Things You Need To Know If Your Crush Is An Air Sign


Things You Need To Know If Your Crush Is An Air Sign

They are told by the rebels of the zodiac, the ones who can dive into a lot of thoughts and just let go. They are the ones who exude love, the ones who enjoy the little things and have the gift of captivating anyone with their conversations. Is your crush an air sign? There are things you have to know before giving your heart to a Gemini, Libra or an Aquarius. They are the most beautiful duality that life can present to you, those who give everything today and tomorrow no longer have the desire. They are changeable but delivered and that’s when you realize that the greatness of their heart is always worth it. You have to know that:

1.- Your mind never stops

Air signs are here and there, they are the ones who have a thirst for dreaming and boy are their expectations high. It is difficult for them to maintain their attention because they get lost in the things that they are passionate about. Sometimes, it will be necessary for you to help them to put their feet on the Earth, because they forget everything. However, do not try to minimize their feeling because that is when they walk away, they do not tolerate the absence of empathy.

2.- A secret

No matter how much time you spend with an air sign, it will never be enough to fully understand their true feelings. There are things that are kept silent out of fear, because they do not feel that the other is capable of understanding such a dispersed mind. That is why they are so distrustful. They call them mysterious, but I would say that they are cautious, they do not like to take false steps and deliver the most private to those who are not worth it.

3.- A great distance

Air signs have a hard time opening up the first time, they need much more than pretty words to tell what really makes their tears not stop at night. They are not cold, they are tremendously selective, there are few who have the privilege of knowing their emotions. But behind that huge shell hides a sweet, loving soul willing to give everything for the other.

4.- Balance?

Air signs constantly struggle with their emotions, with the versatility that exists in their personality and, of course, with the changes that life brings them. However, they prefer balance, they are indecisive because they have a hard time believing that they are doing the right thing. In the end, your goal is to have harmony in your heart. That feeling of well-being and security that is compared to nothing.

5.- Bluntly

The personality of an air sign may take you by surprise at first, because they are very determined when they propose something. Don’t kiddingly think that you will doubt them, they are excessively persevering, no matter how many times they fall in the end, they wipe their tears and get back up. They are resilient and fight for what they want , they are not there to please anyone. Call them selfish if you want, but there is nothing more important than their dreams.

6.- Shine and more shine

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The triad that shines in each step , are those who steal the glances for their way of being, of walking, of living. Air signs treasure happiness, what inspires them, what fuels their creativity. They are the ones who are carried away by a good song, a dessert or a walk by the sea. Air signs are persuasion come to life, those that get lost in conversation, those that often break the rules. They are those that make your heart tremble and put your reason to the test. Without a doubt, they are that caress that you remember over the years.


Things You Need To Know If Your Crush Is An Air Sign

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