Before unveiling the arguments you have prepared, what Aries wants is for you to give him the opportunity to express everything that hurts him, that’s when he realizes if you really care about this. that he feels. It is a sign that explodes quickly and does not let anyone play with their suffering. The worst that can happen is that he says hurtful things to you, especially if you push him when he’s angry. Do not continue to stir up his pain, as this will make him show the worst of his heart. Listen first.


Sure, Taurus has the ability to admit when something breaks his heart and he’s not going to shut up to please others. He hates when they hurt him and they always want him to forgive quickly. If he confronts you it’s because he already knows everything, don’t try to deny it, because it will make him say goodbye. The best thing you can do is admit that you were wrong, that your actions were very stupid, and that you are sorry. If your intention is to make it up to you and minimize what’s hurting you, you’ll only be giving him a reason to permanently remove you from his life. Taurus is not the person who says yes to everything, it’s time you understood.


The damage is already done and there’s no way Gemini’s resentful side will forget what you’ve done to their heart. It’s a sign that asks to put the cards on the table, the sooner you tell him how things went the better. You must externalize all the evil that is in your soul, because it is the only way to free yourself, if you are not ready to listen to the cruel truth, better not waste your time. Don’t make yourself want to defend your side of the story as a victim, because Gemini doesn’t have time for that. If you want his forgiveness, start by accepting your responsibility for everything.


It’s nearly impossible for a Cancer not to involve feelings. It’s a sign that when he starts a relationship he wants everything or better wants nothing. It takes him a while to put you on a pedestal, but when he does, you can be sure that he will take care of your heart as the most precious thing. His soul has an incomparable memory, when someone hurts him he keeps it forever and it is difficult for him to give a second chance. However, if you want to say goodbye in a positive way, you can make up for your mistake with displays of affection. Maybe after a while he will forgive you, but he won’t want you back.


Leo is moved by courageous souls, those who aren’t afraid to shout what they feel and those who don’t lift their finger on the line when it comes to achieving a goal. This is how you can obtain his forgiveness, with desire and patience. He is a person who, when he gives himself, does so out of transparency and for this reason betrayals hurt him a lot. It frustrates him to see that they can’t lift a finger and want to come and do whatever they want. The only way he can forgive you is if you accept that it was your mistake and that you’re not ready to lose everything you’ve been through.


At first glance, it may seem that Virgo has a heart of ice, but the truth is that it is a way of defending yourself so that you don’t continue to be humiliated. It’s a very intelligent sign and if he doesn’t tell you the first time when he realizes your bad intentions, it’s because he’s waiting for you to have the courage to face him. Its hardness depends on your attitude, no one will receive you with flowers and chocolates, if you only do damage. Virgo doesn’t have the patience to wait for you to change without lifting a finger. If you want him to forgive you, show him with facts that you are sorry for what happened and how you are improving.


What bothers you the most is to end up being part of a relationship in which betrayal is the protagonist. You don’t like dealing with people pretending to be something and when the truth turns out to be the worst. I highly doubt Libra would erase something from her mind that was endangering her self-esteem and dignity. It will be very difficult for him to forgive you, this is the first thing you need to make you understand. However, if you want to try it, start by owning the problem and accepting that you haven’t been acting right. Libra, consider when you have the courage to take the first step, even if you don’t know if things will end the way you want them to.


I have to tell you that just because you’re begging a Scorpio for forgiveness doesn’t mean they’ll forgive you. It is a sign of character too strong to be dominated, on the contrary, when he senses that your intention is to manipulate, he stops you without thinking about it. It’s going to take a long time for her to soften her heart, so it’s up to you whether you’ll let it go or not. The first thing you need to do is to restore her confidence and apologies are not enough for that. You need to speak honestly and find a solution. If he doesn’t see you moving, he’s going to get you out of his life ASAP, because he doesn’t like being with people who aren’t worth it.


It’s fortunate that a Sagittarius gives you the opportunity to undo the damage you’ve done, it’s usually not hard when it comes to giving opportunities. It has nothing to do with you, it’s just that he doesn’t like to accumulate negative energy in his heart, because he knows he was born for much more than that. However, this does not mean that he will tolerate the damage, if he does not feel comfortable with you, he will end the relationship. Before you want everything to be resolved, you must know that it needs your time and space. Don’t start overwhelming him, wait for him to let you in again. Being honest and paying attention to details is the key to being forgiven.


Undoubtedly the most closed of the whole list, he may give you another chance, but don’t trust yourself because things will never be the same again. It’s simple, if you have betrayed the trust of Capricorn you will have to face its limits, you will no longer have the same privileges as before. If you can’t admit you were wrong, you better leave. He doesn’t like beating around the bush, if he has something to say to you he says it and the less time you waste the better. Stop making excuses, it won’t make him feel more or less love for you. However, he will realize that he has nothing to do with you.


Something is very clear to Aquarius, if they don’t love you anymore, you need to learn to lose, walk away and embrace dignity. This is a sign that when he finds something negative in the relationship, he wastes no time and cuts it off once and for all. Rarely do Aquarians let their emotional side decide, it’s their logical side that ends up handling the deal. If you want me to forgive you, you have to understand that you need a break, get out of the known and find out what was the reason that everything fell apart. He is not one of those who rush to make decisions, but patience and perseverance will be your best weapons, because in the end he is the one who has the decision.


The point in your favor is that Pisces is a sign that always puts empathy first, it’s almost impossible not to try to understand the other, even when their pain is at stake. However, they need s move away to calm his intensity, because when he feels hurt, his resentful side also activates. Pisces, you can hate with the same intensity you once loved. If he forgives you, it’s because he doesn’t want to go back to business as usual and expects you to really make some big changes. Tell him in all sincerity that you would like him to forgive you and that life is better with him. But with actions, not with pretty words.


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