This Is What Happens When The Oddest Couples Of The Zodiac Actually Work Out June 2022


Aries + Scorpio

Regardless of Aries’s natural dominance and Scorpio’s mystery-driven lifestyle, these two actually have what it takes to teach each other the importance of working hard for the things they want to achieve. Both of them possess an equal amount of ambition, aggressiveness, and drive. Aries has the ability to show Scorpio how to separate emotions in order to maintain focus. They can teach this water sign how to properly express themselves when something becomes bothersome and can show them how to not be afraid of the what ifs or the other side of life’s many possibilities; they can literally show them a side of life that is full of wild adventures, romantic dates in beautiful restaurants, and someone who’ll be your ride or die for the rest of your life. Scorpio is able to teach an Aries how to not be afraid of all of their emotions. They show this fire sign not to be ashamed of the moments when they feel weak, their worst thoughts, and their fears and insecurities. Scorpio also has the ability to contribute a practical portion into Aries’s life. They show Aries how to productively plan and precisely wait for the best things to happen, as this water sign will always have many reasons why sometimes a slow pace is the surest pace to have.

Leo + Pisces

These two can be the cutest couple to look at and be around! Regardless of the evident differences in each sign’s approach to life, they do share one similarity that has the ability to bond them together forever: they love love. Both are highly romance-driven when in relationships, they’re both suckers for someone writing a song about them, they both love the arts, and when together, don’t expect these two to tone it down when expressing the love they have for each other. Although Leo has a natural aggressive approach to life, this sign is able to teach and inspire Pisces to go after what they want, no matter what. Leo shows this water sign that obstacles will always be there, but that they are also temporary. Setbacks and disappointments will never stop, but they’re necessary—failure is inevitable but purposeful. Pisceans prefer to live a comfortable and private life to maintain a stable peace of mind. Therefore, when done right, this sign is actually able to tame Leo’s sometimes overly aggressive ways. This fish has the ability to identify what’s really behind Leo’s anger, moodiness, and occasional outbursts. Pisces is able to show a Leo that admitting your weaknesses isn’t a form of defeat but a stance of strength. This water sign proves to the fire sign that there are many other ways in life to be identified as “strong,” because it’s not always who can carry the most weight on their shoulders but the one who can let go.

Sagittarius + Taurus

With Taurus’s work ethic and Sagittarius’s fearless approach to life, these two have what it takes to become the ultimate power couple. Although Taurus prefers more structure and Sagittarius is more free spirited, what these two actually have in common is the fact they’re both driven individuals. Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic signs in the zodiac. Therefore, this fire sign has the ability to teach Taurus how to believe in the impossible. When in a relationship, Sagittarius is able to carry the heaviest burdens by never letting that glimmer of hope out of its sight. This fire sign is truly able to bring bright rays of sunshine to this earth sign’s life. Taurus is one of the most hard working signs in the zodiac. This earth sign has the ability to teach Sagittarius how to stay focused on one thing instead of getting distracted by another. When in a relationship, Taurus is able to resolve conflicts with the right mix of logic and practical problem solving skills. This earth sign truly has the ability of grounding this fire sign’s sometimes eager ways. Taurus is also able to show Sagittarius the proper amount of patience needed for the things that require it the most. This earth sign knows how to prioritize, plan, wait, then execute. Taurus would basically give Sagittarius an additional backbone when combatting life’s everyday obstacles. This fire sign proves to Taurus that anything is possible, while Taurus would gladly add in, as long as you’re working hard for it.

Capricorn + Gemini

The overachiever and the one whose brain cells are still on even when they’re sleeping. I honestly don’t know why both of you always get along so well in real life, but you do anyway. Like Taurus, Capricorn is known to work circles around all of us. They love getting compliments on how hard they’re working, are known to go above and beyond their job responsibilities, and are probably smiling reading what I just wrote. Aside from work, they like to live a pretty quiet life. They love having control in their home, because they love when everything’s organized—it’s all about the simple things with them, you know? Aside from good looks, I honestly think Capricorns will always get with a Gemini because of how well-informed they are. Geminis are known to know everything about anything. These twins love learning to the max. They are open minded as it can get, and like this earth sign, they aren’t very fond of those who are bit overdramatic. When in a relationship, this air sign is not only able to change every other zodiac sign’s world, but it also has the ability to turn Capricorn’s world upside down too—for the better. As Capricorn prefers a quiet and structured life, Gemini is able to teach this earth sign how to combat against life’s sometimes unpredictably chaotic events with an open mind and a vast amount of optimism. When in a relationship, a Capricorn provides the perfect amount of security, stability, and simplicity to ensure a guaranteed success rate through any long term pursuits they may have. As Gemini is known to become fussy when things become routine-like, Capricorn is able to teach this air sign that there is value in repetitive action. Capricorn shows Gemini how finishing something expands more skill and dedication than starting something and never finishing it ever could.

Virgo + Libra

I know what you’re thinking. What could the master of plans and the queen (or king) of love ever have in common? Logic, that’s what. As neighboring signs in the zodiac, Virgo is known for its logic in life, while Libra is known for its decisions in love, regardless if it’s known to be indecisive. Aside from Libra having the ability make a Virgo swoon with how they treat them, and maybe even by putting up cute little sticky notes to remind them how beautiful they are, I think a Virgo will always get with a Libra because of their approach in life. I’m sure if any of you know a Libra in your life, you’ve probably seen them include everyone in the group, trying their best to talk to the entire room, and always leaving you a better version of yourself after you’ve met them. When in a relationship, as great as it is to have a Virgo take care of basically everything to get the job done, they do unfortunately have a side to them that’s known to be highly critical. If handled right, I think this is where Libra would come in, to add a little touch of reassurance and love. Libra, as a mutable sign, is able to show Virgo that perfectionism can’t be achieved unless you’re willing to embrace the imperfect moments along the way. This air sign provides an enhanced insight to Virgo’s life, making them see the world through an added perspective of love, compassion, and utter kindness. When in a relationship, Libra is known to end up with someone who does not have an ounce of indecision in their body. This is where I believe Virgo could be a promising candidate. This earth sign is incredible when it comes to knowing what to do next. They love planning, making lists, and executing them like a boss. Overall, Virgo is able to teach a Libra how to survive and thrive further in life, while a Libra is able to provide Virgo every ounce of love and respect it truly deserves.

Aquarius + Cancer

The air sign who secretly believes in aliens and the water sign who cries every time they watch a wedding proposal on YouTube. What could these two have in common that would ultimately be the key of them staying together forever? Maybe the fact that when an Aquarius is head over heels in love, they become this whole other person that would definitely suit a Cancer’s wants and needs in a potential partner. Aquarius is known as the independent driven zodiac sign—they march to the beat of their own drum, support or even start their own charities at some point in their lives, and are just really the best friends you could ever have. Cancers are more known for their emotions. In their close relationships, these signs are known to stand by saying what you feel, even when it’s hard. As odd as these two can get, I believe when done right, they can definitely benefit from one another. Aquarius is able to teach a Cancer how to be less afraid of the curveballs life will eventually throw their way and instead catch them and throw them right back. Cancer is able to show an Aquarius how to be less timid when expressing how they feel, as it is truly the best way in finding your one true love.

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