These Are The Zodiac Signs You Can Trust To Keep Your Secrets In July 2022


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Scorpios know the value of keeping certain things private. Given their reclusive and mysterious nature, they aren’t ones to share too much about themselves. They also place a strong emphasis on vulnerability and trust, so if you trust a Scorpio with a secret, you know they aren’t going to spill it.

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Capricorn signs are brutally honest, and once they make a promise they aren’t going back on it. Regardless of whether or not they are invested in your secret, they won’t tell anyone else about it simply based on the principle of it all. If they say they are keeping a secret, they won’t go back on their word.

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Taurus signs usually begin their friendships and relationships by learning as much about the other person as possible. They give a vibe that causes people to feel safe and comfortable with them, so it’s not uncommon for a person to want to share secrets with them. Taurus signs cultivate a very intimate, tight-knit group of people, and they like to keep it that way. They wouldn’t dare break the trust of their loved ones.


Cancers have a tendency to put their loved one’s interests above their own and would do anything to make them happy. They want to create a safe place for their partners and friends to be open and comfortable with them. If they are entrusted with a secret, they will take it to the grave.

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Leos are ride or die for the people they care about. Regardless of their love of excitement and their sociable natures, they still take great pride in defending the people they care about. If they are told a secret, they aren’t telling anyone- and they will make sure no one else does either.

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Virgos have a reputation for giving great advice and therefore are trusted with quite a bit of information. Like Scorpios, Virgos know the value of keeping things about yourself private, and they wouldn’t break the trust of someone who told them their secret. They will, however, want to help with whatever the situation is. They won’t tell a soul, but they will want to be involved.

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