Why Signs Block Your Phone Number


Why Signs Block Your Phone Number

There are millions of reasons to block someone’s phone number, there are people who directly deserve to be blocked for life, but that is not the point. If someone has blocked you and you don’t really know why, but you know what their zodiac sign is, you just have to read on to find out why the zodiac signs block your phone number :


Aries is a very impulsive person and often needs the intervention of a third party to control their impulses and not mess up. That is why Aries will end up blocking your phone number if he has not finished well with you because he knows that sooner or later his impulses will lead him to talk to you. When things have not ended well, Aries does not want to know anything about you for a long time.


Taurus is not one of those people who are blocking others from their contact list because they do not see it necessary. When someone disappoints him, he directly puts them on his blacklist and removes them from his life. She doesn’t fool around and blocking you is one of her. If Taurus has to tell you something, he will tell you, he will not be left with the desire. He will tell you and he will go very far so that you will never bother him again.


Gemini is a super sociable person, he has thousands of contacts in his phone book, but he has many more blocked contacts than you think. He likes to talk and he may spend hours talking to you on the phone, but if you do not give him his space and you overwhelm him too much, Gemini will not hesitate to block you and turn the page. He hates having to explain himself to anyone, so if you don’t want a block, don’t get too intense.


Cancer is a sensitive and very emotional person. It’s true that everyone thinks he’s too childish thanks to that dramatic side that comes out from time to time, but he’s more mature than people think. Of course, Cancer is very good and has no problem giving a second chance, but if you betray him again, the first thing he will do is block your phone number so that he does not have to see your profile picture ever again.


Leo never blocks anyone because he likes to be admired. She loves that everyone sees her profile picture and that they are texting her 24/7. Of course, he does not bear grudges, so if you are a spiteful person, it is most likely that you are on Leo’s blocked contact list. If you try to send him a message full of resentment and revenge, you will probably never hear from him again about his life.


Virgo has a supernatural intelligence and needs to have intellectual conversations in order to stimulate his mind. Talking to someone who only knows how to communicate through emoticons and memes can get you out of your mind. If you are like this, be very careful and do not abuse that type of strategy. Virgo will warn you once, but not a second. He doesn’t like wasting time with that kind of thing.


Libra is a super empathic person and before blocking someone’s phone number, try to put yourself in that person’s shoes. He likes to think that perhaps that person has had a bad day and that is why he has answered so edge, but when history repeats itself, Libra will only go to adjustments to block that person forever. So, if you are one of those who cannot control their bad responses, better think twice before relating to Libra.


Scorpio has no problem saying things to your face, it is more if he has to tell you something he will tell you as soon as possible. He does not waste time with nonsense. It only blocks someone’s phone number when they’ve tried their best to forget it and haven’t been able to. So, if Scorpio blocks you, it’s because you’ve done him so much damage that one of your daggers has been stuck in his heart forever. Of course, if you do it, you pay it.


Sagittarius is very adventurous and is not afraid of anything. He likes to take risks in all aspects of his life. It is impossible for him to control his impulses and sometimes he sends messages that he should not send and that causes him a lot of frustration. That is why Sagi decides to block someone. If Sagi blocks you, it’s because she doesn’t want to risk sending you a message that she later regrets.


Capricorn is very clear about what he wants in his life and what he doesn’t. That is why he does not surround himself with people who all he does is distort his peace of mind with nonsense. If Capri blocks your phone number it is because you keep sending her absurd messages, photos, and videos that do not add anything to her life. Capri goes from having his phone full of crap, so if you want to keep talking to him, you better not send him that kind of thing.


Aquarius is free and independent and does not like anyone to interfere in his life, much less without asking permission. He is a very tolerant person and has a lot of patience, but if he sees that someone does not stop bothering him with messages 24 hours a day, he will choose to block him. If you are that type of person who has the need to write 24/7 because you have nothing better to do all day, you better find someone else.


Pisces is a super generous person and has a lot of patience, but if he didn’t want to give you his phone number first, the first thing he will do as soon as you speak to him is to block you. If Pisces did not want to give you his number, it is for something and he tried giving you a false number, but his mistake, in the end, ended up giving you the real one. If you talk to him and he blocks you, it is because he does not want to know anything about your existence.


Why Signs Block Your Phone Number

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