What Do The Signs Do When They Put On A Drama


What Do The Signs Do When They Put On A Drama


Let’s see, for your dramas, it’s already complicated enough to manage your bad mood and your sudden outbursts, enough to invest more energy in that of others. You are a very imposing person and when they want to make a scene you make it very clear to them that your speaking is not a game and you are accomplishing what comes out of your mouth. You must not tolerate shouting or rudeness, for you that the end justifies the means is not valid. The person who uses others to vent their fears and insecurities does not have your respect. Of course, you’re not going to become his bag of grief. You like things forward, you run away from hypocrisy, but you also don’t plan to fight all the time. If that is his goal, you will show him the whip of your indifference.


It is very rare that the drama makes you lose your mind. In general, Taurus, you remain calm, because before any confrontation you analyze the pros and cons of everything. You don’t like to follow your instincts because you know that’s when you did things you’ll regret later. Of course, you appreciate that they take your opinion into account, but you are not going to struggle either, you have understood for a long time that it is never possible to have everyone’s approval. You have your limits, if someone exceeds them, they will recognize you. They just have to knock you off balance for you to explode and put them back in their place. You’re not going to listen to silly arguments and you don’t care to leave the word in their mouths.


Although people often think that you and the theater are best friends, the truth is that you prefer to stay away from such situations. You are a very strong person, but you prefer not to invest your energy in people who only show their emotional emptiness through hurtful actions. You’re too lazy to handle someone’s depression, especially when they’re overdoing everything and complaining every five seconds. You know life isn’t perfect, but nothing gets resolved with a negative attitude. Yes, you are very patient and most of the time you ignore it, but when they take you out of your boxes you activate your intelligent side and that’s when nobody stops you. Your words are very murderous, they penetrate to the depths of the soul and destroy self-esteem.


In short, you don’t like a boring life, but that doesn’t mean you’re in favor of conflict. In fact, it bothers you a lot when people hide their low self-esteem in their cruelty and take advantage of it to hurt those who are responsible for nothing. The worst thing they can do is minimize your feelings because everything you say comes from your heart and it’s not fair for them to take it for granted. People often say that you are very dramatic when you explode, but no one wonders what brought you to this. You don’t exaggerate, you bring out all that you have kept for a long time. Of course, you are not going to be silent, you deserve to be heard and not to be called selfish, it’s not drama, it’s frustration.


People who dare to introduce drama into your life don’t know you at all, they don’t know that you are capable of anything to win a battle. You have a frightening ability to set up scenes and therefore you detect them at first glance. You are not one to sit idly by watching how they try to hurt you. If it is necessary to use one or another destructive tactic, you will. No one is going to make you feel worthless, let alone allow them to laugh at you. You’re a Leo, you’re used to getting attention, good or bad, maybe you’re not the one always looking for tension, but if it happens to you, you’ll get them. leave very alone. You were born to be demanding and that’s not going to change. Also, you are too expressive, if you don’t like something, it shows in every gesture. You don’t walk around with lies, if they’re going to put up with you, they really will.


I wish there was something to get rid of the drama because to you it’s nothing more than a waste of time. You’re the kind of person who has the guts to face the consequences of your actions, even when your pride and ego are hurt, you put your head down and admit you were wrong. It’s not as complicated as it sounds and it would save people a lot of drama. The only bad thing is that when they send their bad energy to you, it’s your mind that is altered because a million thoughts are flying past you and no one is stopping you. For the moment you do not fall into provocations, but since you are at home you analyze the situation and that is where you can end up suffering. You are one of those who silence their emotions and it’s worse because you end up swallowing courage that does not belong to you. Virgo, it’s time to let go, there are things that aren’t worth it.


You are the one who firmly believes that things are not said, they are done. For you, all these people who brag are the ones who have the least nerve to make a real change in their lives, they only want to blame others for the bad things that can happen to them. You don’t like drama at all, all you do is browse through your memories and think about some love that broke your heart. Melancholy may be your most dramatic side, but you will never lose your sanity by causing conflict. People looking for an excuse to argue make you very lazy. You like peace, as long as they don’t disturb you, everything is fine. However, there are those who are very demanding and in this case, you take them out of your life, no matter the bond that unites them. You prefer your peace to stay with someone who makes you bitter.


Although most of the time we do not realize it, there are dramas that heal the soul. And it’s that crying, shouting, laughing or getting angry is also healthy, it’s part of our human side. Accepting that things are not always in your control is something that sets you apart from the rest of Scorpios, especially because you are very emotional and your sensitivity is what allows you to experience situations in a particular way. You don’t like the outbursts of people who are experts at putting on a circus, but if they have to be left speechless, you do, because if they are so eager to awaken your cruel side, it’s is that they will surely be able with that. At least, that’s what they illusively think, because when you’re angry you can shoot down all the artillery,


You know what happens to you Sagittarius, that you learn to give what you receive and the truth is that you don’t feel comfortable being like that because there comes a time in your life when you are so cruel. that you repeat to yourself over and over again. again you don’t want to become that. You are a strong sign, always trying to see the positive side of things. However, you are not a puppet to allow them to hurt you and then smile at you like they did nothing. Clashes are not your thing, they even make you quite nervous, but you are not afraid to defend yourself, what scares you is your reaction. If they find you in your five minutes in a bad mood, the best they can do is ask heaven for help,


It even seems absurd how we have normalized drama in our lives, putting the value of a relationship first. Simply put, if your friend, family member, or partner isn’t making drama for you, that’s not true love. Please, it’s time to open your eyes, it’s not worth romanticizing attitudes that end up hurting, because no one is happy with so much mental and emotional waste. For you, Capricorn, putting on such scenes is for the weak, those who live complaining about everything and find a pretext to justify their suffering. If someone so irrational claims to be part of your life, they are very wrong. It is not difficult for you to say goodbye to these energies. If others don’t want to make an effort to be well, why are you going to tolerate them? They are crazy, let them go and assume their role.


It’s very clear that there are people who deserve more than an Oscar for the dramas that are thrown, but life is too short to play the game. You take your energy very seriously and therefore you don’t allow anybody to get involved in your activities, even less to know your emotions. There are people you don’t even know in the world, but they are very aware of your every move, they can’t find a way to hurt you or criticize you. Luckily, whatever eludes you, your intellect is too great to fall for their nonsense. You have long since learned to see mental scarcity in others. They don’t feel comfortable in their life and that’s why they annoy others. However, with you, they will hit the wall, because you are not going to fall.


There’s no doubt that you’re proof that appearances are deceiving, because seeing you they might think your idealistic, romantic, and sensitive personality is perfect for wreaking havoc when it comes to debating emotions, but …you actually feel very frustrated and disappointed when people try to argue about anything. You don’t like injustices, they hurt you and for the same reason, you don’t allow them to use you to unload their traumas. If someone has unresolved past wounds, they will have to find another place to mend them, because with you it will no longer be possible. You aren’t anyone’s Pisces handkerchief of tears, you can set your limits, don’t feel selfish about it. Your mental health is a priority,


What Do The Signs Do When They Put On A Drama

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