What Each Zodiac Sign Prioritizes Above Their Relationship In June 2022


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Themselves. Because they need to take care of themselves before they take care of anyone else.

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Their parents. Because they want to make them proud.

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Their mental health. Because they aren’t going to stay with someone who makes life more difficult for them.

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Their family. Because they’ve always been there and are always going to be there.


Their pets. Because they could never love a human more.

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Their career. Because they refuse to give up their dreams for a relationship.

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Nothing. Because when they date someone, they put all of their effort into that person.

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Their recreation time. Because they’re young and still want to have some fun.

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Their finances. Because they want to make sure they’re able to afford food and a roof over their head.

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Their hobbies. Because they don’t want to lose what makes them them.

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Their passions. Because they refuse to give up on their dreams.

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Their friendships. Because some relationships are temporary but their friendships last forever.

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