Things That Every Sign Changes When It Falls In Love


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Love, it’s easy to write, but terrifying, how do you give your vulnerable side without fear of what the other person might do? It’s hard, but in the end, this life is for the brave and the zodiac signs know it because when they fall in love they change. Each moment shared the hugs, the conversations, the details, and the love, add a different touch to the essence of an excited heart. Of course, it has its good and bad side.


Your heart is in love, nocturnal and intense, but when someone catches you you don’t lose your independent side. There are things on your list that are not under discussion, if they don’t respect them, you don’t stay there. The good thing is that you become more active, you walk with adrenaline through the skies and the multitask wave is great for you. But the bad thing is that you are impulsive, you let yourself be carried away by what you feel and you give yourself without conditions, without knowing if the other person is also willing to give you the same.


For you, love is an engine, you would not stay with a person who clouds your dreams and insists on handling you as if you were his puppet. You are very direct in matters of the heart, if you do not feel honesty, you say it without embellishment. The good thing is that you are not disloyal and if you are with someone it is because you are looking for a lasting bond. However, the bad thing is that your idealistic side can win you over, you imagine a story in which your partner goes at your pace and you can build something nice, but you are disappointed when it is not like that.


Your soul is flirtatious, determined, and daring, if someone catches your eye you throw yourself into the ring, because you know there is nothing to lose. You always go against the clock, you don’t stop for something that hasn’t even started. When you fall in love you are the sweetest sign, you like to pay attention to that person and make them part of your priorities. The bad thing is that you are very restless and if he doesn’t answer you as you expect, you get bored. If you want someone to inject you with energy, there is no more.


Definitely, when you fall in love, your emotions are shaken so hard that you end up crying with happiness. You love the idea of ​​love and still trust that someone can hold your hand until you reach old age. The good thing is that your love is unconditional, you stay no matter the storm. But, the bad thing is that you become twice as vulnerable and there are things that hurt you a lot, that’s why you prefer to finish.


For you, love is synonymous with liveliness, romanticism, and a lot of patience. Of course, falling in love can blind you like any other sign. However, that is only at the beginning, once you are sure you let yourself go and show that you can have a relationship and respect it. The good thing is that there is no lie in your delivery and your partner becomes your anchor. Although the bad thing is that you can become very suspicious, you are terrified that he will recognize your weaknesses and use them against you.


One of your biggest fears when it comes to love is becoming someone you are not. It makes you desperate to think that you need to modify your essence to win someone’s heart. You see love as a challenge, you don’t want anyone to interfere with your decision and you let yourself go. The good thing is that you are very tolerant and you say things up front, to start a relationship without filtersThe bad thing is that you are too critical and if someone does not meet one of your expectations, you may believe that there is no point in being by their side.


Honestly, you are very delicate when it comes to love because you do not want to risk your heart. If it’s about sharing your days with someone, you take it seriously. You would never stay with a partner who stresses you more than it relieves you, conflict is not well received in your space. The good thing about falling in love is that you are very free when it comes to expressing what you feel, you don’t keep anything to yourself. But, the bad thing is that your insecurities can appear and without realizing it you sabotage everything built.


It is impossible to erase your history in love overnight, there are experiences that have marked you so strongly that the mark will surely accompany you all your life. What you hate the most is that they use falling in love to wrap you up and then ignore you as if you were worthless. The good thing is that you are smart enough to spot a bad relationship. But the bad thing is that you can explode from your unhealed traumas with someone who is not to blame.


The relationship between you and love is quite complicated because you do want to fall in love like anyone else, but… it scares you to know that chains can exist and depending on someone is not in your plans. What you are looking for is a partner with whom you can share your way of seeing life without receiving prejudice in return. The good thing is that you are open-minded and also determined. The bad thing is that your sensitivity can betray you and if your jealous side is activated you lose.


Love can destabilize your mind and heart for a while, but you are very clear about what you expect in a relationship and you are not willing to settle for less. It’s nice to get excited, but it’s better to put your cards on the table and love yourself with everything and flaws. The good side is that your version of love invites you to relax, you let everything flow and you surrender. The downside is that this doesn’t last long, because your controlling instinct kicks in and that’s when you put things on the scale, if it doesn’t suit you, you say goodbye.


You are so lonely, authentic, and independent, that it becomes a challenge to imagine that you share your life with someone else. However, you believe in love as a couple and that makes you feel a bit confused, so much so that many times you end up running away. The good thing is that when you fall in love you are very genuine and you are always present. The bad thing is that when you feel that your guard is down, you get too defensive and not everyone tolerates that.


If there is a sign on this list that is very comfortable with the idea of ​​love, it is undoubtedly you. You really love everything, from courtship to promising each other eternal love. The good thing is that you don’t make excuses to love deeply. The bad thing is that there is a part of you that dares and another that doesn’t, which is dangerous because you end up adding instability to the relationship and that can fragment it over time

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