The most intelligent and dangerous women of the zodiac!


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Are you on this list?

Surprisingly, all my superiors in this list include … Indeed, the smartest women. Also included is my friend, who recently defended her doctoral thesis, and they often turn to her for advice … They say that at the sight of smart and self-confident women in men, her breathing stops. As a companion for life, they rarely consider them, but the fact that such women have achieved a certain success in the professional and life fields causes respect for the stronger love.

Psychologists say that such women, in fact, have a male consciousness, but for them, it is quite comfortable and does not interfere in life. So, representatives of what sign of the zodiac are the most intelligent and purposeful?


Aries – is distinguished by innate insight. At a young age, they are trying to win “yard” trust and get a monopoly in relations with their peers. Women born under this sign is easy enough and easy to take the lead and she likes it, but the fact that it hits the male vanity of Aries is somehow not interesting. Such women are very hardy and have high life potential. They tend to take on hard work, even if these things are truly masculine.

The only flaw in the character of such women is naivety, although they are quite aggressive to others, though they can get angry in the face of injustice and anger just a few seconds, because they instantly correct the situation, for a long time they do not intend to suffer. Aries women are sure if they are not so, they will easily break under the blows of public opinion, and this they cannot afford.


Scorpio – femininity and masculine traits. A Scorpio woman, from birth to the end of her life, realizes that her fate is a female part, although not the same as other women. They believe that human life is simpler, despite the fact that it contains various types of female cunning and deceit.

Scorpions for Women are quite simple, they have a high intuition, which allows them to turn it into an advantage because seeing “a person through” is what they need. Know that for such a woman is easier to recognize a fraudster. Scorpio Women have a vengeful character and the main thing is that they will never suffer losses, remember this.


Capricorn – special care from a young age. They are not childishly calm and serious. Pranks are not for them, the circle of communication with women ibex is quite narrow to a mere mortal. Such women perfectly find common language with representatives of the opposite love. Competition at the professional level can only be created at a respectable age.

They always have great control over emotions, and you will never see them as the instigators of conflict. Their nature rewarded them with special stubbornness, and therefore they can ruffle any member of the opposite love, and it does not matter which of the signs of the zodiac it is.

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