These 4 zodiac signs are particularly affected by the “blue moon” on Halloween


These 4 zodiac signs are particularly affected by the “blue moon” on Halloween

The “blue moon” on Halloween is something very special. It is an extremely rare case because there is a second full moon that month. This phase will affect 4 zodiac signs in particular. And so your life will change.

Yes, you read that right, two full moons appear this month. One is the harvest moon, which already appeared on October 1st, and the other is the blue moon, which can be observed on October 31st, 2020 on Halloween. Since it is the second full moon in the same month, it is known as the blue moon.

A blue moon on Halloween is very rare and was last seen in 2001. So this year’s Halloween is a special holiday for astrology. According to astrologers, 4 zodiac signs will be the most affected by this particular full moon.

Here are the 4 zodiac signs that are most influenced by the blue moon on Halloween:


This will be an intense time in your career, dear Leo. This time you can work on your professional image and change your career path. So always be open to new possibilities. But don’t underestimate your current job and pay attention to the tasks that come your way. 

This time will be especially misunderstanding, but the moon will be helpful to you too. He will help you solve communication problems while you find new ways to structure your daily tasks and deal with them better.

You’ve been busy exploring your emotional depths all month. But the moon will help you deepen this even more and find new desires and goals in your life. He will also help you set new boundaries when it comes to intimacy. As others deal with worldly chaos, you are deep in your subconscious and ready to embrace your real self. Stay determined and you will come out stronger than ever!


This moment will bring changes in your love life. You can now see more clearly the things that are positive or negative in your relationship so that you can work on them accordingly to strengthen your connection with your partner.

The blue moon brings drama into your life. But this is your opportunity to persevere and grow. You will be better aligned on your spiritual side and learn to understand your unconscious truth. Use this moon as a chance to sharpen your vision of the third eye.

You will be fully focused on your career this October. But with the full moon on Halloween, you first have to fix some internal problems that have been dormant in you for a long time. You have to work on balancing your internal and external personalities in order to gain some peace. Find a middle ground and your professional goals will be that much easier to achieve!


Because of the effects of the full moon, Taurus will feel everything on a very personal and intense level. This time you will be able to revive your inner emotions and start over in your life, which will be like a healing process for you. However, since they will be very intense in their reactions, it is better for them to hold back a little, otherwise, it will be very dramatic. You may not be able to remain as stable, grounded, and practical as you used to be, Taurus. So don’t think too much about it and just go with the flow.

Make sure to avoid distractions and restructure your schedule with the energy of the new moon. You may want to take on any projects that you can, but doing so will have a negative impact on your health. Be diplomatic and stick to the most important projects. Only in this way can you be successful!

This moon is going to be emotionally overwhelming for you. And this time brings past memories with it, so it’s important to sit back and think carefully about how to deal with those emotions. Take the time to relax and find a balance between the outside and the inside.


You will really like this blue moon on Halloween, dear Aquarius. It is the right time for you to transform yourself. So forget your previous problems and gain new knowledge and experience. Don’t worry, this time you won’t get hurt.

The full moon is a powerful aid that can bring about significant changes for you. The shifts depend on how you perceive the world and your own beliefs. The external tensions are now having an effect on your soul so that you move away from your balance and have to find your inner balance again. Let your ideas finally take shape. You will see that they are good and that you have wrongly not taken them seriously.

Let your diplomatic side shine if you want to get more active in your social circles. Your love affairs are still quite unstable, but you could find peace very soon. Let yourself be carried away by this time and do not defend yourself against it. You will see, the best comes at last!


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