Why Did You Stop Believing In Marriage According To Your Sign


Why Did You Stop Believing In Marriage According To Your Sign

There are wounds that instead of opening our skin, they open our eyes. That happens in love, when you give everything up and they end up hurting you. That’s when you decide to build a huge wall because you don’t want someone else to take advantage of your weaknesses. Love is not cowardly, it is not mediocre, it does not mean putting up with everything so that the other does not leave. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to stop believing, because few are the brave who dare to truly love. Why did you stop believing in marriage according to your sign? 


The truth is that the idea of ​​the fairy tale and happily ever after, your head left in the past for a long time. The loves on your list have taught you that as much as you want something to work, it isn’t always like that and it’s okay. That is why now you are more skeptical, you prefer to live in the moment to keep it in the secrets of your memory . Marriage is not something that is in your priorities, it does not scare you, but you feel that the souls are not ready, it is not a game.


Taurus is a sign that is given when he loves, but no matter how much in love he is, no matter how much that person is everything and appears in his thoughts, there is a part that sticks to logic and does not give himself the opportunity to get lost in castles of sand. Why did you stop believing in marriage according to your sign?  Because Taurus does not always believe in that soul mate, they believe that it is a myth, a way in which people feel more secure when signing a paper. He prefers genuine loves, in which you do not expect the other to be perfect.


Gemini at the altar? The truth is that the idea of ​​walking with the love of your life in a beautiful wedding is not something very attractive for this sign. And boy does Gemini believe in love, but they love their freedom too much. It is an intelligent mind that does not allow itself to be wrapped in pretty words. Geminis need much more than marriage to stay with a person. He hates feeling forced to be anywhere and if we add to that that he is someone who loves his loneliness, things look worse. Flees!


It could be said that Cancer is one of the signs that are not afraid of marriage. Really when he gives himself to a love he does it with a blindfold, he is very passionate and does not understand reasons. However, Cancer believes that love is much more than a role, he does not believe that he needs that to show the other person that he will be there unconditionally. He stopped believing in weddings when he understood that there are couples who are there only because it suits them and emotions are left over.


When Leo falls in love, he does it with the intention of putting commitment first, it is not a sign that he likes to play with people. He is too direct and if he is interested in sharing his life with you, he tells you without fear. However, marriage may be synonymous with pressure. Why did you stop believing in marriage according to your sign? Why does Leo have to show his love with a role? That’s when you feel unsure about taking that step, how can you tell if that person will really be loyal to you? Leo cannot with the idea of ​​showing off someone and that they end up betraying him.


Virgo has to think about the idea of ​​marriage a thousand times, and after those times, they analyze it again. This is Virgo, you need to dive into the details, weigh the pros and cons of joining someone that way. He stopped believing in such an imposing bond because he is terrified that he will decide for the wrong person. Above all, in these times when couples are no longer willing to fight, but are willing to throw away. That’s when your fears and insecurities kick in.


It’s funny, because we could say that Libra is the most insecure person when deciding whether or not he wants to join in marriage. However, there is a dreamy, romantic and tender part that has always wanted to live that moment. Finding the right person who is willing to reach the altar is something that makes your heart race, it does not scare you. What does worry him is discovering that this person was not what he thought, that he had been pretending during the courtship.


Scorpio is much more than a huge wedding, in which a dreamy dress steals the spotlight while the groom is moved to tears. Why did you stop believing in marriage according to your sign? Because Scorpio n eedgo beyond all superficial. There is a part of him that is not afraid of commitment, but is more concerned with the relationship with that person, is it really the right one? Scorpio does not care whether or not to meet the expectations of others, but he wants to be sure that he is taking a step towards happiness and not to live an ordeal. That’s why he thinks about it so much.


Did someone say marriage? To run away … Sagittarius is not exactly the person who is excited to sign an agreement in which they swear eternal love until the last of their days. Let’s say that a role like this terrifies you, how do you know if you are with that person for love or contract? For Sagittarius it is synonymous with ties and boy does he not stand them, so he prefers to stay in line, without getting so intensely involved. Sagittarius can love you like no one else, but don’t pressure him with a wedding because he will walk away.


Capricorn cannot show his vulnerable side in a relationship easily, he needs much more than time or deep conversations. It is a sign that seeks facts, detests lies and, above all, lives by appearances. He cannot bear to be wrong and that is why before thinking about marriage heneeds the certainty thathappily ever after” willnot end after a few years together. Capricorn is very loyal when it comes to relationships, does not take anything at stake and feels that if he takes such an important step love will end.


Aquarius is the sign that needs time to show its deepest side. He is one of those who prefers to put a barrier, to discover if the person with whom he shares his day to day is the right one. He is very special, selective and has an independent side that prevents him from thinking about the idea of ​​joining his life with someone forever, how can you be sure that your feelings will not change? It terrifies him to think that he decides to stay with someone just for a role. Aquarius despairs when he feels pressured and just wants to run away.


Pisces can become quite skeptical when it comes to walking down the aisle. Let’s say there is a romantic part that is willing to surrender, but when you look around and see how people have failed, you simply feel terrified to think that you can meet the same fate. Sometimes Pisces believes that marriage only complicates the relationship, adds tension to it. Hence, many times they prefer to live in a free union, without ties and because they both want to.


Why Did You Stop Believing In Marriage According To Your Sign

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