Aries, since you are so competitive and love the outdoors, you look lean and athletic. If you were born under this sign, you’re probably tanned from hiking, running, or rolling around in mud all the time.
No matter what color your eyes are, people can see the fire in your eyes. You always have a smirk on your lip to go with it. Indeed, you are always ready for the next challenge and are on the lookout for the next competitor.


Taurus, your body is as powerful as your sign. You may not be the tallest person under the constellations, but you sure are tough. You are a strong person.
You’re muscular like Aries, but maybe not as lean — and it all depends on whether you’re a more aggressive or laid-back Taurus. Besides that, you like to dress your body in fashionable yet comfortable clothes.


Gemini, you are a person who likes to change your appearance whenever the need arises. Whether it’s because of a breakup, a new job, a new season, or a simple invitation to a new place. One minute you’re dressed for a funeral, the next you’re pretty in pink.
You don’t have a clear aesthetic and it’s your own choice. What remains the same are your keen eyes and expressive hands as the rest of you fluctuate.


Cancer, you are the baby face of the zodiac. You have perfectly smooth skin, chubby cheeks, and bright round eyes. You give off an innocent vibe whenever people see you and your short stature adds to that.
You have that cuddly look. So even if you are not considered a baby, you can still give off that maternal/paternal vibration.


Leo, you are the king/queen of the jungle (savannah). You give off a royal vibe…and it’s a nice way of saying that people can sense that you’re in love with yourself. Your hair is thick and beautiful, your eyes are deep, and your limbs are naturally strong.
Your laughter when you’re happy and your roar when you’re angry are both loud. Even at rest, and you’re often at rest if you’re a Leo man, you still have a demeanor that helps others keep their distance.


Virgo, if you are a woman of this sign, you have a modest appearance. If you’re a man, you’re obsessed with a close shave. You don’t fancy having a crazy haircut and you tend to stick with your natural hair color.
You lean towards a clean life, which helps you maintain a slender appearance. Not only do you move gently, but a key characteristic of someone under this sign is delicate hands.


Libra, you are gentle and fair. No matter how you actually look, you’ll always have a sweet, friendly demeanor. You’ll have soft hair, lighter eyes, and maybe a lighter complexion. You don’t have a heavy build and you shift your weight as gracefully as you do your sights.
Like Virgo and Cancer, you look feminine, but unlike Cancer, you look feminine.


My Scorpio friends, I think we always need to hear comments about how our gaze pierces others. We have keen eyes that look deeply into who others are as people. We tend to have darker eyes and even darker hair. We have long, thin lips smiling as we think about our next sarcastic comeback. We’re almost always dressed to impress or to attend our enemies’ funerals…or both.


Sagittarius, your appearance is similar to that of an Aries or a Taurus. You are just as competitive as an Aries and as aggressive as a Taurus. You love being outdoors, but your love of challenges has less to do with challenging others.
Naturally, you have very muscular limbs due to the fact that you always challenge yourself to be better. People can tell you’re a Sagittarius by your thick thighs and firm calves.


Capricorn, people should be able to recognize your sign just by looking at your face. You have a surprisingly long face. You have sharp cheekbones that don’t need contouring.
Whether you’re a woman or a man, you look like one of those movie characters who are only good at being bad. When it comes to anything below the neck, you resemble your more active zodiac counterparts, with strong arms and legs.


Aquarius, little rebel. You’re the one wearing the unnatural but vibrant hair colors…and the weird piercings or tattoos. You are also one of the greatest of the zodiac.
You’re not the strongest, physically. But, people know you by the pensive look in your eyes in addition to the fact that you are confident in any outfit.


Pisces, your body is soft and supple. This is due to the fact that you live in water. You don’t have a lot of muscle but you’re not fragile. Your hands and feet are small and delicate.
As for your face, all its features are equally spaced, just like a real fish.


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