These 6 Opposing Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are Made For Each Other


These 6 Opposing Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are Made For Each Other

As is well known, it is said that opposites attract. But is it really like that?

For some people, this idiom has proven to be pure truth, while others face resistance to communicating with someone with opposing views.

Have you ever wondered why you are sometimes attracted to someone and you believe that it could never work between them and that this relationship might not be such a good idea?

Astrology can help us find a partner, and let us know who the perfect partner according to the zodiac sign is for us, or who we should keep our hands off of.

The 6 pairs of zodiac signs could not be more different due to their character traits, but nevertheless, they feel strongly drawn to each other and seem to be made for each other.

From an astrological point of view, they complement each other ideally and they can also reinforce and express the positive characteristics of the other. You can find out how and why this is so here:

1. Aries – Libra

The first difference between these two zodiac signs is their element, as Aries is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign.

Aries are determined and assertive, so they sometimes make quick decisions that may not be very well thought out.

Libra is ruled by Venus and therefore they have a harmonious and calming nature. Their only downside is that when making decisions, they take the time it takes to weigh every little thing until they are finally ready to commit.

The Libra-born can easily enchant their fellow men, and before you know it, you fall under their spell.

You have great communication skills and can talk and discuss a specific topic for hours.

Aries are more likely to be impulsive and quick-tempered, and this talkativeness can drive them crazy at times. But if Aries gets angry, it’ll be over quickly. Like a thunderstorm, the clouds clear as quickly and suddenly as they came up.

The Libra-born are logical and easily get nervous about important decisions, so they always try to be on the safe side.

Aries are brave and confident and are not afraid to act on the spot right away. The Libras admire this quality and are motivated to be more decisive in making decisions and are inspired to perform better on a personal level.

Aries and Libra both want to be the leader in the relationship and want to go their own way. In disputes and disagreements, Libra only seeks justice and peace, while Aries want to win only to prove they were right.

If Aries really tries to see both sides of a disagreement, Libra will encourage him and meet him with respect and affection. Because Libra is kind and gentle, they will only get the best out of an Aries because they will become more balanced and tolerant.

The partnership between Aries and Libra can be a great experience for both, as both have all the qualities that the other lacks. It is precisely for this reason that they can complement each other perfectly and have a promising future ahead of them.

2. Taurus – Scorpio

Not everyone would think that these two zodiac signs would go so well together, but both Taurus and Scorpio have certain qualities that help them complement and complete each other.

Scorpios are known to be seductive and mysterious, and can even be unpredictable in certain situations.

In contrast, Scorpios can be surprisingly gentle with those they love and whom they can trust. But they can change from cute and gentle to cold and intimidating very quickly.

Taurus has difficulty understanding this because they are very direct and you can tell immediately where you are with them.
The element of the Taurus is the earth and therefore they are sensible, reliable, patient, and determined.

They are not changeable like the Scorpios, but they have a real inner calm that a Scorpio longs for in order to be able to withstand the challenges of life as calmly as a Taurus.

In this couple combination, the love relationship can flourish better and they can replace the respective missing qualities of the other.

The down-to-earth Taurus can strengthen the back of the Scorpio partner, for which he is rewarded with a lot of love. Scorpios can be sarcastic and resentful at times when angry or upset, and by doing so, they can hurt the Taurus partner.

They are open and direct, so they believe that a person should just say what is bothering them, without glossing over or hiding anything. But since both are cautious, they can learn to respect each other’s boundaries.

Scorpios have a sense of humor, but they don’t like to reveal their vulnerability. Neither of them speaks much unless they really have something important to say.

Scorpio-born people will go out of their way to keep their secrets to themselves, even if they have to lie to do so. Scorpios enjoy the Taurus’ sensual energy and caring demeanor because it gives them a sense of security so that both will be loyal partners.

3. Cancer – Capricorn

These two zodiac signs are a perfect match as both are conservative when it comes to love and family matters. So these two people can find common ground quite easily.

Both have maternal or paternal instincts and will enjoy taking care of each other. Although Capricorns are ambitious and goal-oriented, they also have an emotional side.

Cancers need a lot of love and attention, and only their home gives them a feeling of security and security.

They also share this trait with the ibex, who also love to spend their free time in their home and let their partner pamper them there.

Cancer-borns are also emotional and exude warmth and kindness, which definitely attracts a Capricorn who loves to be cared for but would never admit it.

Capricorns have a serious and practical side that will be attractive to Cancer-born children, but they also have a good sense of humor, which is a bonus.

At the beginning of the relationship, both of them are a bit reserved and shy and will slowly get to know each other better. Both are a bit old-fashioned and traditional, preferring not to be rash or to act impulsively and rashly.

Cancers are known to be overly emotional or moody at times, and there will be times when Capricorns will become desperate about trying to understand Cancer’s mood swings.

Cancers are ruled by the moon, and as the phases of the moon, they are also very changeable. Capricorn must learn to keep up with Cancer because their moods change several times within an hour or they are talking about several topics at the same time.

Capricorns struggle more to express their emotions, but Cancerians are sensitive and romantic, so Capricorns can learn a thing or two from them about romance in order to be more expressive in both public and private spheres.

Capricorns need to know that they are also valued, but they won’t tell. Both are proud, and when they have fallen out it can be very difficult for them to get back together.

Usually, Capricorns put their work first, which could hurt Cancer’s feelings. If Capricorns are busy at work, they may not want to be around many people. Since the Cancer is reluctant and also needs quiet hours with the partner, they are made for each other.

4. Leo – Aquarius

This combination consists of two zodiac signs known for their strength and individuality. Lions and Aquarius must learn to combine their opposing powers.

Lions are very graceful and love to attract attention when they walk into a room. They have natural leadership skills and are used to getting their way without having to fight for it.

Aquarians simply accept life, with all of its craziness, and are comfortable being their own independent and interesting selves.

An Aquarius can appear cool and indifferent, but they mostly live in their thoughts, preoccupying themselves with the greater mysteries of life and the universe rather than worrying about what those around them think of them.

In contrast, Leos care too much about what others think of them so that they let their thoughts and emotions dominate them and then regret it later.

While Aquarius has a hard time showing their love openly, Leos hold back because they are afraid of looking undignified.

Leo must learn that there is no loss of self-respect to loving someone honestly and intimately. Aquarians, accept life and people with ease. Leos have this wish too, but their pride prevents them from doing so.

Lions always want to be treated like a king or queen, so since they need constant admiration and are fairly easily neglected, they shouldn’t be all centered around them.

Aquarius-born is not exactly direct and open when it comes to explaining their love to someone and showing what is really important to them.

They believe that it is enough to say once that you love your partner and that there are other ways to express your feelings. Leos express themselves in words, Aquarius more through deeds.

Aquarians are not as direct and accommodating as Lions. Compliments and b are not easy for Aquarius. They feel weird and uncomfortable when they have to put their love into words.

They don’t feel the need to constantly flatter someone and reveal their feelings.

But lions only long for confirmation and admiration, so that because of these opposites, the tatters could often fly.

Those born in Leo need to recognize that Aquarius men are unpredictable and a little eccentric, but they are highly intelligent and special people.

Aquarians are so busy that they won’t always make a Leo the center of their world – which could be a big no for Lions. It is best to be an Aquarius’ first love.

When Leos are mature enough to understand that they are loved, but cannot always be at the center of a person’s life every minute, that relationship can work.

5. Gemini – Sagittarius

Most people think that all Sagittarians are active and sociable, but there are actually those who tend to be calm and shy. Geminis are known to have two faces and always vacillate between two personalities so they are a perfect match.

The most important thing this pair of Zodiac signs has in common is the fact that they are both very wiseintelligent, and spiritually active.

A Gemini can trick a Sagittarius into daring each other and trying something new that he or she would normally not consider.

Gemini needs the warmth and sincerity of Sagittarius because at times a Gemini can be cold and they like to play head games with people.

This partnership can have either positive or negative effects. The two of you may admire each other’s traits and try to mimic them in order to evolve emotionally and spiritually, or the opposing traits could intimidate them and thus hurt the other’s pride.

Gemini must be careful how they speak to Sagittarius, as some cunning Gemini can be tactless with the sincere Sagittarius.

Sagittarius will reach out to you if you become judgmental or abusive and don’t really mean the bad things you are saying.

But these two don’t always listen when the other is speaking, they are already thinking about what to say next instead. They always compete with each other, but in a playful spirit.

They help each other in difficult times and learn how to better communicate with each other in good times. They find each other through poetry or art, and they love to dream together.

Smart and eloquent Gemini, just like Sagittarius, are mostly cheerful and optimistic. Both share the happiness of Jupiter and the vigilance of Mercury, so they are very enterprising and love to chat for hours with their friends and acquaintances.

Sometimes Sagittarius can even get a calmer Gemini to speak their truth in a better, kinder way.

This can be a great love partnership as long as they learn to speak considerately to one another and take the time to listen to each other and respond to the partner’s needs and wants.

6. Virgo – Pisces

Virgos are very capable and decent people who can perceive information about people, their problems, and worries.

You are always on time and all your bills are paid on time. They are very tidy and therefore they always try to maintain all health habits and keep their possessions in systematic order.

A fish is the opposite of all this neatness. Pisces is dreamy and often withdraws into their dream world so that they leave everything else behind.

Pisces people want to consciously acquire these traits because they notice that they need less daydreaming and relaxation and much more order so that they can get along well with each other despite their differences.

Both are shy and reticent towards strangers. Virgos’ minds are so astute and vigilant that it seems that they do not think enough about the unconscious.

They analyze everything thoroughly to make sure they don’t miss any details. Pisces can make their wishes come true and turn them into reality by constantly thinking positive thoughts.

So the Pisces need to be on their guard because their strong imagination can cloud their impressions.

As a great romantic combination, Virgo can help Pisces bring out the best of their ideas and turn them away from negative thoughts.

Pisces are friendly creatures and listen to other people’s concerns and are sometimes shocked to find that people also enjoy listening to them, despite being amazing storytellers.

The attraction between the Virgo and the Pisces is terrific, both are good lovers by nature. They may argue about other things, but never about love. Both are instinctively altruistic and gently give in in a fulfilling and peaceful manner, supported by great affection.

Unfortunately, when it comes to money, they will have problems. The fish don’t care about money. If they could, they’d love to give it away. But Virgo is an earth sign and not so ready to part with money.

Virgos can be very critical and will mess around with it if a fish is too generous. The Virgo’s constant nagging could upset the Pisces-born.

Pisces are not very good at taking care of themselves. Virgo experiences great inner turmoil when their relationship lacks clear and defined goals for the future. It wouldn’t be bad to let Virgo take the lead for a while once they feel safe and secure as a couple.

The two of them will travel far together and enjoy talking to each other because they can communicate so well. They can discuss their problems and find solutions.

Both feel a strong attraction to each other so that the chances of their love are high.


These 6 Opposing Pairs Of Zodiac Signs Are Made For Each Other

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