What Mercury’s Retrograde In Pisces Means For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign In June 2022


Mercury is typically in a sign for about 3 weeks depending on the size of the constellation, but it will be in Pisces for a more extended period than usual because it is in Retrograde. This planet entered Pisces back in mid-February and will be in this sign until April 10th which gives us a long time to get in touch with our inner world. Therefore, the next month will be a time of review in the areas of our social lives that we need to get introspective about and heal them. The way we communicate and think is also a theme that requires consideration.

There will be multiple planets in Pisces at the time of this Retrograde causing it to be a powerful alignment. Mercury doesn’t work well in Pisces due to this planet being more fact-based; Virgo is the opposite of this sign and ruler of this celestial body, so there is a polarity between them. There will be a tug of war between logic and intuitive thoughts so you will have to work through the confusion. Pay attention to the details as much as you possibly can when signing documents because your perception will not be on point. Also, it is wise to double check your post to social media to make sure they are error-free.

If you feel like you need a moment of peace take it; there is a need to withdraw and stay to yourself which is necessary at this time. Give yourself a few days to have some downtime from others because this transit is going to be somewhat draining on an empathic level. Your perception will be heightened so you’ll be sensitive to vibes and will need to recharge your batteries more frequently than average. Communication with others will be off as expected from an RX period. However, this is one that causes mental fog, so people will be more susceptible to spacing out rather than intentionally not getting back to your text messages or DM’s.

Due to the Neptunian influences, your perception will go from being spot on to clouded vision, so you have to watch the way you respond to others comments because you might be taking them the wrong way.

My advice is to focus your energy on things that this sign loves.

·       Turning your imagination into a reality

·       Poetry that warms your soul

·       Turning arts and crafts into something magical

·       Adorable animals

·       Staying in tune with what you feel

·       Music that heals your heart


·       Tarot cards and psychic readings

·       Going to a gem and stone shop

·       Learning Astrology

·       Energy Healing

·       Make time to do some self-care like a Mermaid with beauty treatments involving water

Try these things to get through some of the off-balance difficult days. It will be cathartic and a healthy escape from reality because this sign enjoys a lovely retreat from the real world.

How will your Zodiac Sign Experience Mercury RX in Pisces



Typically, you are the type that wants to be open and honest, but this retrograde is going to cause you to pull back from communication. You will fluctuate from being inward and wanting to be social, but you don’t have the energy to hang out with others. Use this time to be introspective and heal the areas of your life that cause anxiety or inappropriate reactions.


You are going to get the opportunity to be social, just make sure the people you are associating with are indeed your tribe. Some of the people you’ve met through this period might seem rad at first, but your usual good judgment has been off lately. Also, you need to be mindful of how you come off to others because your true feelings might come out at this time causing tension with those you socialize with regularly.


Look at what’s going on in your career currently. You have a ton of changes coming up that will help you figure out what direction to go in. Opportunity will come, just make sure the offer you take feels right. Also, watch out for co-workers who have a gossipy side to them, it is best to keep things to yourself and not divulge your personal business to these kinds of people.


You are ready to get moving and have some fun at this point. You are in the mood to make some plans for travel and exploring places you’ve never been to before. However, take your time in making said plans, though, because you need to focus on the details and make sure you are particular about where you want to go. Your mind will be changeable, so you don’t want to make plans only to have to reschedule them later.


Deep connections from your past come back and cause you to reexamine why they didn’t work. You need to understand why things aren’t what you perceive with a former person of interest. This is going to help you heal and release any mental anguish this situation caused you.


Communication in relationships is going to feel like you two are on a different page. The tone of your voice might cause misunderstandings so be mindful of how you handle yourself. You will be sensitive and take the other individuals words personally. This is not a time to get into a debate with someone who has opposing viewpoints because that will be uncomfortable.


Becoming more self-sustaining is crucial, so before you give attention to others, take this time to honor yourself and ground your energy. Also, you might have the impression your kindness is being taken for granted. You have to be mindful during this period on who you help so you can avoid feeling used and also set boundaries with those who are taking to much from you. It’s better to find balance then to feel sad and to over-analyze to the point of feeling nervous.


There is going to be a need to just be yourself and be playful. You might come off like you aren’t taking things too seriously which is going to make others feel unimportant. Try to have fun and don’t forget to include them, so they know you do care about their opinions.


Take care of your inner emotions, there is a lot of things building up making you feel like you don’t have balance. Retreat to your home and do some self-care, invite friends over for dinner and drinks to take the edge off any nervousness you feel. You usually are the type that needs to explore the world, but this is a good time for you to take a break and relax.


Communication for you will be off, you want to socialize and have an adventure, but you’re not in the right headspace. You will be more analytical than usual which could cause you to feel mentally drained. Restrictive situations will make you cranky so try to find ways to stay out of ruts and focus on the things that make you more light-hearted.


Resourcefulness is going to be a bit of an issue for you which will be frustrating because you are usually the quick on your feet type. The main problem is because you aren’t as focus or feel like you aren’t able to put your all into things. You need new and exciting ways to stimulate your mind which is going to happen slower than average. Also, you are reevaluating what you value and what makes you comfortable for a change.


Expressing who you are is essential even if you do not want to show that side to the world. Try to work on your energy; this is a sensitive time for you. This Retrograde in your sign will affect you in areas that help you look at your identity. You will come out of this showing the world what you are really made of even if they don’t understand you.

Transits Mercury will Make During Its Inverse Motion

Let’s take a look at what we can expect transit-wise for this Mercury RX. If you would like to know which houses these transits will connect within your chart go to Astro.com because this portion of the reading is about the aspects around the Retrograde as a collective level rather than your individual sign.

Mercury SemiSquareVenus Flirtatious and Cultured

Venus will be in Aquarius at this time, so this is going to cause you to be open-minded to different scenes and types of people. There is an air of culture and flirtiness with this energy, and the amazing thing is it softens some of the effects of the Retrograde. This will help you in your love life and communicate better with others. The only thing you have to guard against is being superficial in your love life.

Mercury Conjunct Sun Conversations That Make You Magnetic and Energized

Mercury is going to make contact with the Sun causing some relief in areas where you felt mentally foggy. You will feel on point again and able to communicate in a way that draws attention from others. Try to use this time to tackle brainiac subjects rather than over analyzing things you can’t control.

Mercury Square Jupiter Overly Optimistic and Humble Bragging

The energy in this transit causes a ton of optimism to the point you feel like you are on cloud nine. You are going to want to take on the world, go on an adventure and make long term plans for jetsetter trips that bring you to new cities and countries. Your confidence will be higher than usual so just be mindful that you aren’t coming off the wrong way, others might take it as humble bragging even if you are just genuinely sharing things about yourself.

Mercury Sextile Pluto Taking A Look at What Needs Transformation in Your Life

Pluto will make contact with Mercury strengthening your ability to delve deep so use this period of the Retrograde to clear out situations or areas of your subconscious that stop you from moving forward in your life. Take this time to remove any mental blocks, so you are able to be free from limited beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals.

Retracing Your Steps

Going back and retracing your steps is what a retrograde is about so use this time to resolve problems that were too awkward to deal with over the last 3 months Mercury has been direct. Use this time to reflect on how much you’ve learned, and what is still a mystery you need to solve that way, you can move forward once Mercury is direct and have a clean slate.

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