This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Does When They Want To Get Back Together With You In July 2022


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Aries: Tells you they acted rashly.

Aries signs are quick to make decisions and usually don’t have a hard time moving on. Yet, if they realize they regret the breakup and want another shot, they’ll tell it to you straight. They need to know if that option is even available; otherwise, it’s just wasting their time.

Taurus: Makes references to the memories you had together.

Taurus signs have a difficult time leaving a relationship, and once they do, they tend to focus on the way things were. If they want to try the connection again, they will casually bring up inside jokes you made or remind you of old memories you shared. They’re hoping you’ll remember the moments as fondly as they do.

Gemini: Flirts with you a ton but tries to act like it’s nothing.

If your ex is a Gemini, they likely tried to take the breakup in stride. They threw themselves into a ton of new hobbies and dating interests to move forward- even if they thought of you the whole time. If they want to get back together, they will flirt with you like crazy but will act like it’s nothing if you don’t return the favor. They still have at least a little pride.

Cancer: Unblocks you on their social media and likes some of your posts.

Your Cancer ex probably blocked you after the initial break up because it was too painful for them. However, if some time has passed and they are still really missing you, they will unblock you on socials and interact with some of your posts. They won’t make any moves- they will leave that up to you.

Leo: They try to make you jealous.

Leos are known to allow their pride to keep them from returning to past relationships. However, sometimes they know when they had a great thing, and they don’t want to let that go (though they hate to admit it). They don’t want to beg for someone to come back to them though. Instead, they will try to make you jealous in hopes you’ll be the one to ask for another chance.

Virgo: Casually ends up in places you are, looking better than ever.

Virgos tend to look at past relationships as lessons to learn from. They may not throw themselves at an ex, but they tend to analyze what went wrong in their breakups and how to fix them. If they think you two can still make things work, they will casually end up in the same places they know you like to hang out- and look better than usual. They likely will try to arrange an innocent “run-in” to start some conversation, but their main point is to get themselves on your mind again.

Libra: They ask if you can stay friends.

Most people end their breakups with “can we still be friends?” so that things aren’t awkward- cue Libra’s go-to question when a relationship ends. You likely met through mutual friends anyway and have to see them regularly- which is what they are counting on. If they want to get back together, they want to know they have the chance to be around you to see if that’s a possibility.

Scorpio: Looks hot, then makes sure you notice.

Scorpios aren’t afraid to admit if they want an ex back- they usually can find a way to get what they want. If they want to give things another go, they will go out of their way to look insanely hot and then make sure you notice. Whether it’s from posting stunning selfies on Instagram or looking incredible at a party you’re both going to, they want to be sure they are on your brain.

Sagittarius: Invites you to hang out casually, then asks if you’re seeing anybody.

Sagittarius signs usually present themselves as totally chill or unbothered about a breakup- and that’s typically true. However, if they hear from someone that you’re seeing someone else or just doing really well without them, they may start having second thoughts. If they want you back, they will likely invite you to hang out with them (just as friends, of course) and then subtly grill you about people you’re seeing or what you’ve been up to.

Capricorn: They schedule a coffee date to “catch up.”

Capricorn signs tend to accept a breakup when it happens, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to get back together if it’s what they really want. If your Cap ex intends to try again, they’ll wait an appropriate amount of time and respect your space- but will eventually ask if you can go grab a drink or coffee and “catch up.” They’ll likely ask if there is any chance of reconciliation because they prefer to get right to the point.

Aquarius: Subtly shows back up into your life to check the vibes.

Aquarius signs are pretty unbothered when it comes to the end of a relationship. Still, after some time has passed, it’s not uncommon for them to have second thoughts. They may not fully remember if things were really that bad or not, so they will subtly show back up in your life just when you think they will never speak to you again. They try to assess the vibes and whether or not there might be a chance to try things again- but only if they feel you will really go for it.

Pisces: Sends sentimental things that remind them of you to start conversations.

Pisces tend to romanticize their past relationships- even if they shouldn’t. They look back on all the wonderful moments you shared and can’t help but think you should give things another chance. If they want to try a relationship with you again, they will send things that remind them of you- whether it’s a playlist they made, a poem they read, or a show they know you will like. They want to remind you that they care about all the little details, and they hope that will soften your heart towards them.

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