tough nut to crack, once you meet the Cancer zodiac sign, the rewards such as intimacy and lifelong loyalty are endless.


The mystical light of the moonstone shines with deep creative and feminine vibrations and invites the zodiac sign Cancer to stand firmly on your feet without giving up your gentleness.


A pearl-like sheen and the connection with water make the opal an incredible gemstone that goes wonderfully with the zodiac sign Cancer and helps him to find his freedom and independence.


Labradorite makes the way easier – it helps to clear the way from depressive moods.


She proves to be a powerful addition to the Cancer zodiac sign thanks to her healing powers that encourage good faith and keep you focused and calm.



The zodiac sign Leo is a true visionary with a lot of energy and a mighty roar – a natural leader.

They soak up the light of life and are always there for a good time – Leos are pure positive energy.

While they are full of zest for life and love to laugh, they can also have the fiery element of the sun sign and be a little stubborn and tend to focus their attention on themselves.

A little more attention to their surroundings and a little more flexibility can help lift Lions to new, glitzy heights.


Leo loves solar plexus chakra stones, which is why the golden light of amber has such a unique effect. He is known for his strong vibrations with the root chakra and the promotion of creativity.

or the Virgo, because it can calm the soul, bring peace and promote a deeper spiritual existence.




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