Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Having Trouble Breaking Their Bad Habit In June 2022


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You have poor impulse control.

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You assume you cannot do it and are psyching yourself out.

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You feel like your habit isn’t hurting you all that much in the first place.

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You’re too stressed out and need some sort of release.

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You keep procrastinating and telling yourself you’ll start tomorrow.

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You keep coming up with reasons to avoid therapy, which is what would help you break the habit.

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You’ve been engaging in this bad habit for such a long time that it feels impossible to stop.

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You don’t care enough about yourself to try to better yourself.

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You’re setting unreasonable goals and getting pissed at yourself when you don’t reach them.

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You’re trying to handle this on your own instead of asking for help.

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You have a hard time finding (and keeping) the motivation to break your bad habits.

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You’re too hard on yourself whenever you mess up.

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