These Are The 6 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time Leaving A Relationship In July 2022


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1. Pisces

You have such a heart of gold Pisces, and everyone knows it. You also have a tendency to idealize your partner and see only their best qualities- which can cause you to overlook red flags and other signs that you should probably walk away. Though it’s a good thing to commit and try and work things out with a person, you want to believe that the person you love could never do anything to hurt you, and you’re willing to defend them until the very end if you must. When all is said and done, you won’t leave a relationship simply due to your refusal to acknowledge that your partner (or relationship) really isn’t all you’ve painted it to be in your mind.

2. Cancer

You are absolutely in love with being in love, and it shows. While you won’t enter into a relationship with just anyone, you do tend to hold high hopes that the relationship you enter into will be “the one”- and you imagine your futures together more than you’d like to admit. Especially due to your tendency to become quite emotionally invested in your partners at a fast pace, you let your heart rule more than your head in most situations regarding your relationships. While love is an incredible thing, it’s not everything- though it might be hard to convince you otherwise. You love the feelings you have that are associated with your partner, and even if problems begin to surface that might call for separation, you’re unlikely to go through with it simply because of how in love with the person you truly are. You’ll stay in the relationship as long as you possibly can unless you are given no other option.

3. Virgo

You are certainly a guarded one, Virgo, Your standards for a partner are high, your walls are many, and your ability to open up only surfaces after spending an extreme amount of time determining it’s safe to do so. You spend a great deal of effort trying to find an exceptional partner, and you don’t enter into a relationship with just anyone, yet that doesn’t mean your relationships are always smooth sailing. You’re an intelligent person, and you’re well aware of when problems surface in the relationship- but rather than cutting ties, you tend to throw yourself into trying to fix every potential issue that arises. You don’t mind taking more of the responsibility in doing so, and you have a great deal of patience, which usually causes you to stay in relationships longer than you should simply because you believe with enough time, you can fix it.

4. Taurus

You like order and structure, Taurus, and you don’t have a problem with letting anyone know it. Once your life is in a calm, solid, put together place, you are perfectly content: regardless of whether it’s a good or bad thing. When it comes to your relationships, you may notice that your partner isn’t always the best, or that even you aren’t truly as in love as you know you should be, and yet leaving the relationship would only cause more chaos and discomfort than you’re likely willing to put up with. You may not stay in the relationship out of love, but you will stay because it’s comfortable and the easier thing to do, and while that isn’t the most romantic notion, you don’t really mind, as long as the relationship provides the things you really want.

5. Libra

You may be the sign of marriage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this is why you tend to stick around in your relationships. You are an incredibly devoted partner, and though it can take some time for you to enter a relationship, once you’ve committed to someone then it takes quite a bit to make you walk away. You always aspire to keep all your relationships as happy and harmonious as possible- which is lovely but can cause you to put up with things you shouldn’t have to in order to keep the peace. Like Taurus, you want things to be comfortable- though you want this more for everyone else in your life than for yourself- and you likely won’t leave the relationship because you won’t want to cause any unnecessary pain or discomfort, regardless of how much it might benefit you both to end things- and in the case that you do end things, it’s not unlikely that you find yourself returning to the same partners you’ve had in the past, since you can never fully let them go even after things are over.

6. Scorpio

When it comes to relationships, you’re an incredibly passionate and intense partner. You don’t fall in love often, but once you do it’s for good reason, and you find yourself completely enamored with your partner. You will pour yourself into the relationship and make it one that they could never forget if they tried, and you’re more than determined to keep the relationship alive because of how infatuated you are with them, and with your feelings for them (and let’s be honest, their feelings for you, too). You are unlikely to leave the relationship except in under the most extreme of circumstances, such as if they betray you- in which case you’ll still be fixated on the ended relationship in order to seek your revenge on them, never fully letting them go.

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