These 5 zodiac signs radiate a strong feminine energy


These 5 zodiac signs radiate a strong feminine energy

Have you ever wondered what it means to be female? Well, there is no definitive correct answer. Femininity differs from person to person. However, there are some distinct differences between the feminine and the masculine.

What is the difference between femininity and masculinity?

Defining femininity is a bit difficult, as is learning how to embrace and act out your femininity. Being female is more than just being girlish or sensitive. It is energy commonly associated with feminine traits and behaviors. Feminine energy has many properties. For example, it is expressive, nurturing and collaborative. Male energy is the exact opposite and has more aggressive properties. But one energy is not superior to another. And together the two energies balance each other out.

Feminine and masculine energy can be found in both men and women; Each gender can choose which energy should be more dominant. You can also go back and forth between the energies to best suit or adapt to the situation. For example, at work you can radiate more of your masculine energy, but in other matters you may prefer to use your feminine energy.

Regardless of which energy you choose, the gender you identify with also makes up part of the energy you radiate. Femininity is naturally abundant in women, while masculine energy is often seen in men. However, it is not uncommon for people to embrace the opposing energies when opposing their gender.

In astrology, however, there are certain zodiac signs that primarily integrate and radiate feminine energy in their life. These 5 zodiac signs have mastered the art of embracing and living out their feminine qualities:

1. Cancer 

It’s no surprise that Cancer is a female zodiac sign. When you belong to this zodiac sign, you tend to be sensitive and in tune with your emotions. Your ability to be vulnerable and to show yourself that way keeps you from closing down. You will not be afraid to express your feelings and this will allow you to use your feminine energy to the full.

Another feminine characteristic of Cancer is its nurturing nature. Caring has always been a feminine quality and is often used to describe a good mother who takes care of and is there for her children. This zodiac sign supports others and can sympathize with the needs of others and easily understand them. Thanks to the pronounced empathy, this zodiac sign will always be able to easily empathize with others – and empathy is a very feminine quality.

2. Virgo

Assertiveness and ambition make Virgo more masculine compared to the other female zodiac signs. And also because of their analytical nature, Virgos have many masculine traits, but they are still very feminine nonetheless. Virgo is very insightful because she trusts her intuition and takes advice from her. To be intuitive means to embrace your own femininity – and that is exactly what Virgo does with it.

Virgos are also receptive to people in need and, with their true feminine nature, allow themselves to be helpful to others. With a Virgo in your life, you know that you will always have someone to count on because she will be there for you.

3. Taurus

The Taurus is very caring and happy to take care of, which is an absolutely feminine quality. By living out femininity, Taurus can create a warm and welcoming environment. Taurus wants to ensure the safety of loved ones by constantly cultivating the relationships in their life and making sure that everyone around them is well. This is how he shows his generosity.

And also romance and sensuality are a matter of course for Taurus. When he is in touch with his femininity, he can embrace his romantic side and feelings. A big part of femininity is being able to express one’s feelings, and since Taurus is aware of how they are feeling, they do so even more. It is his loving and caring nature that makes him feminine. He helps others out of the goodness of his heart with no intention of getting anything in return. This in itself is extremely nurturing and accommodating.

4. Scorpio

Outside of that harsh appearance that many Scorpios exude, Scorpios are very sensitive and emotional. If you know her better, you will know. Scorpios know exactly who they want to share the vulnerable side of themselves with and use their feminine intuition to decide who to trust.

Scorpios are very intuitive and respond strongly to their gut feelings. They are more likely to be out of their heads and rely on the impulses of their feelings, which can sometimes be confusing for other people. The feminine energy is receptive, so the Scorpio is aware of what his emotions, body and intuition are telling him. These are all extremely feminine qualities.

5. Pisces

Pisces fully embrace their feminine energy. If your zodiac sign is Pisces, your sensitivity is one of your strong traits that aligns with femininity. Being vulnerable is not difficult for you because you have faith in life and your abilities.

Pisces are compassionate people who want to express themselves freely and share their feelings with others. In addition, fish are incredibly creative and love to sink into their dream world. These properties are part of the female energy and that is why Pisces clearly belongs to the zodiac signs that radiate a strong female energy.


These 5 zodiac signs radiate a strong feminine energy

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