These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To End Up In An Almost Relationship In July 2022


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You are easy-going in regards to the commitments you make, but your connections to others are strong. You are more likely to focus on what could happen, even if it’s nowhere close to what is happening. You prefer to see the best in people and situations, and you understand others’ struggles and circumstances. You are willing to be patient and try to help someone as best you can, even if it means you’re caught up in a vague, unlabeled relationship in the process.


You would never intentionally end up in an almost relationship, Cancer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to you. If you know from the start that someone doesn’t want a real relationship, you will walk away- you want a serious commitment that can hold all the love you have to offer. However, suppose you end up falling in love with a person who doesn’t know what they want (and hesitates to communicate that to you). In that case, you are more willing to stick around and see if they might change their mind. You will act as if you’re in a relationship, even if you never made things official. You can’t imagine letting them go and will “forgive” them repeatedly for not committing to you- even if they made no promise to do so.


You’re usually the one initiating the almost relationships- and you don’t mind. You aren’t totally against fully committing to a person, but with how often you change interests and lifepaths, having almost relationships tends to be more comfortable in the long run. You don’t want to be tied down unless you want to be, and you refuse to make promises you have no intention of keeping.


You dream of having the perfect relationship that fulfills all your expectations- yet you still find yourself caught up in almost relationships more than you like to admit. Usually, you are not prepared to make a full commitment, or you believe you have found the perfect person for you and are willing to wait. Even if the other person admits they don’t want a relationship at the moment, you will still hold out hope that this might change if you stay by their side.


You want to keep your options open, but you also enjoy the feeling of connecting with another person. You can keep up with multiple relationships at once, and unless someone has really caught your attention, then you’re much more inclined to keep things open-ended. If someone else isn’t ready for a commitment, that doesn’t bother you much either- you’re pretty flexible and willing to work with anything that’s thrown your way.


You’re not one to purposefully end up in an almost relationship- you’re like Cancer in this way. For you, it depends on how strongly you feel about the other person. If you genuinely believe they are the person you want to be with, your stubbornness will kick in full force. You will settle for less than you deserve if your heart is involved- even if you’re well aware that the other person isn’t.

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