There are people who are simply born for relationships. They are in harmony, have a lot of love to give, and do not want to be alone. And then there are those who just are not made for a partnership. You feel quickly constricted or you just need variety all the time. Especially these three Zodiac signs get boring in relationships.


Gemini is people who need a lot of variety and adventure in their lives. If they do not find this in a partnership, then they are quickly gone again. This Zodiac sign can hardly decide on something, there could always be something better. Especially in relationships, they often opt for themselves rather than the partner.


Sagittarius are among the freedom-loving zodiac signs that generally get bored quickly. If they have the feeling in a relationship that they are being restricted and they are no longer allowed to enjoy their freedom, they are afraid of getting bored in the long run. At the latest, if they feel after the initial phase of the relationship that everyday life is returning and they have to look after someone, they prefer to end the relationship.


Aquarians are extremely sociable people who are constantly surrounded by their friends and love meeting new people. Once they feel their relationship is in their way, they rather end it than risk being bored. Aquarius generally takes a long time to open and find someone to bind to. Only when he has truly found his great love could his relationship last.

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