This Is How Signs Know Your Opportunity To Be Happy


Happiness is present wherever you go, all you have to do is open your heart a little and leave all the bad things behind. It is very difficult to be happy at all today, but it is not impossible, the problem is that many people instead of taking full advantage of the opportunities that life gives you to be happy, sabotage them. This has a lot to do with the personality of each person … here you can discover what is the reason why you sabotage the opportunities to be happy according to your zodiac sign.



Aries, you sabotage the opportunity to have happiness in your hands keeping your life in an absurdly unrealistic standard. You convince yourself that you can only have that attitude of carrying out all the challenges they propose. Every second of your life has to be full of adventures and that is why you refuse to say no, even when you see that it is practically impossible for you to carry out that mission. All this makes many times you miss the opportunity to be happy and is that being so competitive does not let you see beyond the triumph …


Taurus, you sabotage your happiness because you spend your life waiting and needing nothing to get out of the way, that is, it is very difficult for you to be flexible and adapt to the situations that life presents to you. You have convinced yourself that your job is to make everything perfect and everyone happy, but you have not realized that life is unpredictable. You cannot control all situations or all people. The best thing you can do to not sabotage your happiness is to be a caring, loyal and hardworking person because the rest is not up to you, trust everything you have and stop complicating your life.


Believe it or not, Gemini, you are always looking for the validation of others and that makes you sabotage all the opportunities you have to be happy. Wanting to fit and be loved is part of your nature, but you get carried away by what others think and that causes you a huge amount of stress. Don’t let anxiety and your insecurities take control of your life. Gemini, you would be much better if you focus on looking for a way to raise your self-esteem because you’re worth much more than you think, but you’re not able to see it …


Cancer, you sabotage all the opportunities to be happy because you let other people trample you. You have an incredible ability to be empathic with all the people around you, especially those that are important to you, but you also have many difficulties to detect when people are taking advantage of you … Cancer, when you focus on yourself and in defending those opportunities to be happy you will take full advantage of them, stop worrying so much about others and worry once and for all about what you need, surround yourself with all those people who bring you joy and get away from all those who only give you cramps of head.


Leo, you sabotage all the opportunities to get happiness because you refuse to ask for help. Your strength and your brilliant vision of life are huge sources of pride for you and it is very good that they are, but they can also cause you a lot of pain if you do not know very well how to manage everything that happens around you. The best thing you can do to not miss more opportunities to find happiness is to learn to lean on all those people who love you, you need to find peace within yourself and be calm, that is, know that whenever you need those such important people will be, take off that breastplate and open your heart more.


Virgo, you sabotage all the opportunities you have to be happy because you become too obsessed with things that don’t exist. Perfection is a virtue for you, but for many it is torture … Your intelligence and your conscience are wonderful qualities that you must maintain, but you must remember that you cannot be successful in everything you do and much less organize and have all the situation control You must give yourself a break and allow yourself to have small mistakes because otherwise, you will never learn. Even if you don’t believe it, this is the only way you have to be happy.


Libra, you sabotage all the opportunities you have to be happy because you are 24 hours a day waiting for everyone to be happy and forget about you. You push yourself too hard to keep the peace, to make sure everyone gets along and everyone is happy. Your relationships are very important to you, and that’s wonderful, but life doesn’t always have to be that quiet. When you are upset with someone, you must face and defend yourself. You can be a source of love and joy for others, but you must also resolve all your conflicts in order to have a healthy and happy life.


Scorpio, you sabotage all the opportunities that life gives you to be happy for not letting go of all the rancor that you have inside. It is one thing to have life expectations and believe that you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, that this is great, but another thing is to live resentfully. When they hurt you you become a very stubborn person and you don’t see beyond the pain, that makes you focus too much on things that don’t matter and don’t know how to value all the positive things you have in life. You must remember that everyone makes mistakes, including you, you cannot hold so much resentment if you really want to be happy at some point in your life.


Sagittarius, you sabotage your chances of being happy because you insist on not completely freeing your emotions. You are a person who claims to be free and do what he wants at all times, but you forget to free your heart and let your feelings come to light. You have always been an optimistic and energetic person and it is very good, but sometimes that makes you have more pressure than the rest of the world. The people around you need you to be happy, to be well and active because otherwise, they are not. Sagittarius, allow yourself to relax a little and not stress so much, do not let others condition your way of life, you have never done so and now less …


Capricorn, you sabotage all the opportunities you have to be happy because you are not able to leave your comfort zone. Your way of working and your ambition are qualities that you should never give up, but you should also remember that you can still succeed in life by trying new things, things that awaken new knowledge and ideas in your mind. Do not suppress your desire to eat the world because, even if you say that you are happy being the way you are, you inside me are screaming at you to throw yourself into the pool at once. Take a risk and let your most creative side come to light or you will be left wanting to know what would have happened …


Aquarius, you sabotage all the opportunities to be happy because, although you presume to be a free soul, you never allow yourself to jump into the pool at all. You tend to stay distant and detached because you don’t want to give the image of being a vulnerable person, you don’t want to be hurt, but sometimes this has also prevented you from experiencing incredible things, things that you can only enjoy when you open your heart and don’t have fear of failure or rejection. You must allow yourself to jump into the pool completely to be able to find that happiness that you have been waiting for so long, do not wait for another second and leave that distant attitude behind, open yourself to others and you will see everything they have to offer you.


Pisces, you sabotage all your opportunities to be happy because you always think small. You have never lacked compassion or kindness, but neither have you allowed yourself to concentrate completely on your dreams. You are a person who is always dreaming, but you have never dared to take another step, it is time for you to leave all fears behind and jump into the pool to achieve once and for all that all those dreams come true. Don’t worry so much about others and make a space in your life for yourself, make sure your life is in your hands and then you’ll have everything to be happy.

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