These 3 zodiac signs leave a bad impression on the first date


Everyone knows that when you meet new people, only the first impression counts, because you can tell right away whether you like someone or not.

The first impression you make on your counterpart is particularly important because you rarely get a second chance to make a better impression.

As a result, many people tend to put pressure on themselves to score points on a date and pique their partner’s interest.

Most people always try to appear charming, gracious, and friendly as possible when they first meet someone.

The more important the first meeting is, the greater the desire and pressure to impress someone with their personality.

It is especially important to make a good impression on the first date, which is already nerve-wracking and exciting.

How the date will go depends largely on the first impressions the partners have of each other.

While some people make new friends or get to know their crush in an easy and casual way, there are many people who find it difficult to show the real self and therefore appear apathetic and distant.

Each sign of the zodiac leaves a certain impression on its counterpart due to its character traits.

With the help of the horoscope, we can find out which zodiac signs do not always score on the first date because they seem too intense or intimidating without even being aware of it.

Even though they may not have made the best impression on the first date, it is still worth making another date with them.

According to astrology, these 3 zodiac signs tend to make a bad first impression on the first date, but they definitely deserve a second chance.

1. Aries

(March 21st – April 20th)

The Aries is a daredevil and appears energetic and determined from the first moment.

A first date with an Aries can be such a fun adventure because this fire sign is passionate and feels the urge to enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Aries-born are happy, optimistic, and simply a pleasure to be with.

But sometimes their competitive spirit comes to the fore and they are just looking to give the impression that they are better than the other.

They are also often naughty and loud, and for introverts they can be overwhelming at times.

If they have their say, they can appear overly aggressive because they are used to getting what they want.

Often times, this can turn out to be a mistake and negatively affect their relationship, as this enthusiasm and intensity doesn’t always make the best impression on the first date.

Aries-born should try to be more relaxed so that their object of desire can warm to them.

2. Cancer

(June 22nd – July 22nd)

Cancer-borns are true romantics, for whom emotions and feelings of love are most important.

They are compassionate and caring which makes them such an incredible partner.

They are cautious on the first date and take an unusually long time to open their hearts.

However, whether they make a good impression really depends on their mood at the moment.

They are either sociable and cheerful, or they can also be suspicious and overly sensitive.

When they feel confident and upbeat, they can make a great first impression and one can see their true loving nature. 

When one of their moods bothers them, the other side of the cancer comes out.

They are good listeners and observers, and they often feel the need to protect their heart until they know that it is safe to show their true feelings. 

While this is an effective tactic for protecting yourself from injury, it can also make your first date appear passive or aloof.

3. Virgo

(August 24th – September 23rd)


Virgos are known to be self-critical, perfectionist and want everything to go optimally.

They often put pressure on themselves so the first date can be a real challenge. 

They want to make a great first impression, but they tend to forget the essentials at times.

It seems almost impossible for her to just relax and be her authentic self.

Therefore, she can sometimes seem unfriendly, aloof or even snobbish when she is really only trying to be calm and collected and to make a good impression. 

It can take a lot of time and effort to get Virgo-borns to open up because they fear they may be hurt.

Her reticent demeanor is endearing to some people, while others find her repulsive because they believe that the critical Virgo secretly condemns them.

If they are stressed or are afraid of unforeseen situations, they can sometimes leave the impression that they want to control the date partner or limit a project.

Even if the first meeting with the Virgo is uncomfortable, on the second date they will leave a much better impression and show who they really are.

The Virgos deserve a second chance because they are a lot of fun with, and their sharp wit means they have an excellent sense of humor.


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