What Each Zodiac Sign Wants Vs. What They Need From July 2022


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Want: To have every opportunity to fall into your lap. You know what your confidence and energy are worth, and you are convinced you would chase your dreams passionately- but only if they come to you.

Need: To chase after what you want and pursue it. 2022 is going to bring some balance to your chaotic life, and you will be presented with ways to make that happen. But you have to be willing to grab life by the…ahem, horns.


Want: To get a complete commitment, any way you can. You have been craving stability and feel you’re in the right place of your life to finally settle down, in more ways than one- and you want to see tangible proof of that taking place to calm you down.

Need: To decide what you want, not merely settle. 2022 is shaping up to be a year of confirmation and steadiness for you. Commitments will be made, but you have to know what you want-not what you think you want.

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Want: To experience every single thing imaginable. Your mind is racing with new things to do and new places to be- and as the new year approaches, you are chomping at the bit, wanting the green light to go after everything.

Need: To pace yourself and enjoy what comes to you. You’re always chasing, pursuing, reaching. 2022 is ready to give you so much, but it’s coming to you. Don’t overwhelm yourself, and don’t deny yourself. Accept what lands in your hands- it’s yours.

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Want: For things to be steady and reliable. You believe you’re at your best when everything in your life is calm and collected, and when nothing is changing. You want your life to stay mostly the same, or at least have something/someone you can rely on without having to think twice about it.

Need: To prepare for change, and embrace new chances. 2022 is ready to shake up your world. You will be given countless doors to open and explore- but what you do with them is up to you. Ignoring those chances to keep things “content” isn’t your best move. You might be surprised at what is waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone.

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Want: To have all your goals come to fruition. You’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself, and you are getting a bit impatient on how long it’s taking to see final results. You want 2022 to be your year, and by that, you mean your year of successful outcomes.

Need: To be responsible regarding how you achieve this. 2022 is going to be exciting for you. You will feel more driven than ever before, but rather than letting that power go to your head, you need to be practical. If you can keep yourself in check, you’ll get what you want.

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Want: To stick to the plan, no matter what. You know yourself, and you know the way your life tends to go- but you also know where you want it to go. You have been researching and perfecting your life goals for a while, and you are hell-bent on ensuring you follow every single piece of it.


Need: To take the time to figure out the best choices to make. 2022 is trying to take you out of your comfort zone and will cause you to be impulsive. You don’t like this and will try so hard to adhere to your structure, but you need to relax, think through your choices, and don’t jump into commitments solely for control of your life.

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Want: To be completely carefree and open to possibilities. You have felt pretty tied down as of late, and you want the upcoming year to give you wings rather than more roots. Your natural desire is to be focused on what you want, and not being afraid to explore that recklessly.

Need: To embrace this, but don’t forget the relationships in your life that are constant- parents, spouses, children. 2022 is going to be light and open. You’ll want to get lost in it- you’ve had a lot happening. But don’t forget the people who are consistently around. Spend time with them too.

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Want: To have a grip on your life and to control certain parts of it. You’ve felt things have been a bit out of your hands lately. All you want is to feel as if you have a say in the events of your existence.

Need: To embrace your freedom. 2022 wants to free you of restrictions- you have habit of taking this too far and then doing a 180 to regain control. You are capable of enjoying freedom without abusing it. Make the effort to do that now.

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Want: To chase every new thing that shows itself to you. You find it so easy to take life by the hand and run with it, and you don’t see why the next year should go any differently.

Need: Be patient. Tend to the things you’ve started. You always look at a new year as a way to start clean and reinvent. But 2022 wants to show you the value of loving what you’ve started. Care for it, be patient. You’ll be surprised.

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Want: To be more successful than ever. You are always keeping your head down and working on yourself and your career. You are content with the idea of the new year being full of more successful accomplishments on your end.

Need: To accept rest and realize it isn’t a bad thing. 2022 wants to remind you that working yourself to death doesn’t benefit you the way you think it does, and you not only need rest- it’s good for you. Take a vacation. Realize how great rest is for your mind.

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Want: To not care what anyone asks from you- to resist expectations. You don’t like feeling the pressure from others on where you should go or what you should be. You want to ignore everyone and shut them out if you’re honest with yourself.

Need: To turn those expectations on their heads- use your creativity to show how incredible of a person you are. 2022 is going to give you your best creative energy. Use it, and use it in all aspects.

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Want: To grab every opportunity and pursue it full force. You can see so much going on in the world, and you want your hands and your heart in all of it. You have been living in your head more than in reality, but you don’t see why that is an issue.

Need: To open your eyes to what is happening in front of you. 2022 wants to give you excitement and make you ready for changes, but your impulsiveness could ruin it if you don’t focus on what is right here. You have the world at your fingertips, stop running, and realize it.

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