What Kind Of A Halloween Costume You Should Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign



You are a bit devilish, so the perfect costume for you is a witch or a super-hot she-devil. You are fearless and that should reflect your Halloween costume as well. There is nothing that can scare you. You are the ruler of the underground. You are a complete bad-ass.


At first, you are super-quiet, but when you truly get to know someone, you become relaxed and you show the real you. You are so polite and you genuinely care for others, especially the ones you love. You could totally pull off the leather leggings Sandy wore in Grease.


You will have to choose. Are you on Katy Perry’s team or Taylor Swift’s? Choose one, because you can’t be both. You’re a bit indecisive. One moment you think one thing and the next something completely different. You’re hot then you’re cold…



There is a unicorn hidden somewhere deep inside you. With you, it’s all about emotions. You’re extremely sensitive and you really want to make everybody around you happy. For you, life is colored in pretty floral hues and there isn’t a bit of negative in it. So, the perfect costume for you is a unicorn.


Independence, independence, independence. You don’t need anybody. When you set a goal, you make it come true. You won’t listen to anybody and you surely won’t be needing anyone’s help. The perfect costume for you is P!nk. Rock it, because you can.


You are a very detailed person. You need to rethink everything before you do it because it has to be perfect and flawless. You don’t take shortcuts in life and neither will you concerning your Halloween costume. Your costume will take hours to create but it’s going to be legendary. You should go as a Ghostbuster. It takes work, there are a lot of details, it’s classic; what more could you wish for?



You are all about peace and harmony. You want to make everybody happy and you are always looking for compromise. Because you are a peacemaker, you should go as a hippie. Consider John Lennon or Janis Joplin in those hippie days. As long as it’s hippie, you won’t go wrong. It describes your personality to a T.


Anything dark and mysterious suits you the best. You will never put your guard down unless someone really earns your trust. Take any member of The Addams Family into consideration for your costume.


You crave freedom and the ability to do what you want. You are a restless free spirit and you cannot be tied down to one place. You like to explore and travel. You like to discover new things. The perfect costume for you is Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. If anyone is brave enough to shave their head for Halloween, it’s you.


You don’t have much time to improvise and think about what you’re going to wear. You even don’t want to spend that much money or put in much effort when buying your Halloween costume. You will put on a black dress and order a pair of cat ears online and voilà – you’re a cat.


Peace, peace, peace. You live for helping humanity. The feeling that comes over you when you help someone is priceless. Any humanitarian you can think of would be perfect for your costume. You will fit right in with Gandhi or Mother Teresa…



You need to be unique. You need to show all your dreams and fantasies. You need to show what goes on in your head. The best costume that can express your creativity is Lady Gaga. Go wild.


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