What Can You Do So That This Retrograde Mercury Does Not Affect You In A Negative Way


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What Can You Do So That This Retrograde Mercury Does Not Affect You In A Negative Way

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Mercury goes into retrograde on January 14, so it can be said that things look very warm. Especially this time. Mercury brings the odd misunderstanding, many surreal situations, and a good list of things that will surely end up breaking. But does that have to discourage us? OF COURSE NOT. Quite the opposite. You have to look at the positive side of everything that happens to us. You have to think that material things have an end and you have to go through life with a cold mind at this time. If you want to know what you can do so that this Mercury retrograde does not affect you in a negative way, read on:

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Be very careful with your temperament on these dates, the energy of Mercury retrograde will invite you to step on the accelerator fully and it is not what is best for you right now. Try to do your thing and don’t push yourself too much, okay? It is better that you have the patience to think clearly, why you are stressed and do things like crazy and without thinking very well. With Mercury retrograde do not do anything crazy Aries, you will have time to do what you want later.


You’re going to have to make an effort to make communication crystal clear these days. Your attitude can mark a before and after in an issue that is very important to you. Do not get frustrated when the plans do not go to your liking, you have to open your mind and have a plan B always at hand. Avoid losing your papers for things like this, because in the end you look bad and a little sad and you know that you too can access the change.

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You know what? That there is no evil that for good does not come, Gemini, your attitude can be your great weapon these days. Yes, your world will be turned upside down because of your beloved ruling planet that is retrograde, but is it all going to be bad? WELL, NO. You have to manifest positive things and think about all the good things you want to do or have. Accept what is there, stop thinking about what is no longer there and find an alternative to get what you really want.


This Mercury retrograde comes with a desire for war. Do not let X’s situation exceed the limits and make you have a huge overload of feelings. You don’t deserve to shed a single tear for things or people that don’t deserve a place in your life. Focus all your attention on what gives you peace and on the people who give you a lot of love. Talk and unburden yourself when you feel it, let everything flow Cancer …

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You like to do good and look good with the people you have in your life. You like to serve as a help, support, and even spiritual guide so that your people do not feel alone. You are a Leo person in heaven, so please don’t go to war with people who just want to provoke you. Think that there are things that do not belong to you and that does not have to be under your control. If something goes wrong, let the others handle it however they can, you do your thing, Leo …


Things you normally do with your eyes closed may now not work for you, so don’t get frustrated Virgo. Please, cool mind, Mercury retrograde is going to do his thing and you are going to have to accept it. It is what it is, this will pass, so do not despair and start to drop everything through your mouth. Instead of going into a rage, focus all your attention on doing meditation or reflection exercises at home to learn how to better channel everything that you have inside your heart …

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The best thing for you is that you go from all over the world, at least for a few days. Yes, it is something you do when you feel like it, but now you will have to do more. Be careful with Libra friends, don’t expect too much from others, okay? It is better this way because it is the only way for you not to be disappointed again. With Mercury retrograde, it is preferable that you focus more on your most affectionate affairs and your well-being. That others look for life themselves …


Look Scorpio, there is no harm that does not come for good. Mercury goes into retrograde just when you had already put ON FIRE with the new habits you want in your life. What does that mean? Well, everything can go wrong. Or you can break things at the last minute, or there is also the option of living in surreal situations. You have to think that all this is temporary and not lose your enthusiasm with these new challenges that you have in mind.

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When you see something you do not like, cut radically and do not doubt, Sagittarius, do not ever doubt yourself. With Mercury retrograde come surprises. What kind of surprises? Well, it can be unexpected visits or dramatic turns in some situations that you had control of. Do not be frustrated if you see that everything is upside down, everything will return to its normal course, okay? The important thing is that you continue to know what it is you want in your life now.


Well, if your life seemed like a circus lately, now that feeling can be multiplied. A certain person from the past may come back, but like everything in life … Don’t stress, that’s the most important thing, the decisions you make right now have to make you very happy and that’s what matters most. You have to think about what is best for you, in the short and long term, and that nothing should take you by surprise, Capricorn …

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It is highly recommended that you review everything you do several times. Before submitting something, please review it. Before sending a very important message, read carefully and think carefully about what you want to say. Misunderstandings are around the corner, so please don’t take things too seriously. You are in a very important moment for yourself, so focus on your well-being and yourself. All this will pass, you’ll see …


The best for you.? Turn OFF all the opinions of people who do not like you well. Focus on yourself, your well-being, and your peace of mind. If you are preparing for something very big, you have to focus your ideas and stay positive. You will drop things, many more will break, but that’s the least of it. The important thing is that you know how to get out of adversity with a lot of mental strength, Pisces.

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What Can You Do So That This Retrograde Mercury Does Not Affect You In A Negative Way

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