Mrs. Scorpio and Mr. Aries

There is a huge bang here. Aries are real doers, want to regulate everything themselves and be successful. You love unbound freedom. Scorpio women, on the other hand, are highly emotional, difficult to open and often have a spiritual streak. Accordingly, this combination is likely to lead to more fighting, because both are really stubborn. If the feelings are strong enough, the effort can be worthwhile. Because when both are ready to accept the challenge and patiently deal with the other, the effort can be rewarded with a strong bond.

Ms. Cancer and Mr. Sagittarius

That will not be easy. The shooter strives openly into the world, does things enthusiastically and confidently. Crayfish, on the other hand, like to hide in their protective armor, are interested in inner values ​​and do not allow themselves to be blinded by external appearances. These fundamentally different attitudes can lead to a lack of understanding when it comes to protecting and uncertainty about cancer. It takes a lot of patience, understanding and time for trust to grow that enables cancer to open up. Once the shooter has understood him, the way is paved.
If the stars in the ascendants are favorable, mutual consent can be given right from the start (e.g. if the shooter has a cancer ascendant) …

Mrs. Pisces and Mr. Leo

At first glance, these two zodiac signs have nothing in common. Fish mostly have a strong spiritual side and are interested in the depths of the soul. Lions, on the other hand, pay great attention to their appearance and like to present themselves. They also need a lot of confirmation from the outside and like to bask in the recognition of others. However, these differences can also fuel the fire of love. A Pisces Lady with Lion Ascendants would completely change the dynamic between the two partners. Then they complement each other wonderfully and fascinate each other.

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